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Adhd On The Autistic Spectrum

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Is Adhd On The Spectrum Of Autism

Thinking twice about ADHD and autism spectrum disorder

In addition to ASD, ADHD is connected in several ways.There are signs ofADHD similar to those associated with autism, but it hasnt been documented in the autism spectrum as of yet.In so far as this condition is concerned, the other can also lead to the success of these conditions.It is becoming more evident that the idea that a syndrome associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with autism.

Terminology And Distinction From Schizophrenia

As late as the mid-1970s there was little evidence of a genetic role in autism, however by 2007 it was recognised as one of the most heritable psychiatric conditions. Although the rise of parent organizations and the destigmatization of childhood ASD have affected how ASD is viewed, parents continue to feel social stigma in situations where their child’s autistic behavior is perceived negatively, and many primary care physicians and medical specialists express beliefs consistent with outdated autism research.

It took until 1980 for the DSM-III to differentiate autism from childhood schizophrenia. In 1987, the DSM-III-R provided a checklist for diagnosing autism. In May 2013, the DSM-5 was released, updating the classification for pervasive developmental disorders. The grouping of disorders, including PDD-NOS, autism, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, and CDD, has been removed and replaced with the general term of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The two categories that exist are impaired social communication and/or interaction, and restricted and/or repetitive behaviors.

The Internet has helped autistic individuals bypass nonverbal cues and emotional sharing that they find difficult to deal with, and has given them a way to form online communities and work remotely.Societal and cultural aspects of autism have developed: some in the community seek a cure, while others believe that autism is simply another way of being.

New Autism Clinical Pathway Designed To Improve Care

An estimated 10,000 children and adolescents affected by severe forms of ASD and/or intellectual disability are hospitalized psychiatrically each year for dangerous, self-injurious, or aggressive behavior.

In a busy medical center, sensory processing, communication, and social difficulties can lead to staff injuries, excessive medication, and prolonged hospital stays, explains Sarah Kuriakose, PhD, clinical assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and clinical director of the ASD Clinical and Research Program at NYU Langones Child Study Center. Many hospitals cannot accommodate the needs of children with ASD/ID, but were helping to provide the tools needed to manage these patients, she says.

Three years ago, Dr. Kuriakose, Beryl J. Filton, PhD, clinical assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, and colleagues at the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Childrens Hospital, joined with NYU Langones Child and Adolescent Psychiatry faculty based at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, which operates the only Childrens Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program in New York State. Together they devised the nations first clinical pathway to manage children with ASD/ID in a general inpatient psychiatric unit.

A new clinical pathway to manage children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities decreases hospital stays by nine days.

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Clinical Development And Diagnoses

Leo Kannerearly infantile autism

Autism as it is known today can be drawn back to the late 1930s, when two separate psychiatrists – Hans Asperger of the Vienna University Hospital and Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital – used the word autism to describe the patients they were studying in their own clinical research. The word autism first took its modern sense in German, when Asperger adopted Bleuler’s terminology autistic psychopaths in a 1938 lecture in German about child psychology. Asperger was investigating an ASD which was later known as Asperger syndrome, although it did not become widely recognized as a separate diagnosis until 1981. In English, Kanner first used autism in its modern sense when he introduced the label early infantile autism in a 1943 report of 11 children with striking behavioral similarities. Almost all the characteristics described in Kanner’s first paper on the subject, notably “autistic aloneness” and “insistence on sameness”, are still regarded as typical of the autistic spectrum of disorders. It is not known whether Kanner derived the term independently of Asperger.

Distinguishing & Treating Autism And Adhd

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

In many situations, the distinction between autism and ADHD is not black and white. As challenging as it is for a professional to know whether ADHD, autism, or both are present, receiving appropriate intervention matters most for a child. Often, developing a plan helps sort out whether either diagnosis or neither is appropriate. Most social and communication interventions benefit children, whether they have ADHD or autism.

Ask your childs school to evaluate their development, including language pragmatics, play, and self-help skills. Or seek a private, comprehensive evaluation outside of your school district. Having a secondary condition frequently occurs with both ADHD and autism, so screening for these disorders is essential.

Some common coexisting conditions with autism include:

  • ADHD
  • Sleep problems
  • Substance abuse

Interventions that improve symptoms of ADHD usually enhance the social abilities hindered by it. Comprehensive care for ADHD can include individual or parent-based behavioral therapy, social skills groups, medication, and other evidence-based treatment.

If a child has autism, they have communication challenges. However, it is challenging to measure language pragmatics through testing. Therefore, regardless of test scores, a child with autism benefits from language services. With ADHD, consider the possibility of language delays, and intervene when appropriate.

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When Your Child Has Both Adhd And Autism

Dr. William Dodson is a psychiatrist who spent his career specializing in both ADHD and autism. When a patient has both, Dodson takes a direct and honest approach: The concept I try to get across to patients and their parents is that ADHD and autism are two separate and distinct conditions that happen to be found together much more frequently than would be expected by chance alone. The patients have two life-long conditions that will affect every moment of their lives.

