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Can A Pediatrician Diagnose Autism

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Who Should Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders

Developmental Pediatrician Explains What to Do Right After Getting an Autism Diagnosis

It seems that everyone, including the lady at the grocery store, can spot autism when they see it. But of course, it’s not that simple. Autism is not just a collection of personality traits and personal interests, and not everyone who prefers solitude and comic books is autistic. In fact, autism is a serious developmental disability, and diagnosis requires testing, evaluation, and an in-depth understanding of the disorder.

What Type Of Doctor Should I See To Get A Comprehensive Evaluation Of Autism

Dr. Loveland answers the question: What Type of Doctor Evaluates Autism?

Oct. 23, 2008 Question: What type of doctor should I see to get a comprehensive evaluation of autism?

Answer: A diagnosis of autism could be given by a psychologist, a child psychiatrist, a developmental pediatrician or a child neurologist. All of these professionals are qualified to give this diagnosis if they have received training in this area. However, its also a good idea to get a broader, more comprehensive evaluation including speech and language, hearing, and physical and motor development as well as IQ or intellectual development.

The professional who gives the diagnosis of autism should be able to refer you to the appropriate professionals to provide these additional evaluations.

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How Does A Specialist Diagnose Autism

A specialist will come to a diagnosis based on a couple of factors:

  • How you describe your childs development
  • Thorough analyses of your childs history, such as whether there is a family history of ASD
  • Careful observations of your childs behavior

While there are no tests to specifically identify ASD, there are certain tests your medical provider might choose to administer based on your childs symptoms. Certain conditions can cause symptoms that mimic those of ASD:

  • Hearing tests. Hearing issues can lead to difficulties with language and social skills.
  • Blood tests. If your child is at a high risk of lead poisoning, then they may need to undergo blood work to check lead levels. Lead poisoning can lead to certain behavioral disorders.
  • Vitamin deficiency tests. A child with ASD may have trouble with certain food textures, smells, or tastes. Your pediatrician might want to test for vitamin deficiencies.

With the proper resources, children with autism can feel supported in school and at home. The key is to identify the signs early so you and your child can obtain the right support. An experienced pediatrician can help you on that journey.

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Additional Therapies For Asd

Your childs treatment program may also involve a number of other components:

  • Speech-language therapy can help your child understand language and use it to express himself. At Boston Childrens, extensive services are offered through our Center for Communication Enhancement.
  • Total communication interventions through our Autism Language Program can help your child use any possible means of communication including speech, symbol systems, gestures, sign language, and innovative technologies.
  • Occupational and physical therapy may develop your childs fine and gross motor skills , and dealing with sensory inputs from her environment.

In The Brain What Happens To Children During This Critical Period Of Early Development Before The Age Of 5 Years Old What Is Different About Children On The Asd Spectrum

tamperdesign: Autism Pediatrician

This is the histology of a neurotypical developing brain. What you can see is that kids go through aggressive synaptic proliferation from newborn to 2 years of age. These children are making millions of new connections per day.

This is what happens between 2 years old and 4 years old. Their connections get pruned down and the childs dominant social behaviors start to evolve. The brain prunes away things that are not used frequently. Therefore, the connections that are used more become thicker. They become more dominant.

So, kids on the autism spectrum dont prune like neurotypicals.

If you look at the picture of the ASD Neuron, you can see how the ends have not been pruned away. This is super important. Kids on the autism spectrum have hyperconnectivity. Thats why many of these kids, who are hyper tactile, will use weighted blankets to help provide sensory input and to produce sensations of calmness, relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Its not a symptomatic treatment. If you can treat children while they are young, these behaviors can be retained for life.

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How Often Is Autism Misdiagnosed

When you begin to notice your child is not following the same developmental trajectory as his/her peers, it can be an unsettling time full of unanswered questions. You are eager to find ways to help your child catch up, ease his/her symptoms, and make sure he/she has the accommodations necessary to succeed in school.

Before a plan of action can be put into place, a diagnosis is needed. While each child with an autism spectrum disorder will present differently, having a diagnosis is an important foundation for obtaining help for your child.

Therapy Options For Autism

Now that you know what autism consists of and how to get a proper diagnosis, lets discuss what happens next.

Although there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, weve got some great ways to help your child thrive!

Applied Behavior Analysis has been around since the 70s, and it is often used for early intervention. ABA is critical for learning basic daily skills and decreasing problem behaviors. Dream Big Childrens Centers work tirelessly to make sure that our ABA practices are current and effective, as well as fun, nurturing, and playful!

Often children with autism do not know how to communicate their wants and needs effectively, so they respond to this by acting out. ABA helps children become more independent and confident to communicate their needs and learn how to meet their own needs.

