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Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

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Alter The Interview Process

People with autism recruited for skilled jobs

The typical interview evaluates and over-indexes hard talents like data analysis, software knowledge, and project management abilities. While many autistic candidates are technically bright, they fail to exhibit their skills and expertise in the interviews. As a result, hiring managers do not select autistic candidates.

So, how can you alter your interview process to make it more inclusive? Heres how:

  • While hiring autistic workers, include questions that evaluate a candidates inherent sensitivity level. For example, inquire about their thought process in decision-making process in their previous job role.
  • To avoid overstimulation, break up virtual or in-person interviews into successive sessions or stretch them out over a few days.
  • Provide work from home assignments. You can examine a candidates creative and communication skills through do-it-from-home case studies, presentations, and tests.

If You Are Company That Wants To Hire Those On The Spectrum


For business benefits, according to theâ¯Harvard Business Review, companies that employ people with autism,â¯intellectual or developmental differences see positive business impacts, including better morale, improved products and services, higher productivity, and ultimately increased bottom lines.â¯

The Disability Inclusion Advantage also released a report that showed that in areas specific to disability employment and inclusion, companiesâ¯achieved, on average, 28% higher revenue, twice the net income, and 30% higher economic profit margins compared with other companies in the same sample.

âSome of the data we know from case examples among other employers hiring autistic individuals can also lead to lower turnover rates,â Dr. Paradiz added. âOther case studies have proven innovative for products when autistics are involved on team-leading cost savings. They are extremely loyal and hard working people. If you, as an employer, have specific pain points where youâre needing to fill roles, you could be overlooking a very large pool of untapped talent.â

There is a fee for employers who wish to participate in WIN consulting services, training or sponsoring their Employment Pathways Events. They are also raising funding through their corporate partners to underwrite participation in WIN for small businesses.

Best Employers For People With Autism 2020

Unbelievably, it is estimated that fewer than 1 in 6 adults on the Autism Spectrum have full-time work. The statistics recently released in the National Autism Indicators Report from Drexel University are even more disheartening. Less than 16% of those polled for the report had full-time paid work, while only 32% had paid work of any kind. Of those working, 51% insisted their skills are higher than what their current job offers. And most incredibly, 77% of those are unemployed say they want to work!

Fortunately, a growing number of small businesses, large companies, and vast corporations are realizing the value of hiring neurodiverse individuals. Indeed, the Autism at Work program at JPMorgan Chase found that as a whole, their more than 300 neurodiverse employees are 48% faster and 92% more productive than their neurotypical employees. For those on the Autism Spectrum who want to work, this shift in general corporate thinking is a big positive. And while there is certainly much more progress that needs to be made, its time to recognize those paving the way. Keep scrolling for the 30 best employers for people with autism.

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Companies Hiring Adults With Autism

While autism diagnosis is on the rise, an increased number of companies are establishing hiring and recruiting campaigns and building new hiring processes with this large population of workers in mind. Ive located a list of 23 companies from non-profit to small to enterprise level organizations who are actively hiring adults with autism.

Companies That Aim To Hire People With Autism

Companies Hiring Workers With Autism

As awareness grows about boosting neurodiversity in the workplace in 2022, an increasing number of companies are proactively hiring employees on the autism spectrum.

Companies can benefit greatly from strengths that are specific to autistic individuals, such as intense focus, strong commitment, creative abilities, and passionate productivity. These attributes in employees can be a boon to any company when they are directed appropriately.

Here is a selection of companies participating in the Autism at Work and other neurodiversity initiatives:

These companies have been public about their intentions to hire more people with autism.

The list is always changing and growing, shares Autism Speaks. Each year, new companies and organizations join the effort to support autism awareness and inclusion.

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People Want To Know If These 5 Companies Are Hiring Autistic Employees

These are the top 5 employer autism programs candidates search for on GoogleThis tells me candidates are clearly searching for companies that have autistic hiring programs.

  • CBS hiring autism
  • Tesla hiring autism

I couldnt find any for the list above, but I will keep a lookout if that changes .

If you are thinking about becoming a company hiring autistic employees, our blog 6 Tips for Hiring Autistic Workers might help!

Companies Are Educating Their Workforces

This is exactly the kind of support David Kearon, Director of Adult Services at Autism Speaks, suggests be created. In addition to internal company champions that serve as mentors, he also suggests more visual supports in the workplace. This means using pictures or symbols to communicate instructions. Using these methods, as well as pairing written instructions with verbal ones, has been shown to help the entire workforcenot just ones on the spectrum.

Not every accommodation for people with autism needs to be a big deal, said Kearon. Natural supports are the kinds of things we do to help our colleagues every day at work, without having to fill out any paperwork and without spending any money. Helping managers and coworkers to learn how to work with a new colleague with autism is well worth a little bit of education and effort,

Schwaneke also had advice for companies looking to hire people on the autism spectrum. For employers, he said, the single most important thing is providing written or verbal feedback after a job interview and in the day-to-day workplace. This is a good practice for employers to use on all employees, but its especially vital to those on the spectrum who cant interpret subtle hints, and therefore rely on clear and concise feedback.

