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What Are The Weaknesses Of People With Autism

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Tech presents new options for those with autism

There is a similar story of a young boy named Isaiah. Isaiah was diagnosed at 2 with Autism and he had difficulty communicating and connecting with others. His parents struggled to find something that would work. Isaiahs breakthrough was a small chestnut mare. He had an instant connection with her.

Feral Child Case Study

Feral Child Task This task will majorly focus on the lack of social and cognitive development of Genie and its connection with Piagets and Ericksons human psychological development theories. As one of the most well- known feral children in the 20th century, the young girl Genie had been confined to a room, isolated and abused by her parents for over a decade before the rescue. Due to the severely abnormal development occurred in the childhood, Genies linguistic ability was nearly undeveloped, her limbs were not fully extended, her development was delayed from various perspectives.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder Previously Called Autism And Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by the following:

  • Difficulties in social communication differences, including verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Deficits in social interactions.
  • Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities and sensory problems

Many of those with ASD can have delayed or absence of language development, intellectual disabilities, poor motor coordination and attention weaknesses.

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Strengths That Come With Autism And Why You Should Care

Besides from the challenges you face with due to autism, you may have noticed that there are also some other aspects that you can list as strengths or skills of your child. You must know that your child is a unique being. Even the autism case he or she has is unique. While looking for answers after the diagnosis, upon coming across with a blog post perhaps, you may wonder that your child does or does not have the said abilities or challenges. Your child may not be clumsy, although it is a very common challenge. Furthermore, he/she may not be very good at math despite the fact that it is a common ability among individuals with autism.Determining what your child with autism is good at may come in handy in terms of providing him/her with the sense of achievement. You can blend these abilities into their everyday activities. They will get the joy and satisfaction while learning more. The more they practice their skills or build upon their strengths, the happier and more successful they will become in their upcoming life.

These strengths may be the points they will determine what they will be taking up as a job in the future. Determining the abilities and working on the challenges can greatly improve both your and your childs life in general. Here is a general list of assets and challenges that you can take a look at to get an idea on what to look for in terms of determining your childs strengths and challenges.

Everyday Changes And Horizontal Planning

Autism Strengths

Some everyday changes or new situations a person with autism may need preparation for might include:

  • leaving the house
  • having visitors at your house
  • going somewhere new, such as the dentist
  • switching between activities or tasks during play or learning
  • doing things in a different order from time to time for example, having a bath/shower before dinner rather than afterwards
  • eating new foods

These frequent changes that may occur on a daily basis are known as horizontal transitions.

Many people on the spectrum have strong visual learning and thinking styles. Visual strategies can therefore be an effective way in which to communicate upcoming changes. Common visual strategies used in horizontal transition planning include Social Stories, social scripts, task lists, schedules such as timetables, daily planners and calendars. The National Autistic Society have published a thorough guide on the various uses of visual supports.

When visiting a new place, having photos to prepare the individual for what to expect can be helpful. Pictures can be obtained through websites or by exploring a location via the Google maps street view function. Requesting images may also be an option, for example, contacting the doctors practice and requesting a recent image of the doctor and the consult room in advance of the appointment.

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Resources For Adults With Asd

  • Autism Now has resources and information for individuals with autism, other developmental disabilities, and their families. A national initiative of The Arc.
  • Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit provides information about the transition to adulthood for individuals with ASD. In addition to the development of self-advocacy skills, the kit covers the topics of community life, housing, health, sexuality, internet safety, employment, and post-secondary educational opportunities.
  • A Guide for Transition to Adulthood, which is part of the Life Journey Through Autism series by the Organization for Autism Research , is a comprehensive resource to aid in transition planning for individuals with ASD.

Identifying Mitigating And Avoiding Sources Of Stress

Stress management is a critical portion of maintaining employment while on the spectrum. External sources of stress relief are particularly important, whether these are familial ties or friends and coworkers. As with anyone seeking a healthy work-life balance, its important to teach individuals with autism how to draw and maintain boundaries. Keeping work at work and using time away from work to recuperate and recover is important. These boundaries can help reduce burnout and avoid the toll that long-term stress takes on people.

Aside from establishing and nurturing a support system of people to speak to and rely on, its important to develop interests outside of work that can be turned to in order to relax. Helping individuals with ASD better understand the end-goal for their job and giving them specific goals to work towards can also help them feel less lost within a position and better understand what it is they should be doing, and what it is theyre working towards.

