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Is Shaun Murphy Really Autistic

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A Broken Cup And Putting Life Together On The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor – Shaun and the Autistic Community

Shaun is cautioned by Dr. Andrews to not bring up autism again.

The Good Doctor persists, however, particularly after realizing that Chambers suffers from Musicians Dystonia, which is habitual positioning of the wrist while straight. The discovery is another consistency with ASD indicators. Dr. Guerin witnesses the cruel attack on The Good Doctor from Chambers. The patient refers to the surgeon as a child playing dress-up, and everyone else plays along. Guerin declares that he no longer holds Chambers in esteem. The new resident questions Claire about how much one has to change in becoming a surgeon. I want to change whats in the world around me, he says insightfully. Its clear that hes making a big change.

Once Shaun confirms that Silas Chambers fits the criteria on the ASD scale, the patient tears into a heated exchange, screaming at The Good Doctor as he steps back.

The yellow mug that Chambers always holds breaks in the scuffle. Dr. Murphy doesnt just return the next day with an exact replica of the originalit didnt seem repaired he brings his own story.

The very lessons that Claire points out to Shaun as markers that he can grow into being a very good father are palpably on display. Chambers only had his career and reputation. Shaun learned lessons. He cultivated insights to build relationships and his most important relationship will be with his child.

The Good Doctor Was Originally A South Korean Drama Series

The series is in fact a remake of a South Korean TV show simply titled “Good Doctor.” Both shows have similar first episodes before they diverge into very different narratives. In the Korean series, actor Joo Won plays Park Si-on, who, like his American counterpart, is an autistic savant working as a surgeon. “Good Doctor” originally ran 20 episodes in 2013 to strong ratings .

In 2014, “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” star Daniel Dae Kim bought the rights to remake “Good Doctor” overseas through his production company 3AD. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dae Kim’s motivation was in part to translate the unique feeling of Korean television to American audiences, because as Kim commented, “in America, there are more serialized dramas and there can be room for something inspired by Korean TV…I believe good content can transcend cultural barriers.” “Good Doctor” being a medical drama much like successful shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” or “ER” also influenced the decision as well.

ABC later agreed to air the series with Kim serving as a producer and “House” creator David Shore hired as the showrunner . Shore’s approach was not to “Americanize” the series but make something original: “I think we’re just going, ‘That’s a great story. I would like to tell that story and make it my own.’ And that’s what happened here” .

The Good Doctor’s Depiction Of Autism Has Been Criticized

David Shore did heavy research into Autism Spectrum Disorder before writing “The Good Doctor,” telling a TCA panel that “we saw a lot of doctors, we consulted with people, we’ve got people on the spectrum who we’re working with” .

Nevertheless, the medical drama has been criticized by professionals as well as neurodivergent writers for, like other popular media such as “Rain Man,” depicting ASD characters as primarily “awkward white male geniuses” as well as interpreting Shaun’s differences and challenges as a superpower. Three experts wrote in an op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter that the series “creates a mythical autistic superhero who deceives the public by misrepresenting how disabling autism can be in this society.”

An actual autistic doctor wrote that they liked the show but noted how many autistics have extreme empathy, not a disconnect from others as the series suggests, and wished it also depicted more of the range of behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder . For Slate, autistic writer Sara Luterman also praised Shaun’s humanity as a disabled character “even if it frequently seems to be by accident” on the part of the neurotypical creative team.

Ultimately, the series has received positive reception as well as sharp criticism from the autistic community.

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He Began Adapting The Series And In 2015 Eventually Shopped It To Cbs His Home Network

The good doctor is an american medical drama television series based on the 2013 south korean series of the same daniel dae kim noticed the original series and bought the rights for his production company. He is treated with the same humanity as his coworkers which is a big leap forward in equal representation of people with disabilities in the media. So, when abc announced one of their new programs, the good doctor, was going to focus on an autistic surgeon, i doubtfully raised an eyebrow. 17 2020, updated 4:50 p.m. The magical doctors uncanny ability is due to his being autistic and having savant skills. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. Richard schiff : Freddie does lots of research and works closely with. Abcs the good doctor cast talk about what they have learned about autism during the first season of the get the full picture of what #autism is, vis. The good doctor is really just a typical medical drama with a twist: In real life, freddie does not have autism. With the former bates motel star playing the genius autistic doctor so convincingly, fans are wondering if freddie highmore is autistic. This is a very difficult role for anyone to play given how broad the autism spectrum truly is.

And for those unfamiliar with autism, television roles like highmores can offer a glimpse into life with the disorder.

Beau Garrett As Jessica Preston

Is Shaun Murphy On The Good Doctor Really Autistic ...

American actress Beau Garrett stars as Jessica Preston, the hospitals in-house attorney and Vice President of Risk Management, who also happens to be the granddaughter of the hospital founder and friend of Dr Glassman.

Garrett began her career working as a model, appearing in GUESS campaigns from the late 1990s. She made her feature film debut in the horror film, Turistas, before going on to portray Captain Raye in 2007s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Gem in 2010s Tron: Legacy.