For people with co-existing ADHD and ASD, treating the ADHD is a means to an end, says Dodson. The world is a classroom for people with ASD, and they have to be ready to observe and practice what theyve learned.

Toward that end, medication to treat ADHD is a must, Dodson says. Few people with both ADHD and ASD succeed without medication to remove the additional obstacle of ADHD from their path.

Autism Symptoms And Criteria

Autism is broadly characterized by persistent challenges in social communication and social interaction, as well as the presence of repetitive behaviors. Full diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder are outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder . During an evaluation, clinicians look for significant challenges in the following domains to determine whether an adult is on the autism spectrum. These behaviors must be present during development, and they must cause significant impairment in functioning to warrant a diagnosis:

1. Deficits in Social Communication and Social Interaction

Social emotional reciprocity refers to the back-and-forth interaction that takes place with another person during social interactions and conversations. Naturally, clinicians evaluate different behaviors in adults and children.

Non-verbal communication is another way of saying body language. Clinicians evaluate the use and integration of gestures, facial expression, and other body parts in communication. Lack of eye contact while communicating is one common behavior observed in individuals on the autism spectrum. Clinicians also evaluate a persons ability to understand non-verbal communication in others.

2. Repetitive Behaviors

Clinicians look for restrictive, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities that are maintained across the following four categories only two categories need to be present for a diagnosis:

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So What Does This Mean

Number one: a lot of kids diagnosed with autism are also diagnosed with ADHD, and vice-versa.

Number two: its often hard to tell if a kid has ADHD, autism, or both. I personally show many of the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder: Im not great at the using nonverbal communications, like eye contact, body language, and social expressions. Many times, I suck at the social give-and-take of friendship. I tend towards narrow interests abnormal in intensity and focus I show stereotyped repetitive motor mannerisms. As a child, I exhibited more signs of ASD.

Number three: its important to have kids who are diagnosed with one disorder evaluated for the other.

I know several people with severe ADHD whove been told theyre close to ASD. I also know many people with ASD who also exhibit symptoms of ADHD. So its important for parents to be aware of the disorders comorbidity and act accordingly. Are they the same disorder? The jury is still out, but there is definite overlap in behavior, brain chemistry, and genetics.

Whatever you believe, its important to be aware that the two disorders often occur together. Make sure your kids doctor can parse out their differences. And perhaps make sure your own doctor can parse out the differences between ADHD and autism as well.

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Adhd And Autism Spectrum Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Can a person be diagnosed with ADHD and ASD?

More than half of all individuals who have been diagnosed with ASD also have signs of ADHD. In fact, ADHD is the most common coexisting condition in children with ASD. On the flip side, up to a quarter of children with ADHD have low-level signs of ASD, which might include having difficulty with social skills or being very sensitive to clothing textures, for example.

Why do ADHD and ASD coexist so often and what are the similarities between them?

Both ADHD and ASD are neurodevelopmental disorders . That means both conditions/disorders affect the central nervous system, which is responsible for movement, language, memory, and social and focusing skills.

A number of scientific studies have shown that the two conditions often coexist, but researchers have not yet figured out why they do.

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Why Is It Important To Be Able To Distinguish Between Asd And Adhd

The range of treatments currently used for ADHD and ASD is quite different, so it can be helpful for anyone looking for treatments for either condition to know that the recommendations for ADHD are geared specifically for that condition, despite the broad similarity of their symptoms. Similarly, the treatments for ASD are appropriate only for autism disorder. You should have no difficulty in finding the right therapy in consultation with your primary caregiver and pharmacist.

Therapeutic Interventions For Co

Recent findings associate co-occurrence of ASD and ADHD in children with poorer quality of life and decreased adaptive functioning in comparison with data from children suffering from ASD only. Adolescents diagnosed with both ASD and ADHD appear to need psychiatric medication more frequently than young people with ASD or ADHD alone. Moreover, co-occurrence of ASD and ADHD seems to make individuals less sensitive to current therapies for either condition than patients with only one of the syndromes . Only a few specific studies on a targeted treatment for children, adolescents, and adults with comorbid ADHD and ASD have been performed to date. The improvement of current treatments will require a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying co-occurrence of ASD and ADHD (for review see 1, 81, 82, 175, 182].

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How Are They Diagnosed

If you think your child has either ADHD or autism, talk to your doctor about what testing they will need. There’s no one thing that can say whether a child has either condition, or both. You can start with your pediatrician, who may refer you to a specialist.

To diagnose ADHD, doctors look for a pattern of behaviors over time, like:

  • Being distracted or forgetful
  • Having trouble waiting for a turn
  • Fidgeting or squirming

They’ll ask for feedback from parents, teachers, and other adults that care for the child. A doctor will also try to rule out other possible causes for the symptoms.

An autism diagnosis starts with a parent answering a questionnaire about the child, often about behaviors that started when they were very young. Further tests and tools may include more questionnaires, surveys, and checklists, as well as interviews and observed activities.