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Now Hiring: What Autistic People Need To Succeed In The Workplace

Autistic adults have more job opportunities than they used to, and a small neurodiverse workforce is thriving but mainly at select companies that invest heavily in such employees.


Adrienne Rutledge graduated from college with a biology degree. She went on to earn a masters degree and then, in various short-lived and contract jobs, picked up programming and data processing, coveted skills in the marketplace. Still, she could not land a fulfilling full-time position. Rutledge is African American and has autism, and she had trouble making it past the interview stage.

When her contract job ended more than a year ago, she decided to boost her technical expertise and enrolled in a six-week data boot camp with a nonprofit organization based in San Jose, California. She finally got a break when, in March 2019, she presented her project to an audience that included Hiren Shukla, who leads the accounting firm Ernst & Youngs Neurodiversity Centers of Excellence. Shukla was so impressed with Rutledge, he immediately invited her to apply for a position in the company.

The interview for the job lasted a week and was different from all others Rutledge had experienced. She did not have to answer questions about her career goals or how she deals with conflict. Instead, she parsed Excel spreadsheets for patterns and designed a system to manage orders from customers. They really gave us an opportunity to demonstrate what we could do, she recalls.

Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

Companies seeking out potential employees with autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental condition that causes social, communication, and behavioral challenges. About one in 44 children, according to, have been diagnosed with ASD as of 2021. One in 27 boys are diagnosed with autism, compared with one in 116 girls. A variety of factors cause autism, including genetics and the age of the parents at the time the child is born. Problems associated with autism include a tendency to wander or run away from safe areas. Children with autism may have a tendency towards self-harm, including head-banging, scratching, or biting. In addition, about 40% of people with ASD are nonverbal.

With this in mind, here is our list of autism companies, autism employment opportunities, and jobs for autistic adults. Autism-friendly employers are listed in alphabetical order.

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Instead Of A Traditional Interview Process New Programs Use Month

Securing satisfying employment is difficult for anyone, but for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder its even more of a challenge. An estimated 1% of the worlds population has an autism spectrum disorder, but approximately 80% of people in this group are unemployed. Others are doing menial jobs far below their skill and testing level.

People with autism often have desirable qualities for employers, including high intelligence, careful attention to detail, intense commitment to high quality work and out of the box thinking. Where they stumble is obtaining a job in the first place, since they can struggle with the strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills that are needed in a traditional job interview.

However, a number of companies in the tech industry are making efforts to change these conditions by implementing programs that not only recruit people on the autism spectrum, but also provide the necessary support during their employment. These are just a few of the ways the business world is reacting to the need to recruit and hire candidates with an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Society Of Texas: Free Vocational Program

If interested in being a part of the April 2022 cohort of the Path-Building Employment Program, please fill out our intake form here!

The Autism Society of Texas offers a free vocational program for those 18 & up who reside anywhere in Texas, thanks to a generous social services & capacity building grant through City of Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services Department. The intention of this dynamic program is to teach the participants how to create pathways toward equitable, gainful, meaningful self-directed employment. It aims to equip transition-age youth with the knowledge and skills to move through their journey with confidence by building a professional network, developing a mastery of concepts related to workplace etiquette which include communication and self-regulation strategies, and by building the knowledge needed to effectively advocate for oneself. This program engages a succession of authentic approximations of real world contexts, providing a rich framework for participants to apply knowledge and skills designed to promote the effective transfer of these skills after completion.

Please fill out our intake form here if you are interested in being in the program.

Do you have questions about our program or eligibility, or need assistance with how to enroll? Are you interested in learning about providing employment or volunteer opportunities? Please email us at .

Once forms above are completed, please email to .

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Global Companies That Hire People With Neurodiversity:

1. Ernst and Young Accounting, Global

Ernst and Young employ over 270,000 staff over 150 countries word wide. As part of their recruitment service they have collaborated with several other major global companies to initiate educational programs targeted at people with autism to teach them life skills and provide on-the-job training in order to set them up with the necessary skills for future employment.

2. Microsoft Technology, Global

The Autism Program and the Ability Program by Microsoft welcomes varied neurodiversities and disability into a range of roles across the company, across the globe. As one of the leaders in hiring neurodiverse for technology roles, Microsoft has a hiring program that inspires and connects people.

3. Auticon Technology, UK | Scotland

Auticon hires exclusively autistics for all roles in their organization in London and Edinburgh.

4. Freddie Mac Mortgage/ Loans, VA, USA

The Autism Internship Program by Freddie Mac welcomes autistic individuals into a range of junior and senior roles within the mortgage/ loans/ banking arena.

5. AMC Theatres Film and TV, Across USA

The FOCUS is an employment outreach program that partners with local, state, and national support agencies to employ qualified people with disabilities at AMC Theatres across the States.

