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L Theanine Dosage For Adhd

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Lessens Feelings Of Depression

The Truth about L-Theanine for Anxiety and ADHD

L-theanine has proven itself as a natural alternative to prescription anti-depressants. This amino acid works by increasing alpha brain wave activity and dopamine levels in the brain. Boosting alpha waves creates a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Increasing dopamine restores the chemical imbalance in the brain. Thats why its common for people to use L-theanine for depression.

L-theanine benefits the balance of essential neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for mood stabilization. Depressed individuals are usually deficient in dopamine, which can also lead to more feelings of stress and anxiety. L-theanine does not have the side effect profile of many prescription medications. The lack of adverse reactions makes it a powerful natural remedy for mood disorders.

A literature review examined various doses of L-theanine supplements for increasing alpha-wave activity. In particular, scientists were interested in patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

Using as little as a 50mg dose was enough to create a feeling of relaxation 30 minutes after taking it. However, doses as high as 200mg worked just as well. You would only need 1-2 cups of green tea to feel these anxiolytic effects.

Side Effects And Interactions

A person should speak to their doctor before taking supplements.

Most people are unlikely to experience side effects when they take L-theanine, but the supplement may interact with some medications.

It is essential to speak to a doctor about any current medications before taking L-theanine supplements.

L-theanine may interact with the following drugs and supplements:

  • drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure
  • other supplements that lower blood pressure
  • stimulants, such as those that doctors use to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • supplements that contain caffeine

Reduces Stress Anxiety And Depression

Tea drinkers often report that drinking green tea makes them feel relaxed without causing drowsiness.

This is due to the effects of l-theanine on managing neurotransmitter levels. For instance, research suggests that it increases GABA levels and other brain chemicals, keeping anxiety in check, regulating emotions, and boosting quality sleep .

A higher level of calming brain chemicals allows you to relax, sleep better, and deal with stress more efficiently.

At the same time, it also lowers excitatory brain chemicals such as glutamate and acetylcholine. Any elevation in such excitatory chemicals levels is associated with feelings of anxiety and stress and may even increase the risk of mental disorders.

A heightened state of alpha brain wave activity is also correlated inversely with cortisol levels. This means that as alpha waves increase, cortisol levels decrease, which also reduces stress.

As a result, l-theanine helps with depression and is considered beneficial for stress management because it can also reduce heart rate when resting.

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Tyrosine For Adhd Symptoms In Adults

The main claim to tyrosine for the treatment of ADHD symptoms comes from a small 1987 study. During the course of research, 12 adults living with ADHD did see an improvement in their symptoms during the first 2 weeks of supplementing with L-tyrosine.

But by 6 weeks, participants developed a tolerance. By 8 weeks, the initial tyrosine effects leveled out.

The study authors concluded that tyrosine was not effective for the treatment of adult ADHD.

Helps Reduce Adhd Symptoms

Want The Best L Theanine Supplement? We Have 9 Recommendations.

To date, only one double-blind study examined the use of L-theanine for ADHD treatment. Researchers wanted to see if kids with ADHD could improve sleep quality by using L-theanine. One group took 200mg of an oral L-theanine supplement twice a day for six weeks. The other group consumed pills that were placebo.

The boys who consumed L-theanine achieved deeper sleep and spent more time in sleep than the placebo group. L-theanine is well tolerated at the 200mg dosage without any adverse side effects. Thus, you can safely use L-theanine as a natural remedy for ADHD.

The studys authors admitted that more long-term studies are needed to examine the mental health benefits. With more evidence, we can establish the relationship between L-theanine and ADHD. Many experts in natural medicine recommend a similar dosage of L-theanine for reducing ADHD symptoms. These undesirable symptoms include inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and poor focus. Researchers should also examine females diagnosed with ADHD to confirm their findings.

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So Can Caffeine Help With Symptoms Of Adhd

ADHD symptoms are typically managed through behavioral therapy and with prescription stimulants that target the central nervous system to improve concentration and focus. Like these popular prescription meds, caffeine is a mild stimulant that has been seen to counteract ADHD symptoms.

In fact, it does so in two ways:

Caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain, which is a chemical that suppresses arousal and promotes sleep.

