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Is L From Death Note Autistic

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Death Note: Light Up The New World

Autism Embodied: L from Death Note & Autism Spectrum Disorder
Portrayed by: Masahiro Higashide

Tsukuru Mishima is recruited by Soichiro Yagami to serve as leader of the Death Note task force that is created in response to a surge of killings by new Death Note users. In 2015, Mishima kills Mikami in order to claim the notebook Light entrusted to his son, Hikari. From then on, Mishima acts as the new Kira, intending to surpass Light and establish world peace. In order to hide his identity, he passes the notebook to cyber-terrorist Yuki Shien and loses his memories of being Kira. When Mishima meets Shien in 2016, he touches the notebook he gave to Shien and regains his memories. After being imprisoned for his crimes, Mishima is freed from confinement by a dying Ryuzaki, who appoints a remorseful Mishima as his successor. His real name is Ryo Nakagami .

Portrayed by: Sosuke Ikematsu

Ryuzaki is a biological clone of L and serves as his successor after his death. He serves as a private investigator and assists in the Death Note investigation on the new Death Note users. Ryuzaki is handed a notebook by the shinigami Arma, but refuses to use the notebook in honor of L. Before passing his notebook to Shien, Mishima writes Ryuzaki’s name into the Death Note and sets the time of death several days in advance. After being exposed as the new Kira, Ryuzaki pardons Mishima and appoints him as his successor before his death. Ryuzaki’s birthname was Masayuki Arai

Voiced by: Tori Matsuzaka

Soichiro Yagami Had Two Days Left To Live

Myth: Soichiro Yagami made the Shinigami Eye deal and halved his lifespan. He then died one day later in a hospital because he was shot. This means that if he hadn’t cut his lifespan in half, he would have had only two days left to live.

Fact: A main refute against this theory is that every human has a specific amount of time to live. From then on, directly or not, their lifespan can be altered by the Death Note, which is what happens to Soichiro, as he invaded the mafia’s base thanks to the Death Note in the first place, so his death was still caused by the Death Note, albeit indirectly.

Misa Was Killed With A Death Note

Myth: Taking into account the long lifespan;Misa inherited from;Rem, who also possessed the lifespans taken from L, Watari and Ginzo Kaneboshi as well as the original half Misa exchanged for the eyes, along with the lifespan Misa inherited from Gelus and the fact that she inherited Rem’s lifespan after halving her own lifespan again, Misa should have lived a long life. Contrarily, Misa died only seven years after Rems death, suggesting the likelihood that she was somehow killed by a Death Note.

Fact: It has never been stated that Misa was killed by a Death Note;;Tsugumi Ohba only ever suggested that Misa likely fell into depression and committed suicide after learning of Light’s death.

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Light Turner On Seeing Ryuk For The First Time:

Anonymous asked:

L disgusts me. I can’t stand him, he has literally the most unpleasant personality and he’s childish and cringes me so I don’t know why the fuck do I find him so hot??? like I would kill him if I had the chance but I would also suck his dick if I had the chance???

i cant get in lifts with people because i have a sort of phobia of breathing in peoples breath

and when i got asked what was wrong by my law teacher ;

I had to fucking reply I prefer people when theyre not breathing;

So Im having a lull in activity here due to school wrapping up and having to get all projects and tests finished and taken so, I thought Id share with you all my first art of Mer-L that I did a while back.

I gave him a little Misa doll that washed up because I figured since shes famous shed have little dolls made of her, right? Some of them probably found their way into the ocean ig idk.

Ill post a digital piece of him with the headcanon list later, as Id like to maybe make a few changes, also the story for Misa has altered a bit. Im currently working on Mer-Mello

Shinigami Light Is Seen In Death Note Relight

Theory: L has autism

This is another one of other most popular theories among Death Note fans. It even has a fancy name that they call the “Light Reincarnation Theory.” The theory came to be due to an OVA called Death Note Relight.

In that OVA, there is an unnamed Shinigami that fans think have similarities with Light in both appearance as well;as behavior. Like Light, he carries a messenger bag, has a coat like Light had on when he died, and has very similar interactions with Ryuk as Light did.

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Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation agrees to assist L since some people believed that Kira killed some American criminals. After Kira kills several agents, the FBI withdraws its assistance.

Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa; Michael Adamthwaite

Raye Penber is an American investigator from the FBI, sent to Japan with eleven other agents to aid in tracking down Kira early in the story. Described by How to Read It as a “talented” agent, Raye is assigned to investigate the Yagami family for any suspicious behavior; but he eventually stops suspecting Light after he appears to be one of the victims of a bus-jacking. However, Light staged the event to get Raye’s name so he could kill him. He has a fiancée, retired FBI agent Naomi Misora, whom he tells not to involve herself in the investigation for her own safety. Light manages to track him down and use him “as a pawn” to kill the other eleven members of his team . Light kills Raye soon after. Before Raye dies, he sees Light, realizing that he is indeed Kira.

Played by Shigeki Hosokawa in the film, his name was changed to Raye Iwamatsu , due to not being able to find an actor in Japan that resembled Raye in the anime and manga. This is because he was also described by How to Read It as a “cross between Japanese and American”. The artist, Takeshi Obata, even had trouble drawing him initially due to this . In the first film he is a counter-terrorism agent headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Voiced by: Naoko Matsui; Tabitha St. Germain

Death Note: Who Seems More Autistic

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Also, Light is screwed up thanks to Ryuk, and holds a very, very, very twisted sense of justice and by the end of the Manga believes himself to be god. Ohba says so himself in the “How to Read Death Note 13” that he really didn’t like Light in the least, and said that he needed to go. The only reason he put the ending the way he did was because he didn’t want to the Light fans to hate him. Sorry Light fans, he isn’t coming back… ask Ohba.

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As you say, L may not have the same morals, and perhaps they are twisted a bit, but I do not believe he would ever have more people killed )..

L holds more of a sense of Justice, the right kind of justice, than Light.


Postby Nate» Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:40 am

Fish and Chips wrote:The minute he killed L, or attempted to kill L, on television, it was not about justice, it was about power. All of it.

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Death Note Users Become Shinigami After They Die

Among Death Note theories, this is one of the most popular.;Fans never;learn or question where Shinigami come from, outside of the fact that they live in their own realm.;People have theorized that its possible that Shinigami may have all once been humans who had Death Notes.

A branch of this theory is that Shinigami consist of original Shinigami as well as Shinigami who used to be humans. If this theory were true, there is the small possibility that Ryuk was once human.

Where Is Anime’s Autistic Representation

The Life Of L (Death Note)

Autism spectrum disorder doesn’t have much canonical representation in anime, but many characters do exhibit notable autistic traits.

Diversity and representation are important in storytelling and popular media, and now more than ever, many once-ignored groups and identities have begun to enjoy meaningful and substantial representation in comics, movies, television programs, anime and video games. One group that still needs more representation in the media, however, is the autism community.

Autism spectrum disorder features a long list of typical symptoms, and someone diagnosed as on the spectrum may show any combination, or constellation, of these symptoms to varying degrees of severity. These range from having intense and narrow interests to a lack of theory of mind to a preference for habit and routine to the need for regular physical or mental stimming. In anime, there are hardly any officially confirmed autistic characters, a reflection of Japanese culture’s general privateness about mental health issues in general.

However, the number of characters who are frequently headcanonned as autistic, or that at least have certain autistic traits, is much higher. This list features one canonically diagnosed anime character, one semi-canonically diagnosed one and five common headcanons.

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L From Death Note Is Autistic: Autism Viewed Through The Lens Of Japan

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  • L from Death Note is Autistic: Autism Viewed Through the Lens of Japan


Shammi Syera Simin

Autism isnt usually stated in pop-culture outright, rather it ends up being implied more often, especially when the pop-cultural element in question origins from a country where mental illnesses and seeking help from psychologists are perceived as taboo. Just like your everyday mangaka , non-autistic authors write autistic characters all the time; they just dont realise it. Theyd rather not admit it most of the time either, more so in Japan, as the Japanese public are not exactly keen on associating themselves with menhera.

The thing is, non-autistic people do end up meeting autistic people more than they think, but due to their stereotypes about autism, they often cant recognise it.;

Autism varies extensively. From people who cant function at all within society and need to be fed and have all their other basic needs provided by another person, to people who you wouldnt even be able to tell are autisticunless you spent a long time talking to or watching them. Autism is often characterised by a difficulty in understanding symbolism within conversations and in making logical jumps, for instance, aluminium cans go in the small blue trash-bin, so when an autistic person goes outside the classroom and has a can with them, they put it in the blue one, regardless of size and shape.