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You Can Thank Mastersfx For The Graphic Surgery Scenes

“The Good Doctor,” like other medical dramas, isn’t always accurate about actual hospital procedures, but it has to depict surgeries and gruesome injuries in a realistic way or it wouldn’t feel believable. This is where visual effects company MastersFX comes in.

MastersFX works on the bodies shown during surgeries, intending to make the procedures look as real as possible. Artist Lori Sandnes told VFX Voice that “if the actors need to be dissecting, cutting or suturing something in the body, we want to make it easy for them to be able to perform the action as close as possible to the script.” The team also works with the show’s medical consultants as well as uses clips of actual surgeries for reference points.

The prosthetics and practical effects involved can include hearts, body casts, facial injuries, and even fake marlins. The most important thing for MastersFX founder Todd Masters though is “helping to create an organic, relatable character in service to the story – is always paramount” .

He Has Savant Syndrome

Ironically, Shauns autism is what actually makes him one of the most skilled surgeons on the team. Savant Syndrome is a very rare type of autism that makes the individual brilliant in fields of their interests. They possess a superhuman skill set that is more refined than the average person. Shauns savant syndrome is why he comes across as a medical genius. He can process information faster, and his brain has an abnormal layout of the human body, which allows him to accurately pinpoint the medical problem faster than his colleagues.

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Is Freddie Highmore On The Good Doctor Really Autistic

Is Freddie Highmore On The Good Doctor Really Autistic. While freddie was creating his character on the good doctor, it was incredibly important to. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with season 4 of the good doctor premieres monday, november 2 on abc.

Actor freddie highmore is so good on the good doctor that fans are convinced hes autistic irl. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. One of this falls most intriguing new shows is abcs the good doctor, which stars freddie highmore as a brilliant doctor who happens to be autistic. At 27, freddie highmore is the series lead in his second major us tv show. Hes doing a phenomenal job on the good doctor.

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Is Actor Freddie Highmore Autistic In Real Life

The Good Doctor: How Accurate Is The Autism Displayed? | â?OSSA

Despite his realistic portrayal of someone with autism, actor Highmore does not have the condition himself, or any other developmental disability.

Highmore had just finished five series of Bates, where he played a young Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcocks film Psycho.

Just days later he was offered the role in The Good Doctor and after initially turning it down due to just finishing a series, Highmore changed his mind and started researching Shauns condition.


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What Is Wrong With Norman Bates

Character. Norman Bates is a young man, suffering from dissociative identity disorder, who runs a small off-highway motel in Fairvale, California. As a child, Bates suffered severe emotional abuse at the hands of his mother, Norma, who taught him that all aspects of sex were sinful and that other women were whores.

The Good Doctor Is Fairly Medically Accurate

In terms of medical accuracy and realistic depictions of hospital life, TV has always received mixed reviews from actual doctors. The hookups and egregious errors by interns and residents on “Grey’s Anatomy” are considered extremely unrealistic by the medical community. “Scrubs” meanwhile has always been regarded as highly accurate and very aware of working dynamics in a hospital .

“The Good Doctor” has some errors but is more realistic than many other medical TV shows. In an interview with TV Insider, the show’s medical consultant Dr. Oren Gottfried discusses how he suggests actual medical incidents from real life to the writers. The doctor noted that “Some do seem so outlandish, but the fact is they’re really medical truth.”

Experts praised the drama in one article about medicine on television as “more accurate than other shows in terms of medical terminology, diagnoses, and treatments” but criticized small errors in depicting protocol and basic procedures . Professional nurse and actor Rebecca Brown, who often appears on the show, said in an Instagram Live chat that “there are things we sometimes have to tweak but the steps that we’re doing that the viewers are watching are correct” .

You can watch all five seasons of “The Good Doctor” currently streaming on Hulu.

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Shaun Has A Good Woman On His Side

Although Dr. Glassman isnt exactly fond of Leah, shes actually good for Shaun. Leah challenges him and helps him see that just because he has autism doesnt mean he cant do things that normal people do. In one episode, Leah teaches Shaun how to drive. At first, he is hesitant and tries to use his autism as a cop-out. But Leah doesnt let him. Shaun actually has the best time of his life learning how to drive. Leah constantly pushing him to broaden his horizon also helps him become a better doctor.

My Review Of ‘the Good Doctor’ As An Adult With Autism

Shaun Murphy

This blog is by Kerry Magro, an award-winning international motivational speaker and best-selling author whos on the autism spectrum. A version of this blog originally appeared on

Full disclosure: After only watching one episode, I have no idea what the future is for The Good Doctor . What I can tell you: this show has all the makings of an ABC smash hit.

Lets begin with the cast. Freddie Highmore stars as Dr. Shaun Murphy, an up-and-coming surgeon who also happens to have autism and savant syndrome. This is a very difficult role for anyone to play given how broad the autism spectrum truly is. Some criticism has occurred as many TV productions and films try to address autism issues. There is no one size fits all in attempting to define characters on the spectrum. This list in recent years includes characters such as Walter Hill in Joyful Noise, Billy in the new Power Rangers Movie, Jane in Jane Wants a Boyfriend, and most recently in Sam Gardener, a high-functioning teen with autism in Netflixs Atypical.