6. Platinum Bay Technologies Technology, Across USA

7. Computer Aid Inc Technology/ Consulting, Across USA

8. Rising Tide Car Wash Automotive Services, FL, USA

11. Technology, CA, USA

Global Research Company Sees Success In Hiring Adding Autistic Employees To Workforce


ZenithOptimedia is another company who has a commitment to hiring individuals with autism and experienced great success. They are continuing to grow these efforts and are working to increase opportunities for employees with autism in the future. Companies dont need a formal program autism at work program to hire great employees.

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Technology For Some The Perfect Fit

Autistic adults, as with any people entering the workforce, need to find careers that align with their skills and interests, position them for success, and build self-esteem and confidence.

One viable career path for people with ASD is the technology space. Some have found that technology can truly be the perfect career choice for autistic individuals who have a flair for all things computers. Furthermore, in this field there is often little need for social interaction, allowing the autistic adult to work independently with just a computer.

Still, for the autistic adult to thrive and contribute value to a business or organization, the employer must understand these employees, the support they need to succeed, and the contributions they can make to their companies.

Companies That Hire People With Autism

Experts in the Autism industry say that integration in a workplace environment is vital for people with Autism for building skills to improve their own quality of life and grow more independent.

Many people with Autism exhibit qualities ranging from heightened memorization, creativity and attention to detail. Employees on the Autism spectrum have proven to significantly contribute to a company and also help increase its range of capabilities.

More and more businesses are leveraging the unique talents of people on the Autism spectrum. Here are some forward-thinking companies that are actively hiring people on the Autism Spectrum.

1. Walgreens One of the first companies to see the advantage of hiring people on the Spectrum. In 2007, they launched their first pilot program to hire people with Autism in South Carolina, and the program is now practiced around the US.

2. Specialisterne This company is unique because most of their employees are people on the Autism Spectrum. They work as business and technology consultants that focus their talents on software testing, data entry and programming. Specialisterne operates on project in several countries around the world.

4. The Specialists Guild A Non-profit social enterprise based out of San Francisco. Their mission is focused on training and career opportunities to help people with Autism earn an income with meaningful and fulfilling work.

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Why Autism Speaks Is Encouraging Companies To Hire Those On The Autistic Spectrum


Adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder continue to struggle with unemployment or underemployment issues at an extremely high rate, which has only been amplified during the pandemic. Studies estimate a staggering 50-75% of the 5.6 million autistic adults in the U.S. are unemployed or underemployed. Nearly 50% of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job, despite having the skill sets and expertise to excel in the workplace.

In response to this, Autism Speaks recently launched its Workplace Inclusion Now program. It is an evidence-based employment system to build and support an inclusive, welcoming workplace culture through a comprehensive suite of resources. WIN takes a two-prong approach to equip job seekers with autism with tools and resourcesto empower them in employment and leadership opportunities. They will also be working with employers to create welcoming workplaces and providing the resources and tools to create a culture where all employees can thrive.

I spoke with Valerie Paradiz, Ph.D., Vice President, Services and Supports at Autism Speaks, about this program. She also is on the autistic spectrum.

Home Depot And Cvs Caremark

Hiring autistic workers

Both Home Depot and CVS Caremark partnered with an organization called Ken’s Krew to recruit and train disabled employees. In fact, a co-founder of Home Depot played an important role in getting Ken’s Krew started. The program provides job matching, training, job coaching, community supports, and more.

Ken’s Krew associates are working in over 90 Home Depot stores and 18 CVS stores across the country.

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Top 10 Autism Friendly Employers

Lisa Sullivan, MS, is a nutritionist and health and wellness educator with nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

According to research, performing job-related activities helps to reduce symptoms and increase daily living skills for those with autism however, only about half of autistic adults are employed. There’s no doubt that employment is elusive for adults on the spectrum. This reality, however, is changing fast.

A January 2019 article in Forbes,“Effective Autism Employment: A Legal Perspective.” would have been nonexistent a decade prior. The article pointed to major initiatives by top tech employers, such as SAP and Microsoft, and the beneficial impact of their workplace inclusion programs.

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Unemployment among those with autism is approximately 85%. This statistic means that roughly two-thirds of people with autism are not working. In general, those with autism had lower employment rates and higher social isolation rates than people with other disabilities.

When asked what she feels has been the most significant obstacle in getting those on the spectrum hired, Ms. Paradiz answered, âFrom a high-level perspective, the barriers have been that autism and neurodiversity have been an afterthought when it comes to conversations about diversity and inclusion. In business, colleges, post-secondary training â itâs starting to reach that level of attention and discussion culturally, but we barely scratched the surface. The obstacles are many, and they are housed within different elements. Employers have one set of obstacles, and those on the spectrum have obstacles in being hired or just accessing the support they need to be hired.â

From a United States perspective, and based on their data, Autism Speaks shared that:

  • Studies estimate that 50 to 75 % of the roughly 5.6 million autistic adults in the U.S. are underemployed or unemployed.
  • Nearly half of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job.
  • More than 60% of autistic young adults are neither working nor pursuing education/training post-high school in the U.S.

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