Additionally, caffeine manipulates dopamine production, which ultimately increases your ability to concentrate while supporting overall mood.

Behavioral Effect Of Theanine

Theanine has a sedative and relaxing effect,6 moreover this better than the benzodiazepine alprazolam, but not anxiolytic.7 According to other studies, theanine has anxiolytic and stress-inhibiting effects,5 whereby the anxiolytic effect does not appear to occur through action on the GABA-A receptor.8Caffeine and gallate catechins, which are abundant in tea, inhibit the relaxing effects of theanine.9

Theanine inhibited the deterioration of cognitive functions in elderly subjects2 and may have parkinsonism-preventive effects due to neuroprotective effects.10

L-theanine administration promoted the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in mouse hippocampus and stimulated protein kinase A phosphorylation. The long-term potentiation in the hippocampus improved by L-theanine in an Alzheimers disease mouse model could be impaired by a PKA inhibitor. It is likely that L-theanine improves memory and long-term potentiation in the hippocampus of Alzheimers disease mice via the dopamine D-1/D-5 receptor PKA pathway. L-theanine may be considered as a candidate for the treatment of Alzheimers disease.11

Theanine counteracted a caffeine-induced increase in blood pressure but had no effect on mood.12

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What Does L Theanine Do

L theanine is found in green tea and has a very calming effect on the brain. The reason for that is because it supports the natural production of GABA. This is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for protecting neurons from stress and overactivation.

GABA reduces the fight or flight response in the body. Therefore it is very effective to create a calm mood.

Theanine also increases the production of dopamine and serotonin. 2 neurotransmitter responsible for the correct functioning of the brain. As you might know, Adderal also works through dopamine, albeit in a non-natural way.

When you take L theanine, it gives you the following effects:

  • Sense of stability

And it is exactly these things that are usually lacking in people who suffer from ADHD. Therefore, l theanine is an effective natural supplement against ADHD.

When theanine is taken for ADHD, it wont give the *buzz* that traditional ADHD drugs do. Instead, l theanine will attack the problem at the root. It will make the overactive neurons in the brain calm down.

Instead of feeling buzzed up from drugs, l theanine will make you feel calm and relaxed. It will be easier to focus your attention on the task at hand. You will also feel less distracted and it will be easier for you to concentrate your thoughts.

Final Thoughts On The Health Benefits Of L

L-Theanine Review – 1 Month Update

L-theanine supplements have become increasingly popular in the world of nootropics. Theanine is not a limitless pill like NZT-48. No such brain booster exists. But you can still expect an improvement in focus and problem-solving skills while using L-theanine and caffeine together. This amino acid also improves your ability to perform when life gets tough. Much of the scientific data out there has shown numerous benefits of L-theanine for your mood and your mental health.

L-theanine is inexpensive and relatively easy to find at any local health food store. You want to aim for products that do not contain additives. Seek out supplements manufactured by a trusted third-party company. Finally, do not use L-theanine supplements, or any dietary supplement, to cover up unhealthy lifestyle habits. You should still strive to exercise each day, eat a healthy diet and get 7-8 hours of deep sleep every night.

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Takes The Edge Off Caffeine

The mental health benefits of L-theanine are significant when youre trying to clear brain fog. L-theanine can help you feel relaxed without feeling sedated. Therefore, it is often used with caffeine to create smooth and jitter-free energy.

We know that caffeine is a powerful stimulant, but it can have negative side effects. Excessive caffeine can cause jitters, anxiety, restlessness and higher blood pressure. L-theanine helps solve the problems associated with drinking too much coffee.

Combining L-theanine and caffeine helps people feel alert and relaxed. You also wont experience the energy crash associated with caffeine by itself. Unsurprisingly, both L-theanine and caffeine are present in green tea. There is a miniscule amount of caffeine in green tea. Therefore, it likely wont keep you up at night unless youre extremely sensitive to it.

One study had patients consume either 50mg of caffeine or a combination of 50mg caffeine with a 100mg dosage of L-theanine. The study had 27 people completing a series of mentally challenging tasks, twice. The tests were done 60 minutes after ingesting their supplements.

The group taking both an L-theanine supplement with caffeine had superior results. They were far less distracted, they finished tasks faster, and they did so with more accuracy. The group who only took caffeine saw an improvement in either speed or accuracy, but not both at the same time.