Heres the great news! Dream Big offers ABA services in both our fun and colorful play centers as well as in your own home setting. Your child could be on the road to leading a full, independent life! Our Board Certified Behavioral Analysts are trained and ready to customize a treatment play to meet your childs needs. This plan may include some of the following therapies:

Speech Therapy is another option for children with a difficult time communicating verbally.

Another option we will discuss is Occupational Therapy . This refers to teaching fine motor skills. For example, the child will learn how to complete writing, coloring, and even using scissors.

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Why Autism Diagnosis Is Often Delayed

In most cases, the first signs of autism appear when a child is 2 to 3 years old. However, some signs are apparent in infancy. Symptoms and signs of autism are different for all children. And all children with or without autism have different skills, strengths, and personalities.

The variables in symptoms and children themselves can make diagnosis difficult outside the hands of an experienced physician. A few common reasons while autism diagnosis is delayed include:

Can My Pediatrician Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders

What tests are used to diagnose autism?| How is autism treated? | Can diet have an impact on autism?

Your child’s pediatrician will check to make sure your child is hitting certain developmental milestones, such as babbling, waving, and speaking. In addition, a pediatrician may observe your child to see if any typical signs of autism are present. If your pediatrician suspects an autism spectrum disorder, and he or she will most likely refer your child to a specialist who can diagnose your child.

Important: This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing points of view. It should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs.

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Can A Child Be Diagnosed With Mildly Autistic

A child can be mildly autistic. Every child with autism spectrum disorder is unique and so symptoms may differ in severity and range between individuals. Children diagnosed as mildly autistic are unable to understand the body language or emotions of the people around them, but they do have normal intelligence and can conduct their daily activities.

Medical Diagnosis Vs Educational Eligibility For Special Services: Important Distinctions For Those Diagnosed With Asd

Parents are often surprised to learn that a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder does not automatically entitle a student to special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act . Eligibility for special education services is based, rather, on an educational determination of a disability, which includes meeting not just the criteria for a specific disability , but also finding that a student is in need of special services. Understanding the differences between a medical diagnosis and an educational determination of eligibility for special education services can help parents become better advocates for their children.

By contrast, educational eligibility is decided by a team comprised of various school professionals and a students parents. The team must find that the student qualifies for services under IDEA. To be eligible, IDEA requires that a student have at least one of 14 specified disabilities and be in need of special services. Autism is one of the 14 categories, but the definition of autism varies from state to state. Some states follow the medical definition found in the DSM, but others have their own definitions. In fact, some states exclude students with diagnoses of Aspergers Disorder or PDD-NOS from the autism category

Impact on Services

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Why Is Autism Overlooked In These Early Screenings

There are a number of reasons why these initial autism evaluations dont result in an autism diagnosis, explains Dr. Nash. To avoid delays, parents should be aware of them.

  • Both clinicians and parents gravitate toward the diagnosis with the best prognosis. Understandably, clinicians want a certain level of certainty before delivering a lifelong diagnosis of potential impairments, she says. So the initial approach is often to treat whats treatable and then reassess. For example, Lets treat this as ADHD first and see how much of the poor eye contact is related to inattention.
  • Pediatricians want to give development a chance. It makes sense with children, since they do develop at different rates, says Dr. Nash. But doctors have a tendency to want to reassure parents, whose observations and worries are often discounted.
  • Autism cant be diagnosed in a quick office visit. One reason pediatricians may not pick up autism, Dr. Nash observes, is because the evaluation takes too long. The standard assessment tool, called the ADOSthe Autism Diagnostic Observation Scheduletakes 30 minutes. And its meant to be paired with a structured interview with parents about current and past symptoms, and that takes several hours.

Empower yourselves as parents, Dr. Nash urges. Advocate for your child.

Some Children Dont Show Signs Until After Age 5


Studies show that some children exhibit few or no signs of autism as toddlers. Without apparent signs by 24 months, the typical age for autism screening, your childs condition may not be diagnosed until later. Also, people tend to think that if you werent diagnosed as a child, your autism symptoms are probably due to another health issue.

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Do They Diagnose Autism Or Treat It

Certain doctors can treat autism, while others diagnose it. Always ask what role a physician will play before scheduling an appointment. In our office, we provide ongoing treatment that can help a child get the treatment they need to live, function and feel comfortable in the world around them. Children with autism have special needs, so it is important for them to see a physician that can provide a high level of specialized care.

