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Who Has Autism That Is Famous

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Celebrities With Autism Or Asperger’s Syndrome

How Do You Know If Your Child Has Autism: Best Treatments

Temple Grandin was born on August 29, 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is a writer and actress, known for Temple Grandin , High Maintenance and Ingenious Minds .

Diagnosed with autism as a child, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as an adult

Actress | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Daryl Christine Hannah was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Susan Jeanne , a schoolteacher and later a producer, and Donald Christian Hannah, who owned a tugboat/barge company. Her stepfather was music journalist/promoter Jerrold Wexler. Her siblings are Page

Was diagnosed as “borderline autistic” as a child

Actress | The People vs. Larry Flynt

The daughter of Grateful Dead devotee and first manager Hank Harrison and psychotherapist Linda Caroll, Courtney Love was born Courtney Michelle Harrison in San Francisco, California in 1964. Love spent her early years living in hippie communes in Oregon and at schools in Europe and New Zealand, …

Was diagnosed as “mildly autistic” as a child

Soundtrack | True Stories

David Byrne is an Oscar winning composer, songwriter and singer, best known for being frontman of the New Wave/punk band Talking Heads, which was active between 1975 and 1991. Born in Scotland but raised in the United States in Maryland, Byrne began performing musically in high school.Byrne …

Producer | Edward Scissorhands

Soundtrack | Renaldo and Clara

Is suspected to have Asperger’s syndrome, but this is not confirmed

Actor | Frasier

People Yearn To Know If Someone Famous Is Autistic Or Has Aspergers

As part of my research, I was amazed to discover the amount of Google traffic there is of people wondering if a famous person has Aspergers. Here are 40+ examples of the most popular queries. Ill start of the list with common questions about Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, because there is loads of traffic around him:

Heres Proof That Being Diagnosed With Autism Doesnt Mean You Cant Accomplish Amazing Things Take A Look At The List

Article by:

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder , for kids diagnosed with ASD the world can still feel lonely. ASD affects all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, but it remains largely misunderstood. Given the unique constellation of symptoms for each child, treatment and goals vary widely. While some children with ASD will exhibit difficulty with socializing and communicating with others, others might have behavioral symptoms.

Though learning to manage symptoms and work toward specific goals takes time and practice, on thing is for certain: Kids with ASD can achieve success in their fields of interest. Check out these ASD success stories.

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George From Famous 5 Has Autism


When I was growing up, Enid Blytons Famous 5 series was my favourite.

In particular Georgina , an adventurous tomboy who dressed androgynously. For me a lanky short-haired kid who spent her weekends on horseback or with her dog gallivanting around the farm, George was my kind of person, the one I rarely saw in books.

Its only now as I re-read the series to my kids that I suddenly recognise George for who they are.

They, like me, have Autism.

Famous Musicians With Aspergers

23 Famous People With Autism You May Not Have Known About

Many musicians with Aspergers use music as an outlet, especially rappers. Does Eminem have Aspergers? He raps about Aspergers in his songs, but it has never been officially diagnosed. Does Chief Keef have Aspergers? Elite Daily says:

Rumors have swirled;that Keef has Asperger syndrome, which puts him somewhere on the Autism spectrum.

  • AutistiX an indie band from the U.K.;
  • Lil B Rapper
  • Adam Young Musician

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Thomas Mckean Advocate & Autism Community Leader

Thomas McKean is known to the autistic community for his dedication as a supporter of autistic research and education. He has reached a celebrity status of sorts today drawing from his experiences from when he was first diagnosed with autism in 1979 at the age of 14 years old. At that time he was institutionalized in a psychiatric facility for two years. Being institutionalized led him to become a powerful voice in the autistic community today as an advocate for people with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. His experiences and life story continue to inspire both autistic people and their family and friends.

Autism Movies For Young Adult Audiences

Nathans Kingdom;

Stars: Brandon Polansky, Samantha Elisofon, Jessica Walter, Will Deaver, Tibor FeldmanLength: 94 Minutes

When aspiring filmmaker David is mandated by a judge to attend a social program at the Jewish Community Center, he is sure of one thing: he doesnt belong there. But when hes assigned to visit the Brooklyn Bridge with the vivacious Sarah, sparks fly and his convictions are tested.

A Boy Called Po

Genre: Drama, FantasyStars: Christopher Gorham, Julian FederLength: 99 Minutes

This searing family drama centers on an overworked widower as he cares for his increasingly taciturn son Patrick, an autistic boy who deals with bullying at school by retreating into his own private fantasy world.

