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What Is Mms Treatment For Autism

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Medical Experimentation On Children

Bleach Does Not Cure Autism (CD Autism, MMS)

Another huge issue with using MMS on children, whether as a supposed cure for autism, coronavirus, or anything else, is that using unproven treatments is medical experimentation. Medical experimentation without proper approvals and oversight is a huge ethical issue. The National Institutes of Health have strict guidelines governing when it is ethically appropriate to use humans, especially children, as subjects in medical studies. All human studies performed by medical professionals must be approved by an Institutional Review Board , a committee of scientists, doctors and community members, to ensure that human subject research is conducted in accordance with all federal, institutional and ethical guidelines. To use an unproven treatment without approvals on a child is experimentation and violates all of these guidelines.

Is Chlorine Dioxide A Bleach

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes. It is most definitely a bleach. See this article by Emily Willingham for a demonstration of what chlorine dioxide does to a navy blue cloth napkin.

Proponents of Miracle Mineral Solution will tell you that chlorine dioxide is not a bleach since its not household bleach . Chris Cuomos wife also makes this argument in her post about using baths in bleach solutions to treat COVID-19 . However, bleach is a general term that includes any compound that removes color. Chlorine dioxide is a bleach. Its not household bleach, but it is most definitely a type of bleach.

Andy Brunning from Compound Interest created this graphic to demonstrate some of the many different chemicals that are classified as bleaches.

Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism 2014

“We now know that autism is not a psychological disorder. It is biomedical… viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, and heavy metals cause the behaviors that lead to an autism diagnosis. Once you remove what is causing the symptoms, you can remove the diagnosis” – Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

  • “CD is very affordable as you can purchase a two to three month supply from multiple worldwide suppliers on the Internet for around $25USD. The cost difference between the CD Autism Protocol and a mega Vitamin/supplement based biomedical protocol for a family living without insurance could be the difference between recovering their child and not recovering their child. The results are also vastly different.
  • You can think of CD as a shortcut to recovery because it kills all pathogens with one shot. Hypothetically, you could use antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals to get the same results however, you could also cause damage due to harmful side effects from these products . Also, antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals can only target certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. CD targets all types of pathogens based on their electrical charge and pH.
  • CD is gone from the body one hour after your last dose, leaving no trace behind. We dose hourly throughout the day because CD is only active in the body for up to one hour. We must continue to dose if we want to stop the proliferation of pathogens and eliminate them from the body.

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What Dangers Does Chlorine Dioxide Pose To The Body

According to the FDA, Chlorine Dioxide in high doses can cause the following: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. Life-threating low blood pressure can be caused by severe dehydration. The FDA recommends consulting a health care professional as soon as possible if a negative reaction is noticed. The FDA considers MMS dangerous and recommends consumers stop using the product. The warnings from the FDA were made in 2010, with this being 2016, and MMS is still around and being sold. Many people are risking their lives by taking this cure.

Miracle Mineral Solution Treatment For Autism

A Bleach " Cure"  for Autism

by Dr. Brian Udell | Last updated Jul 9, 2020 | Published on May 24, 2014 | > ALL< , Alternative and Complementary Medicine for ASD, Autism Therapies, Chelation, Conferences, Diets, Gastrointestinal Issue, HBOT for ASD, Patient experiences, Research, Reversing autism, Special Therapies, Vaccines |

I hadnt really expected MMS to gain any traction as a viable autism treatment. It seems complicated and scary, and the FDA first issued a warning about it four years ago. Perhaps there is no measurable re-emergence, but it seemed so when I attended the Autism Today Second Conference in Miami this week.

I sat among eighty mostly-bewildered parents, representing children who are so affected that they are attracted to outlier theories and treatments. This is largely because the information supplied by the conventional medical community is so woefully inaccurate, incomplete, and unproductive for many patients.

Due to some scheduling glitches, this conference ended up focusing on the very controversial topic of MMS. The treatment was explained by Ms. Kerri Rivera, a biomedical consultant for an autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta, and mother of recovered child. Her experience was then authenticated by Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, inventor of The Parasite Protocol, which is an essential element in the therapy.

For successful autism treatment, each piece in the puzzle has to fit into the bigger picture.

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Miracle Mineral Solution Or Mms

In 2015, I began working with an amazing group of people from all over the world to raise awareness about the use of Miracle Mineral Solution , an enema to cure autism. MMS is actually chlorine dioxide , an industrial strength bleach. Proponents of MMS claim that autism is caused by parasites, and that bleach enemas remove the parasites and thereby cure autism. But what they think are parasites are really the lining of these childrens intestines that have been stripped away.

Some people blame the parents, but the real blame lies with proponents of MMS who take advantage of parents who are overwhelmed, trying to help their child, and searching for support. In a way, as a mother, I understand. Parents will try anything to help their child. When it comes to protecting my children, I can turn into quite the mama bear. So when proponents of MMS sell false hope, I can see how parents who cant figure out how to help and support their kids might fall for it. However, proponents of MMS misrepresent science and flat out lie. Miracle Mineral Solution has no benefit and can only cause harm.