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Foster Care Persuasive Essay

Have you ever thought about how it feels to be ripped out of the only place that you know as home? To get no explanation of why your parents just did not want you anymore? Not a lot of people think about this. Usually, the only people that do think about this is children that are experiencing or have experienced this problem. The childrens rights website stated that, On any given day, there are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States.

Pm3110 Unit 3 Assignment

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Strengths and Weaknesses in School Subjects | Part-3

1. Context an Importance of the Social Problem that Underlies the Policy:A) Every year millions of children suffer from child abuse and maltreatment. Data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Child Maltreatment 2013 report shows that in 2013, there were approximately 3.9 million reports of child abuse made in the United States. Of those reported, 678,932 were deemed victims of child abuse and neglect . Of the four common types of abuse, i.e., physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, the greatest percentages of children suffered from neglect and physical abuse .

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Fun Classroom Activities For Teaching Students With Autism

Sometimes, educational strategies for autism may differ from the lesson plans you make for the rest of your class. But thankfully, autism activities can be as simple as stocking sensory toys in your classroom or reading picture books about social skills. Use these four activities for students with autism to help these students learn academic concepts.

What Can We Learn From This Case Study

How can one harness the potential positive effect of interests and relative and absolute strengths? Interests and strengths can contribute to quality of life. They are associated with the experience of positive emotions and can positively affect self-esteem even without an explicit attempt of increasing knowledge of related skills or being a pathway to employment. For example, mood and intrinsic motivation is enhanced when autistic people approach their area of interest and this could be useful for interventions . Concerning strengths, their level is independent from their direct usefulness for adaptive outcomes, such as academic performance or paid employment. Promoting the inclusion of interests at home and at school should therefore be cautiously distinguished from expectations regarding the level attained in those domains of interests.

In conclusion, interests and strengths in autism may not directly lead to an instrumental outcome, such as obtaining paid employment, despite their personally rewarding value and societal utility. For example, the person who has written the most validated Wikipedia articles is autistic1. Thus, provided that he is given access to opportunities and becomes an empowered citizen, the possibilities are endless for 16 year-old C.A. to live a fulfilling life and contribute to society through a paid job or not.

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How Is Autism Spectrum Disorder Treated

ASD is most often a life-long condition. Both children and adults with autism benefit from behavioral interventions or therapies that can teach new skills to address the core deficits of autism and to reduce the core symptoms. Every child and adult with autism is unique. For this reason, the treatment plan is individualized to meet specific needs. It is best to begin interventions as soon as possible, so the benefits of therapy can continue on throughout the course of life.

Many people with ASD often have additional medical conditions, such as gastrointestinal and feeding issues, seizures and sleep disturbances. Treatment can involve behavioral therapy, medications or both.

Early intensive behavioral treatments involves the entire family and possibly a team of professionals. As your child ages and develops, treatment may be modified to cater to their specific needs.

During adolescence, children benefit from transition services that promote skills of independence essential in adulthood. The focus at that point is on employment opportunities and job skill training.

What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pin by Siobhan Pauley on Autism Awareness

There is no clear-cut cause of ASD. Some causes that are supported by research include genetic and some environmental factors. Specific genetic causes can only be identified in 10% to 20% of cases. These cases include specific genetic syndromes associated with ASD and rare changes in the genetic code.

Risk factors include older parental age, low birth weight, prematurity and maternal use of valproic acid or thalidomide during pregnancy, among others. This field of study is an active one for reasearch.

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The Key To Holding A Job With Autism

Its no secret that being on the spectrum can come with its fair share of challenges, especially for children trying to fit into school life, and adults just starting out in the workforce. These are massive adjustments that often require an understanding and skill set that can seem antithetical to autism, and many jobs and industries are not a good match for individuals with autism spectrum disorder . Autism develops differently from person to person. Terms such as low-functioning and high-functioning can help contextualize how someone with ASD might perform in the majority of jobs, but it isnt an accurate reflection of how autism truly develops.

Common Strengths In Autism

Autism is often talked about by its signs, symptoms, and deficits. Its generally thought of as a disorder with significant differences than the typical population. Its frequently misunderstood and many people are afraid of an Autism diagnosis either for themselves or their child. But there is a new movement, called Neurodiversity, that aims to increase not just acceptance for those who are different, but also value these differences.

Thats not to say that Autism is not a lifelong disability, because it is and there are certainly characteristics of Autism as well as difficulties that those on the spectrum face on a regular basis. But, less talked about are the strengths that may come with Autism. Autism is not a disease or something that can be cured, its part of who someone is, and with that comes both the good and the bad. If you talk to any adult on the spectrum, most will tell you that Autism is intertwined in their personality and in the way they think and process information. Those on the spectrum absolutely have benefits and places in our society and their work has truly changed the world for the better.