As for the script there are several plot lines that will intrigue audiences and the direction couldnt be crisper from Seth Gordon along with the writing done by David Shore .

This show has staying power and I can only hope the creators of the show along with Sony and ABC will continue to include voices of those on the spectrum as the show continues.

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And The Spiderwick Chronicles

In 2005, he portrayed the main role of Charlie Bucket in Tim Burtons musical fantasy film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, adapted from the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. He was reportedly recommended by co-star Johnny Depp, with whom Highmore had worked in Finding Neverland Depp had been impressed by the young actors performance and thus put his name forward for the role. Highmore had not seen the original 1971 version of the film, and decided not to see it until he was done filming so his portrayal of Charlie would not be influenced. For his role, he again won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer and was awarded the Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent. Highmore also lent his voice to the films accompanying video game of the same name.

Is The Actor On Good Doctor Really Autistic

Is The Actor On Good Doctor Really Autistic. Shaun murphy is so authentic that it can sometimes confuse fans of the good doctor. Actor daniel dae kim noticed the original series and bought the rights for.

Richard schiff : Read the good doctor reviews from parents on common sense media. The good doctor had originally cast a wide net that included actors with autism along with neurotypical actors to play shaun. Suspicions that the good doctor oversimplifies autism arent quelled when one considers that the show, like atypical, currently doesnt have autistic writers, producers or a lead actor. The good doctor, created and executive produced by david shore based on a korean format, was the first major u.s.

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We Are Close To Having A Complicated Character We Are In The Apology/role Model Phase But We Arent There Yet

Its the role model thing, right? said Michael McCreary. We are placing a character with cultural baggage based on a diagnosis in a well-intentioned way. We are on the cusp of something potentially good. Michael liked how the character of Dr. Murphy was played as a flawed human, rather than as a stereotyped precious child. He added, I feel we are close on the autism front. We are close to being characters who are screw-ups up for any human reason, not DSM-5 reasons. We are close to having a complicated character we are in the apology/role model phase, but we arent there yet.

I think, said Nicole, the message is that autistic people are versatile that they are empathetic, complex.” Although, she says, there are not a lot of PhDs or savants, The Good Doctor remains a positive depiction of an autistic person who does meaningful work, lives on their own and has a committed relationship. It doesnt infantilize autism as other media have.

Matthew agrees with Michael McCreary and Nicole. Overall, this is more positive depiction. I am happy we have it. I agree with Mike that we are on the cusp of where we need to go.

Its a start. Theres a long way to go, said Anthony. COVID isnt making this easy, but I am very hopeful. Maybe we just need to advertise ourselves for consult in the industry.

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The Good Doctor – Researching Autism

Having a child changes everything, Glassman guarantees. He speaks as a father who has loved and lost his daughter. Parenthood is a constant mix of worry and wonder, of ferocious love over fear. Dr. Browne plays confidant and friend for both parents, wisely advising them to tackle the big decisions and work down to the small stuff.

Christian Clemenson gives a piercing portrayal as Dr. Chambers, a storied surgeon who doesnt care if anyone sleeps until he regains his right-hand function. Dr. Enrique Guerin tells Chambers that he was the first-year residents inspiration for becoming a doctor with his life-saving work in Haiti. Chambers only response is to dress down the students attire. The patient goes to battle with The Good Doctor when Shaun points out that he shows several markers in behavior on the ASD scale. Chambers gives a steely stare at Murphy with his Teeny Blue Eyes, attempting to prove that he does make eye contact. Still, Shaun knows what he knows and he knows what he sees. The team goes to work on the treatment and settles on a radio graft, proposed by Claire.

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The Good Doctor A Greater Voice For Autism

Is ABCs new medical-drama television series necessarily accurate in portraying a neurodevelopmental disorder?

Anakin Morales-Jimenez, Reporter|October 5, 2017

For the sake of publication, spoilers will not be written to preserve the enjoyment factor of the show.

The Good Doctor, which premiered September 25 of this year, stars Freddie Highmore portraying the main character, Dr. Shaun Murphy a young surgeon diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and savant syndrome. The series is directly based off of the original South Korean production, Good Doctor, yet the storyline has made a reappearance for the North American audience. So far, two episodes have aired, and the series is officially set to have a complete first season.

The plot is generally set in the San José Bonaventure Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, where Murphy is hired and placed in the pediatric surgical unit. He is shown to be living in a relatively remote area, and the Pilot consisted of his trip to the hospital.

So we have Dr. Shaun Murphy high intelligence that is internalized most of the time, weakened ability to interact properly, and practically bullied by peers most of his life, and now by other surgeons.

The question arises: does The Good Doctor accurately portray autism and savant syndrome?

Savant syndrome is a rare case in which an individual with autism or other mental disabilities have a high sense of intelligence, which is mainly an expansive memory and analytical thought process.

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