A Psychiatrist Diagnosed Me As Autistic With Adhd Now Finally I Can Thrive

Getting an official diagnosis as an adult is hard but this year I got to know what being female and neurodivergent means

Far from feeling deprived when the world went into lockdown this year, I thrived. After a difficult start to 2020 grappling with health issues, I felt incapable of doing anything Id planned, no matter how much I wanted to see my friends, work or travel. It ran deeper than exhaustion: during my entire life I had struggled with things that other people seemed to find easy, like socialising, employment, education or feeling comfortable in my own body. I often found myself overwhelmed, struggling to connect with people and suffering with sensory overload when faced with certain lights, smells, sounds or textures. I needed more time alone than other people to recover from being in the world, and selfishly, lockdown felt like a blessing.

I had been made aware of my differences throughout my life, fighting episodes of burnout and self-destruction, chastising myself for my inability to connect with strangers or just feel remotely relaxed. I was always restless, oscillating between distraction and hyper-focus on the wrong things. I found it increasingly difficult to function, but it wasnt until 2015 that I decided to pursue the answer that some teachers, family members and peers had suggested: a joint diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder .

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Who Should Diagnose Your Child

With so many possible options, who is the right person to diagnose your child? The answer depends, to a large degree, upon who is available. Depending on where you live, you may find that there is a long wait to see a developmental pediatrician, while you can get in to see an experienced child psychologist almost right away. While you might be more impressed with the developmental pediatrician’s credentials, you might decide that the wait is simply too long. If your child really is autistic, early intervention can be very effectiveand the earlier your child starts therapy the better his outcomes are likely to be.

Another issue to consider is money. You may discover that, while a neurologist is covered by insurance, a psychologist is not. In some states, early intervention programs provide free multidisciplinary evaluations in other states, such evaluations may be hard to access.

A word of advice from highly experienced psychologist Dr. Robert Naseef: even if your initial diagnosis comes from a psychologist, it may be worth your while to also consult an M.D. The reason is more political than medical: without an M.D. behind your child’s diagnosis, says Naseef, your local school district may not provide an appropriate array of services.

What If You Can’t Find A Certified Developmental Pediatrician

How Is Autism Diagnosed?

The developmental-behavioral certification is fairly new and requires a great deal of time and money to acquire. As a result, the number of “official” developmental-behavioral pediatricians who specialize in autism is quite small. You may not have such an expert in your local area or you may find that her waiting list is months long.

If you can’t find or access a developmental pediatrician, don’t panic.

Many pediatricians, particularly those with established practices, know a great deal about autism without being an “official” developmental-behavioral pediatrician. This is often the case if the healthcare provider has a particular interest in developmental issues, or happens to live in an area where autism is prevalent. Thus, even if a pediatrician does not have board certification in developmental-behavioral pediatrics, they may have the ability to diagnose and even treat autism spectrum disorders.

The best choice is to seek someone with appropriate credentials. If that’s not possible , the second-best option is to find a board-certified pediatrician with solid experience in diagnosing and treating autism spectrum disorders. Alternatively, you may decide to consult someone with related experience with significant experience in diagnosing and treating autism. Options including a developmental neurologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

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How Do You Know If Your Child Has Adhd Or Autism

Theres no one thing that can say whether a child has either condition, or both. You can start with your pediatrician, who may refer you to a specialist. To diagnose ADHD, doctors look for a pattern of behaviors over time like being distracted or forgetful, not following through, having trouble waiting for a turn, and fidgeting or squirming.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Autism

Autism is one of the more prevalent disorders with which children are currently diagnosed. According to the statistics, 1 in 54 children born in the United States is now diagnosed with autism. Broadly speaking, the numbers have increased dramatically over the past few decades. Much of this increase has been attributable to an increase in autism test and screening. This, of course, leads to a very important question: How do doctors diagnose autism?

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Federal Officials Order Medicaid To Cover Autism Services

And even if parents are persistent, autism is hard to diagnose. The symptoms are subtle, particularly in young children. “People expect that autism is going to look like autism in infancy, and that’s not what happens.” explains Landa. A baby who sits unsteadily at 6 months may have autism, or he might just be a slow sitter. “Babies do weird things,” says Landa.

But perhaps the biggest problem isn’t that it’s hard to spot a young child with autism, but that most doctors and other health care practitioners aren’t trained to identify those early signs.

Researchers knew far less about autism when most doctors practicing today studied medicine. Unless a pediatrician spent her or his residency in a field like neurodevelopmental pediatrics, they wouldn’t have been trained to diagnose autism.

The children in the study were diagnosed around age 5, the average age of autism spectrum diagnosis in the U.S. But Zuckerman says that children could be diagnosed much earlier. And an earlier diagnosis means that children and parents can get help learning techniques to make life with autism a little more manageable a little sooner.

If anything, the study points to the need to get resources to physicians so that they can recognize signs of trouble. “We need to give them the skills they need so they can identify kids,” says Zuckerman.

Meanwhile, Zuckerman says parents can find online tests and videos, so that they have a better idea of that to look for.

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