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How Common Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Based on most recent CDC report, ASD is estimated to affect about 1 in 54 children, with boys being more likely to have ASD than girls. There were more than 5 million adults in the US, or 2.21% of the population, with ASD as of 2017. Government statistics suggest that the prevalence of ASD has risen 10% to 17% in recent years.

Why Fully Inclusive Settings Can Be Challenging

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Part-3 | Strengths and Weaknesses in School Subjects |

People with autism share a unique set of challenges, most of which relate to social communication and heightened sensory reactions to light, sound, and touch. Some people with autism also have difficulty using and understanding spoken language, and/or impaired fine and gross motor skills.

The difficulties can be mild or severe, but no matter what their level, they can make it very hard for a child to function well in a classroom designed for neurotypical children. For example:

  • Being in a room with a buzzing fluorescent light overhead can feel intolerable.
  • Standing in a crowded space touching other people can be anxiety-provoking.
  • Trying to accurately interpret rapid verbal instructions and translate them into action can be overwhelming.
  • Accurately predicting the planned movements of another person and being in the right place at the right time to, for example, catch or kick a ball, may be impossible.

These challenges mean that ordinary activities, such as attending a school assembly, taking part in team sports, or following directions from a coach or teacher, are extremely difficult for many people with autism. As a result, your child may fall behind in class or be excluded from daily activities. If your child engages in behaviors like stimming, rocking, or making vocalizations, it can make the people around them anxious .

Despite this, there can be drawbacks to placing a child in an autism-only setting, and you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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Finding Strengths In Autism

Autism comprises a set of difficulties, but growing evidence suggests that certain abilities also define the condition.

At 21, Dawn Prince-Hughes was homeless and destitute when she found her calling at a zoo in Seattle, Washington. It was 1985. Prince-Hughes had fled to Seattle from rural Montana, where she had feared for her life after coming out as gay. She did not yet know she was autistic she would be diagnosed with autism about 15 years later but she knew she had trouble making friends. I had failed miserably trying to connect with human beings, she says. They do not make sense to me.

One morning, pining for nature, Prince-Hughes visited Seattles Woodland Park Zoo. Wandering around the enclosures, she turned a corner and saw the gorillas. It was just an instantaneous recognition, she says. She felt she understood them almost right away. It was really clear to me that they were used to communicating through silence and movement, which I considered my first language, too. She began visiting the animals every day, all day, to observe their behavior. If a staff member walked by, she pumped the employee for information. Away from the zoo, she read and watched everything she could find about gorillas. Eventually, the zoo enlisted her as a volunteer and later hired her as an assistant animal steward, caring for the animals.

Empathy In Sy Montgomery’s Temple Grandin

Autism- a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. Temple Grandin is most effectively when finding empathy for people who are different from a lot of people, but not less she should still be treated with equal respect. From the book Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery, she writes a lot of quotes that makes the reader show empathy towards Temple. One of them is that Temple has set a record! her father roared.

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Beach Center Family Quality Of Life Scale French Adaptation Directed By Chaume Et Al

The Family Quality of Life Scale is a 25-item questionnaire that assesses satisfaction in five domains: family interaction, parenting, emotional well-being, physical/material well-being, and disability-related support using a 5 points Likert scale from very unsatisfied to very satisfied. It has been used with families of children with special needs and autism . This test was also re-administered at follow-up.

Visual Learning And Thinking And Autism

Pin on ADHD and gifted

Visual thinking can be a strength for autistic children. They might be good at visual search tasks like finding a triangle within a complex picture, or finding a red S in a set of red Xs and green Ss.

These strong visual skills might be because autistic children tend to focus on details, rather than the whole.

Also, autistic children are often visual learners. This might be because visual information lasts longer and is more concrete than spoken and heard information. It might help autistic children to process information and choose how to respond.

You can help your child learn by presenting information visually. You can also use your childs visual skills to help them in other areas. For example:

  • Put visual reminders around your house. If your child can read, these can be written words, but they can also be pictures.
  • Take photos of the different play activities your child can do, and put them on an activity board as a reminder or to help your child make a choice.
  • Take photos of the different steps involved in daily activities, like packing a school bag or brushing teeth. Stick the sequence on a wall near where your child does each activity.
  • Use visual supports for either the whole day or for daily activities.

Therapies and supports that use visual strategies often work well for autistic children.

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