1. Sitting

2. Standing

Near Used A Death Note To Control And Kill Mikami

While this theory has never been proven true or false, many fans find it to be likely. This theory;suggests that Near used a Death Note in order to control Mikami at the final confrontation in the Yellowbox Warehouse. It would be a smart move, as it gives him more control over the situation.

This would also explain why Mikami killed himself. Instead of killing himself to distract the Task Force to help Light escape, that was all part of Near’s plan.

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The Shinigami Realm Is Purgatory

Myth: In Death Note, Purgatory can be acknowledged as being analogous with the Shinigami Realm. Both are gray realms where beings exist in a cold world, filled with grunge and grime, absent of any light. It is not known how Shinigami are created, but they still all seem to mainly be humanoid, leading to the belief that they could have once been human.

Fact: It has never been mentioned in the manga or anime that the Shinigami Realm serves as purgatory. In fact, it is specifically stated that humans simply cease to exist upon dying. The only exception to this possibly occurs in Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God.

The Unnamed Shinigami Is Light Yagami

Theory: L has autism

Myth: The unnamed Shinigami seen in the film Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God is a reincarnation of Light Yagami.

Fact: The unnamed Shinigami only appears in the anime Relight films, which take place in their own continuity. The Relight films are essentially rewrites of the original anime series and make several alterations to the plot.

See Light’s Reincarnation Theory on the Death Note Fanon Wiki for more details.

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The Shinigami Realm Used To Be Like Earth

This is a theory that brings out more questions than answers, but it fascinates fans. The Shinigami realm is the place where Shinigami hang out. Not much time is spent there in the story, but what fans do see is interesting. The land appears to be a giant boneyard, fitting for death dogs. The skeletons resemble both humans and animals, and it makes one wonder where the bones came from.

Some fans have theorized that the realm may have used to look like Earth. That does create more questions though, most principle among them being: What happened to turn it all to a boneyard?

Associates Of L Lawliet

Voiced by: Takuya Kirimoto; David Orth

Aiber, whose real name is Thierry Morello , is a professional con man in the employ of L. He plays the role of Eraldo Coil , one of L’s detective aliases, during the investigation of the Yotsuba Group. Aiber uses his initial “A”, just like L, when communicating through computers. Aiber speaks many languages and uses many false identities. “Supposedly” he has a talent for using his “good looks” to convince women to pass information to him. Aiber enjoys “life on the edge” and his “biggest thrill” comes from conning people. Since he is a professional criminal, he is known solely in the underworld.

After L’s death, Light kills him using the Death Note. In the manga, Aiber dies from liver cancer at a hospital in Paris, France with his family at his bedside. In the anime, he dies of a heart attack in front of his wife and son. He is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note.

Ohba said that he created Aiber and Wedy so he could use characters with “special abilities” to advance the storyline. He said that Aiber “did some things.”

According to Obata, his editor told him that Aiber was a “sarcastic, comic relief” character. Obata said that he wishes that he could have drawn Aiber to be “more comedic.” Obata believes that if he drew Aiber and Wedy to look “a little bit more original”, Ohba could have included the characters in a larger role in Death Note.

Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa; Venus Terzo

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Misa Amane Is Killed By A Death Note

Misa kills herself at the end of the Death Note manga, and it is hinted in the anime that she also does this via jumping off a tall building. However, some fans think there is more to her death than meets the eye. Suicide is a common way for a Death Note to end the life of another person, making them do it against their own will.

While this theory exists, most fans debunk it with the evidence that Misa would die of her own free will because she has personally stated that she cannot live without Light. Since he dies at the end of the story, her causing her own death makes more sense.

Light Appears In Death Parade

Reactors React to L’s DEATH (Death Note)

Anime series;Death Parade is a little similar to Death Note in both title as well as content. It is in the supernatural genre and the characters determine the fate of the souls of the dead.

At one point in the;Death Parade;anime, there is a character that looks exactly like Light. The character is unnamed and his fate remains unknown . There are some details about him that makes him seem very likely to be Light though, such as coincidentally having the same voice actor, a similar visual design, and even the same blood type.

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