Jack of Red Hearts

Genre: Drama, FamilyStars: AnnaSophia Robb, Famke Janssen, Scott CohenLength: 102 Minutes

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Category: DramaStars: Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, Sandra BullockLength: 129 Minutes

Oskar, a child suffering from a developmental disorder, sets out to discover a message left by his father when he accidentally comes across a mysterious key.

Ocean Heaven

Stars: Jet Li, Zhang Wen, Lun-Mei KweiLength: 96 Minutes

A terminally ill father tries to teach his autistic son everything he needs to survive after he passes away.


My Name is Khan

Genre: DramaStars: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Sheetal MenonLength: 165 Minutes


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Famous Athletes With Autism

Among other celebrities with autism are amazing athletes. If you dont recognize some of these people, dont fret but when I researched them they are indeed celebrities within their field!

Is Lionel Messi Autistic? The Autistic Community Network out of Australia reports that he is on the spectrum. (image source:; , Wikipedia

Diagnosed with Autism

  • Armani Williams Racecar Driver
  • Samuel Von Einem Table Tennis Star

Reported/Rumored to Have Autism

  • Lionel Messi Soccer Player

Tim Page Writer And Editor

8 famous people who have Autism

There is no telling, despite a diagnosis of autism, what an autistic person may be able to achieve. Such is true with Tim Page, a famous critic and author who won the Pulitzer Prize as a music critic for the Washington Post. He was also chosen by Opera News as one of the 25 most influential people in the world of opera. Tim has produced concerts all over the world and has since been named a professor of journalism and music at the University of Southern California. In 2009 Page published a book called, Parallel Play, his memoir about growing up with Aspergers syndrome.

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Anthony Hopkins Autism Facts

In 2017, Anthony Hopkins was interviewed by the Daily Mail about his troubles with addiction and Aspergers. Anthony Hopkins autistic diagnosis, more specifically Aspergers, was diagnosed late in life. He told the Daily Mail he was a loner and said:

I dont go to parties, I dont have many friendsBut I do like people. I do like to get inside their heads.

When asked if his Aspergers helped him as an actor, he said:

I definitely look at people differently. I like to deconstruct, to pull a character apart, to work out what makes them tick and my view will not be the same as everyone else. I get offered a lot of controlling parts, maybe because thats how people see me. And maybe I am very controlled because Ive had to be. I dont question it, I just take the parts because Im an actor and thats what I do.

  • Heather Kuzmich Americas Next Top Model Contestant
  • Paige Layle TikTok Personality

Famous Musicians With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Music is life encapsulated in lyrics, melody and rhythm. We turn to it for a reflection of who we are, and use it to express everything we want to be. It can just as easily stir our emotions and move us to tears, as get us hyped up, or transport us to another time. It has the ability to make us gloriously happy and instantly inspired. For many, music serves as a respite, a source of comfort, and the best way to unwind after a long day and the best way to get motivated to start the next one.

We instinctively move to its rhythms, tap our feet to its beats, and hum its melodies. From the moment we enter the world, music is a part of who we are.

For those with autism, music often becomes a voice, an outlet, and a way to relate to the world. Many adults and children with autism instantly take to music, as it allows them to explore their creativity and better navigate the world around them.

A December 2015 study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders found a strong link between autism and divergent thinkingthe ability to think creatively, out of the box. In other words, developing novel ideas and utilizing creative problem solving may come easy to those with autism.

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Words Associated With Neurodiversity

During our research on notable people with Aspergers, we started making a list of words associated with neurodiversity. The list helps our clients write more inclusive job descriptions. We decided to put them all in one place in a glossary in this blog, 40+ Words Associated with Neurodiversity.

And a final thanks goes to

Strong Interests Support Success

Famous People With Autism

One example of a trait of autism is called restricted interests. This is a type of restrictive behavior. Restricted interests have to do with how the person with ASD has an intense passion for a certain topic. Whereas people without autism often have a range of interests and can easily switch focus from one topic or activity to another and may not commit to excelling at one particular thing, people with autism may have a limited and narrow range of interests.

This characteristic may contribute to the success that many people with ASD experience in life. By being able to focus and maintain one core interest for years or even for most of ones life, the person with ASD can use this interest to accomplish great things.

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Amazing Women With Autism

Renowned animal behavior expert Temple Grandin does not let her autism define her.

“Autism’s a very important part of who I am. I like the logical way I think, and I wouldn’t want to change that,” she says in her MAKERS interview. “But my primary identity is being a scientist, animal behavior specialist.”