Tyrosine For Cognitive Function

The research on this is mixed.

A by Dr. Simon Young debunked the use of tyrosine for stress relief to improve cognitive function, saying there would only be a notable difference in extreme circumstances, like military training.

A of 22 adults found that tyrosine could improve cognitive flexibility, like the ability to adjust to changing circumstances or come up with diverse ideas.

A 2015 literature review concluded that tyrosine is effective for improving acquiring knowledge, but only if dopamine stores are depleted already.

Again, all studies were conducted on neurotypical brains, so its not clear if these benefits may apply to those living with ADHD.

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No Sedative Side Effects

Even though L-theanine can increase focus and attention, you may be shy to use it because youre worried its bedtime benefits will kick in during the day.

Luckily, L-theanine is not associated with sedative side effects, despite the stress reduction. L-theanine can generate alpha brain waves associated with relaxation, but these waves will not induce drowsiness. Juneja1999

Supports Tumor And Cancer Treatment


Preliminary evidence suggests that l-theanine may play a protective part in supporting cancer treatment. The ability of l-theanine to bind glutamate receptors may have a direct effect on tumor cells.

The cancer-related benefits are exerted by inhibiting glutamate transport into tumor cells and thus decreasing intracellular glutathione levels. This also inhibits the outflow of chemotherapeutic agents, causing them to accumulate in tumor cells.

L- theanine seems to have the opposite effect in healthy cells where it helps the maintenance of intracellular glutathione levels, protecting them from oxidative stress .

It also does not have the harsh effects of conventional cancer drugs and could be considered a gentler treatment option. However, more studies are needed to establish its efficacy for treating cancer.

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Brain Fmri Reactivity To Stop

While exerting inhibitory control in the Stop-signal task, the reactivity of the posterior DMN was significantly decreased by l-theanine, caffeine and their combination compared to placebo . This finding suggested that intake of l-theanine, caffeine and their combination may be associated with decreased mind wandering while engaged in an inhibitory control task. However, l-theanine or caffeine did not significantly affect reactivity of CEN compared to placebo. Interestingly, administration of the l-theaninecaffeine combination was associated with a significant decrease in reactivity of CEN compared to placebo in a cluster that included the bilateral middle and superior frontal, paracingulate and precentral gyri and the left inferior frontal gyrus . These findings indicated that decreased fMRI reactivity of the bilateral anterior CEN, but not decreased reactivity of DMN, may be the neurophysiological mechanism through which the l-theaninecaffeine combination improves inhibitory control while engaged in the Stop-signal task.

Reduces Anxiety And Stress

If busy is a common response you give when someone asks how youre doing, you may want to add L-theanine to your future for its most acknowledged advantage: the anxiolytic effect. Translation? It may be able to reduce your stress and anxiety symptoms.

In human studies, L-theanine has been linked to anti-anxiety effects possibly through inhibition of cortical neuron excitation. Kimura2007 Unfortunately, excitation of your neurons doesnt always result in feeling particularly excited. It’s more like a stimulant, so you may feel physiological and psychological stresses instead.

Our brains are always balancing this activity through the regulation of different types of neurotransmitters , generally categorized by their excitatory and inhibitory effects. But the system isnt always perfect. The scales can tip in either direction, which can throw things off balance.

When you have an excess of the excitatory neurotransmitters, you may experience stress and/or anxiety.

You may also accidentally activate your sympathetic nervous system, more commonly referred to as the fight-or-flight response.

The trigger for physiological stress responses is a release of the stress hormone, cortisol, from your adrenal glands. When L-theanine inhibits excitatory responses in the brain, the bodys regular responses will also be inhibited. Heart rate, Osendarp2007 blood pressure, and even salivary stress markers may all decrease with the help of L-theanine. Kimura2007

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Theanine Protects Against My Anxiety

My personal experience, taking theanine 400mg daily for the last year, is that my anxiety brought upon by my Irritable Bowel is kept at very manageable levels. Theanine brings me a sense of quiet and calm without tiredness. I find it easier to concentrate and combined with my strong morning coffee, it helps me start the day without feeling on edge. L-theanine is available widely and is quite inexpensive, I buy mine from Amazon. As a bonus, I sleep better. Maybe theanine could help your ADHD symptoms too?