What Is Cds And What Is Activation

Traditional MMS requires an acid such as lemon or lime juice to activate. Chlorine Dioxide, the main component in MMS, is not created until an acid is exposed. This was a limitation as people often did not like the taste of MMS. CDS, which stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution, is a new form of MMS that is already activated, meaning no acid is needed. It is supposed to not have the same taste issues as MMS. While researching for this article, the top sellers of MMS are now selling CDS as a replacement for MMS.

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Sea Water Supplementation For Autistic Children

The Chlorine Dioxide Protocol for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, is designed to cure Autism or at least significantly diminish the symptoms of Autism. Sea water supplementation is used to mineralize water and provide Autistic children with plenty of trace minerals. Administer sea water supplements according to the dosing information provided below. Not that if you administer too much sea water, children can develop diarrhea. Start with a lower dose of sea water and work up to the higher recommended doses. Administer sea water supplements in divided doses 3 times daily:

  • Child INITIAL DOSES: 5 mL Ocean Water : 15 mL Purified Water

DOSING GOAL: 30 mL Ocean water : 90 mL Purified Water

  • Adolescent INITIAL DOSES: 10 mL Ocean Water : 30 mL Purified Water

DOSING GOAL: 50 mL Ocean Water : 200 mL Purified Water

  • Adult INITIAL DOSES: 15 mL Ocean Water : 45 mL Purified Water

DOSING GOAL: 75 mL Ocean Water: 225 mL Purified Water

Sea Water Supplementation will enhance the effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide, making it easier for the body to detoxify, and it will also super-hydrate the body to ensure that all systems have their trace mineral and water needs met.

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Autism Therapies To Avoid

‘Miracle’ cure for autism is actually bleach

Since there is no known cause or cure for autism, there are many so-called “treatments” or “cures” out there that may sound like they will be effectivebut in reality, some of these are hoaxes that can be useless or even risky. Many such treatments are built around debunked or unproven theories about the cause of autism.

Some popular theories include the idea that autism is caused by vaccines, by poor diet, by a lack of a particular nutrient, by pathogens or parasites in the gut, and more. The outcome of using these therapies or treatments can be devastating, both physically and financially.

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Have People Died Taking Mms

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In August od 2009, Sylvia Fink took MMS while in the South Pacific. During this time, there was a malaria scare, and she was told to take MMS to protect her from Malaria. Within 12 hours of taking MMS, she died after slipping into a coma. At first, her symptoms were slight, with vomiting and diarrhea. Her husband, Doug Nash, said at first he was not alarmed by these symptoms, as they were listed as common side effects. However, the vomiting and diarrhea became worse until she slipped into a coma. Autopsy results found significantly high levels of methemoglobin in Sylvias blood. Methemoglobin results in the bloods inability to carry oxygen within the body. Methemoglobin typically occurs with exposure to drugs or toxic substances, including chlorate and chlorite. No criminal charges were pressed on the creators of MMS. However, it is likely MMS killed Sylvia Fink.

Does this mean if you take MMS you will die? Most likely no. You will probably become ill with vomiting and diarrhea due to the body trying to expel MMS. Your body will probably treat it as a poison and remove it at all costs. However, over time, your body will adapt to it, and these symptoms will most likely fade. The problem is the long-term damage that can result.

Mms For Autism: Just When I Thought I Was Out

The clip above says it all with respect to “miracle mineral solution” . Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in. And, as Yoda would probably put it, back in I am one more time.

Let’s recap. MMS is bleach. Specifically, it is a 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water that generates chlorine dioxide when diluted with citric acid-containing or other acid-containing foods, as instructed. This is a chemical used for water purification that a quackyes, quacknamed Jim Humble has touted as a miracle cure for just about everything from cancer to AIDS to a wide variety of conditions, serious and not-so-serious. There is no currently known valid medical reason to give this chemical to anyone to treat anything. None of this is in serious dispute from a strictly scientific, medical, or ethical standpoint.

From a quack standpoint, not surprisingly, it is. More surprisingly, people who seem to think they are more “reasonable” are also unhappy at how much outrage has been expressed at the revelation that there are people out there who think it’s a good idea to feed children bleach and give them bleach enemas. More disappointing is that there are apparently people who, even though they more or less agree that there is no reason to feed children bleach or shoot it up their nether regions, are so very, very unhappy about the outrage supporters of science-based medicine feel over such child abuse.

The mind boggles.

Hell, no!

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How Much Chlorine Dioxide Is In Mms

In most forms of MMS, including CDS, up to 28% of the solution is Chlorine Dioxide. CDS contains 3000 ppm when compared to 0.1 ppm in normal drinking water. This means CDS has around 30,000 times the levels of Chlorine Dioxide than normal drinking water. Let that sink in, nearly 30,000 times the amount!

This amount is the problem. Most things in high amounts will be harmful, even if they are helpful in smaller amounts. Take water as an example. Without enough water, we will eventually die. However, too much water can cause our electrolyte levels to become out of balance. This can lead to a heart attack and even death. A normal amount of water is needed for life, while too much can be deadly.

Logically, 30,000 times the levels of a compound used as a bleaching agent should be cause for concern.