Symptoms Of Autism And Adhd

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Both autism and ADHD are described as neurodevelopmental disorders in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders .

The descriptions of the two disorders don’t overlap at any point, so it would be reasonable to conclude that they are entirely different from one another. In fact, until 2013, it was not permissible to diagnose both autism and ADHD in the same person.

In 2013, however, dual diagnoses became an accepted practiceand the number of people with dual diagnoses grew. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that about 14% of children with ADHD also have autism diagnoses . More than half of children with autism may have symptoms of ADHD.

Verywell / Michela Buttignol

While the symptoms of ADHD and autism may not look the same on paper, they can look very similar in person.

Traits like distractibility and impulsivity, for example, are part of the ADHD diagnosis. While they’re not part of the autism diagnosis, they appear in most people with autism. Speech delays and idiosyncrasies are part of the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and not the ADHD diagnosis. Yet, people with ADHD often have speech delays.

Both ADHD and autism are usually diagnosed in childhood, and symptoms are likely to continue throughout patients’ lives.

  • Inattention

  • Impulsivity

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Is It Adhd Or Autism

It can be challenging to determine whether your child is showing characteristics of either ADHD or autism, especially because the symptoms of both conditions sometimes overlap.

Recently, a study of children with autism or ADHD found that both groups had high levels of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. These similarities may be one of the reasons it is often difficult to distinguish between the two conditions.

For some families, adding to their concern is that additional stress from dealing with the pandemic can increase a childs hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors. Parents may notice behaviors they didnt see before. This is not unusual, says Adiaha Spinks-Franklin, MD, and not necessarily a cause for worry.

All that bounces is not ADHD all that flaps is not autism, Dr. Spinks-Franklin, a developmental behavioral pediatrician at Texas Childrens Hospital, reassures parents.

If you are wondering whether your child has ADHD or ASD, she recommends that you look at the behaviors your child exhibited before the pandemic. Talk with your childs doctor if you have concerns.

Autism and ADHD compared

If your childs inattention and distractibility does raise to a level of concern, an evaluation may be necessary to better understand what they are experiencing.

This may mean that if your child has communication difficulties and restrictive, repetitive behaviors, its more likely the child has ASD rather than ADHD.

Getting Evaluated For Adhd And Autism

If Gassner were the queen of everything, she says she would want to see every childs development professionally evaluated. In addition to providing insights about whether your child is autistic, has ADHD, or is neurodiverse in both ways, these assessments can help doctors unearth details such as whether your child has a learning disability or is gifted, she notes. This information can then be used to decide what, if any, additional supports, accommodations, or treatments your child might benefit from. But Gassner especially recommends having your childs development evaluated by a specialized pediatrician if youre seeing signs of certain differences.

Such evaluations can also be done through public school systems, but those are sometimes more limited in scope, Gassner says. However, if you opt to do the initial evaluation through the school, afterward you can request a private evaluation if you think the first one was inadequate. Even if you cant afford to pay for it, the school has to provide it, she says. If your kid is 3-years-old or younger, you can still get help through the public school system or the public health department.

When in doubt, check it out, she says. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Then, once your childs condition if any has been correctly identified, you and the other adults in their life can find a game plan for continuing to help them thrive.

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When Adhd & Asd Occur Together

Although the two conditions are distinct, they often occur together, resulting in confusion and consternation. Almost 3 in 10 young children who have autism also show signs of ADHD, which is three times higher than for children in the general population.

Researchers published in the Autism journal noted that it isnt surprising that whatever might cause autism to develop in the brain could conceivably also cause a second developmental outcome, such as ADHD.

Past research has also theorized that autism and ADHD are two independent disorders that occur together through a third independent factor. What that factor might be is an ongoing question, but the most supported school of thought is that a genetic component is at play.

Several genetic studies have supported the theory that both ADHD and ASD have their origins in familial factors. The researchers who have examined this perspective suggest that shared genetic and neurobiological factors suggest why ADHD and ASD can occur with such frequency within the same family and the same patient.

Adhd In Children With Asd

Is it ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or both?

A significant percentage of children with ASD seeking services at clinical centers present with comorbid symptoms of ADHD, with rates ranging between 37% and 85% across studies conducted in the United States and Europe . ADHD was the third most common disorder identified in a community sample of 517years old children , with 31% of the sample meeting full ADHD criteria and another 24% with subsyndromal ADHD symptoms. This is lower than reported rates of ASD and ADHD in clinic samples . Very few studies have looked at the epidemiology of co-existing disorders in pre-school age children diagnosed with ASD. Two year-old twins from the Boston University Twin project were studied by Ronald et al. for autistic-like traits and ADHD behaviors using Child Behavior Checklist answered by their parents. Controlling for cognitive abilities and socioeconomic status, autistic like traits correlated positively with ADHD behaviors , a lower correlation than described for older children. In a recent survey by Carlsson et al. , 198 pre-school Swedish children with ASD who treated in a habilitation center, were assessed for such disorders. They found language problems in 78%, intellectual disability in 49%, below average motor function in 37%, and severe hyperactivity in 33%.

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