May Interact With Other Medications

L-Theanine Review: 7 Days on L-Theanine

Because L-theanine doesnt induce daytime drowsiness in its relaxing effects, you wont have to worry about it slowing you down. But it may slow your body down without you realizing it.

Remember that L-theanine supplements are able to reduce cortisol levels to inhibit your physiological stress responses. Even if theyre not the target of your L-theanine dose, you should always bear these effects in mind, especially if youre taking L-theanine in tandem with other medications and supplements.

The dynamic duo: heart rate and blood pressure. L-theanine reduces both, particularly if an individual has high blood pressure. Yoto2012 However, if youre already on blood pressure medications, be aware that the effects could be either ameliorated or intensified through the introduction of the amino acid.

You should always discuss possible medication and supplement pairings with your healthcare provider before you try them.

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Supporting Certain Cancer Drugs

Some research on animals suggests that L-theanine may increase the effectiveness of a chemotherapy drug called doxorubicin. It is possible that it makes doxorubicin more effective by increasing the amount of the drug in cancer cells.

However, scientists need to do more research to understand the specific interactions between these chemicals.

A Quick Adhd Overview

Although the numbers vary, its estimated that up to 5 percent of U.S. adults may have ADHD — thats roughly 11 million people!

ADHD presents itself differently in children and adults. It may also look different depending on the context — i.e., at school, at work, or in your personal life.

While the kiddos may have the more classic ADHD features — running around, not paying attention to figures of authority, having a hard time focusing in school — adults can have features of the disorder that may be a little less obvious. Lack of attention may look more like wandering off task, while hyperactivity and impulsivity may show up as restlessness or making risky decisions without taking into account the consequences.

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Boosts The Immune System

Among other benefits of l-theanine, its antioxidant effects help boost an individuals immunity. When it was studied alongside another green tea component, EGCC, the results were promising regarding its anti-inflammatory activity.

One study looked at the polyphenol EGCG and found that it could cause a higher production of regulatory T cells.

T cells are white blood cells essential to the immune system and lie at the core of adaptive immunity. Animal studies show that EGCC increased both the number and frequency of regulatory T cells.

Researchers see this as helpful in controlling the immune response .

Can Improve Focus Memory And Attention

Pin on Health and food

Maybe sleep isnt your focus area for improvement maybe focus is your focus area. If so, surrendering your attention to L-theanine may help it.

Human studies have shown L-theanine can increase focus, reaction times, Haskell2008 and even visual processing, particularly in conjunction with caffeine. Dodd2015

When supplementing with L-theanine, participants improved attention task performances for well-rounded cognitive function. But the participants didnt just perform better they felt better.

“Better” meaning reductions in self-assessed mental fatigue and increases in alertness. Haskell2008

Lets not forget what L-theanine can do for your memory. Consuming L-theanine over time gives it a chance to help protect the neurons in your brain from injury and death. Tadeka2011 For those with Alzheimers disease, this benefit is huge. In a 2009 mouse model studying a pathological mechanism of Alzheimers, L-theanine was found to attenuate its cognitive dysfunction through a reduction of associated oxidative damage. Kim2009

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Is L Theanine Safe To Take

Some people might be concerned about the safety of L theanine. Now, theanine is water-soluble. This means that your body does not store it. Your body will simply remove all the excess theanine in water that is not used.

In addition, research has shown that there are no negative side effects to taking L theanine. It is a natural component of green tea and can be taken as much as needed to relieve symptoms from ADHD.

An interesting to note here is that the Japanese government has allowed companies to add L theanine to specific food & beverages without limit. That is because in Japan there is a long history of using L theanine and there are no negative effects.

So if you suffer from ADHD, there is no need to worry about the side effects of taking L theanine.

On the contrary, many medications people regularly take for ADHD can be very damaging. They are classified amphetamines and can be habit-forming.

Many people are becoming increasingly worried about the use of these heavy chemicals for young kids and teens who suffer from ADHD.

So, L theanine offers a natural option. If youre worried about taking Adderal or Ritalin for your ADHD, then taking theanine can be one of the best things you do!

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