How Chlorine Dioxide Works

My mum mates tried to make me cure my sons autism with ...

Chlorine dioxideâs volatility and its tendency to easily accept electrons allow it to effectively attack pathogens. Pathogens are electron donors , so when a chlorine dioxide ion reaches a pathogen, it takes up to 5 of the pathogenâs electrons, thus resulting in a microscopic semi-explosion that destroys the pathogen. Chlorine dioxide only activates upon contact with acidic, positively charged ions in the body, meaning that healthy cells with a pH of 7 or above are safe from the effects. Cancer cells are affected by chlorine dioxide because of their acidity.

It should be noted that chlorine dioxide itself is an oxidizer, and not itself the âcureâ. It effectively damages and kills harmful cells, cleansing the body of elements that are causing sickness, therefore allowing the bodyâs healthy cells to be able to do their jobs properly in helping the body to cleanse and heal itself.

Patients may feel sick when taking chlorine dioxide because of a detoxification reaction that results from the process of expelling toxins via the intestines, kidneys, and liver.Depending on what the chlorine dioxide is treating and the individualâs own personal characteristics, the bodyâs response may be more or less intense. The chlorine dioxide itself is non-toxic. it turns into regular table salt inside the body within 2 hours after consumption.

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How To Cure Autism Using The Kerri Rivera Protocol


Autism is a serious disorder that typically appears in early childhood. It tends to take shape after children receive their first set of vaccines. Kerri Rivera developed an Autism protocol that has cured hundreds of children throughout the world and lessened Autism symptoms in thousands of other children. The most important medicine that she uses in her protocol is Chlorine Dioxide Solution . Additionally, children follow a special diet that we discuss in greater detail in our chapter on Complementary Therapies that can be used with CDS.

Who Invented This Protocol

MMS was invented by Jim Humble. He is not a doctor, yet claims that the CD/MMS protocols cure Ebola, malaria, HIV and other diseases. He invented this cure while on a gold mining expedition in Guyana in 1996. In online videos, he claims to be a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy, specifically from the Planet of the Gods. He founded his own non-religious church , the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, to protect himself and his Ministers of Health against legal action relating to his promotion of this protocol. They do not even try to hide that they formed this so-called church to protect themselves against prosecution and share information about how to avoid the authorities. This church looks very much like a cult.

Kerri Rivera is a Minister of Health within this church and has written a book describing her CD Autism Protocol, which discusses CD/MMS given by enema or by drinking to cure children of autism. She is also not a doctor.

The next two sections below contain images that you may find disturbing and descriptions of child abuse. Click here to skip ahead.

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Maximum Cds Dose For Autistic Children

Below is the maximum dose daily CDS dose for children based on weight in pounds:

  • 25 to 30 lbs 9 activated drops
  • 31-35 lbs 9-11 activated drops
  • 36-40 lbs 11-12 activated drops
  • 41-45 lbs 12-13 activated drops
  • 46-50 lbs 13-14 activated drops
  • 51-55 lbs 15-16 activated drops
  • 56-60 lbs 16-17 activated drops
  • 61-65 lbs 17-18 activated drops
  • 66- 70 lbs 18-19 activated drops
  • 71-75 lbs 19.-20 activated drops
  • 76-80 lbs 20-21 activated drops
  • 81-85 lbs 21 activated drops
  • 86-90 lbs 22 activated drops
  • 91-95 lbs 23 activated drops
  • 96-100 lbs 23-24 activated drops
  • 101-105 lbs 24-25 activated drops
  • 105-110 lbs 25-26 activated drops
  • 111-115 lbs 26 activated drops
  • 116-120 lbs 26-27 activated drops
  • 122-125 lbs 27-28 activated drops
  • 126-130 lbs 28 activated drops
  • 131-135 lbs 28-29 activated drops
  • 136-140 lbs 29-30 activated drops
  • 141-145 lbs 30 activated drops
  • 146-150 lbs 30-31 activated drops

Where Can Parents Of Autistic Children Find Accurate Information And Helpful Resources

‘Miracle autism cure’ seller exposed BBC1 News 11/06/15

I imagine that parents find CD/MMS because they are looking for support and resources to help them navigate raising an autistic child. Parents are also looking for accurate information on coronavirus, and its unfortunate that they find information about CD/MMS and other fake cures, instead of the excellent resources that provide accurate information and assistance. Here are a few reputable sources for different kinds of information about autism:

  • Thinking Persons Guide to Autism: This is a great resource for for carefully curated, evidence-based information from autism parents, autistics, and autism professionals. This page links to many blogs and Facebook groups in the Contributors sections. The resources section also provides links to many helpful resources.
  • Autism Self-Advocacy Network: Their page also has a resources tab with helpful links. ASAN advances the principles of the disability rights movement. One of their major goals is to ensure that autistic voices are heard in the public conversation about autism.
  • National Institutes of Health Autism Centers of Excellence: NIH-funded research centers in the US
  • Exposing Autism One : This page was created by the author and a group of advocates to counter the misinformation presented at the annual Exposing Autism One meeting

Parts of this post were originally published on August 3, 2015 on the now-inactive blog, Its Mom Sense.

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