Grandin, who revolutionized the livestock industry with her focus on the humane treatment of animals, was diagnosed with autism as a child. Autism spectrum disorder, which affects one’s ability to communicate and interact with others to varying degrees, can be found in 1 in every 68 births in the U.S. But Grandin went on to earn countless accolades, including a doctoral degree, and her life inspired an Emmy-award winning HBO film starring Claire Danes.

In fact, Grandin is one of many women diagnosed with autism who have gone on to break down barriers across fields ranging from entertainment to anthropology. Even when they were viewed differently or denied opportunities, these women confirm that differences cannot prevent us from doing what we loveor shattering glass ceilings.

Susan Boyle

Daryl Hannah

Dawn Prince-Hughes

Valerie Paradiz

Heather Kuzmich

Jessica-Jane Applegate

Lucy Blackman

Phillipa Margaret Brown, aka Ladyhawke

Amanda Baggs

Donna Williams

Lizzy Clark

Henriett Seth F.

Liane Holliday Willey

Read more from MAKERS:

Messi Autism Rumors Or Diagnosed

Lionel Messi is a worldwide soccer superstar, but there are rumors that he struggled with Autism early in life. According to

There;are unconfirmed reports;that Messi was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 9.

As a child, Messi kept to himself and was known in his village as;el pequeño mudito;.; His extreme focus on his sport has many autism experts convinced he has Aspergers or is somewhere on the autism spectrum.

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Does It Really Matter That Greta Is On The Spectrum

For many of us, finding out that Greta Thunberg has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome has not lowered our opinion of herand it shouldnt. The qualities and characteristics that Greta exudes due to being on the spectrum, along with her other disorders, that often come with the ASD territory, simply make her who she is.;

Greta didnt immediately come out and tell people that she has Aspergers because she knew many ignorant people still see it as an illness, or something negative, she tweeted. Instead of viewing herself as having a disability, Greta compared her autism to something mighty and influential: I have Aspergers and that means Im sometimes a bit different from the norm, tweeted Greta. And given the right circumstancesbeing different is a superpower.

With that being said, traits of autism do not always adversely reveal themselves. In Gretas case, her diagnosis of Aspergers and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is evident by the following:

Her ability to stay hyper-focused on a topic; she has a broad knowledge of subjects of interest

She is not concerned with fame or status; she does not care about social or economic hierarchieseveryone is on the same playing field

Her ability to think outside of the box; she brings a highly original perspective to problem-solving

Her above-average intelligence and talent;

Her amazing oratory ability;

She is truthful in what she says and has high integrity; she does not have hidden agendas;

Brittany Wilson

Celebrities Who Have Autism

Fern Brady Autistic – (Famous Comedian With Autism)

Autism is a medical condition that has varying degrees of severity. Some people with the disorder have gone on to lead fairly normal lives and have even reached levels of fame and celebrity status. Aspergers Syndrome also falls under the umbrella of autism. There are many famous people who have been formally diagnosed with some form of autism. Some of them have had to overcome obstacles on their way up the social ladder because of the peculiar behaviors that autism may cause. In some cases, the quirky behaviors that are exhibited by famous people can help to boost their uniqueness and popularity with fans. For some, they have worked extremely hard to keep their autism under raps.

Here are 20 celebrities who have autism.

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The Worlds Teenage Pioneer

A very recent and prominent figure in the world today, who has been making huge waves and who has been open about her ASD diagnosis, is Swedish 17-year old Greta Thunberg. Greta is well-known for her environmental activism and her weekly #FridaysforFuture, which is a movement where youth protest the lack of action on the part of governments around the world on the current global climate crisis. Not only did Greta begin protesting and developing an unprecedented global movement in 2018 at the young age of 15, but she also earned Times Person of the Year in 2019, inspiring people around the globe, young and old, with autism and without, to step outside their comfort zone and make a difference.;

Starting in August 2018, she spent her days camped out in front of the Swedish Parliament, holding a sign painted in black letters on a white background that read Skolstrejk för klimatet: School Strike for Climate. In the 16 months since, she has;addressed heads of state at the U.N.,;met with the Pope,;sparred with the President of the United States;and inspired 4 million people to;join the global climate strike on September 20, 2019, in what was the largest climate demonstration in human history, .;

Greta took on political leaders from around the world and passionately spoke to the masses: We are in the beginning of a mass extinction,she said at the U.N. summit. And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

Chris Rock Aspergers Comedian

Famous comedian Chris Rock started therapy after a friend suggested he may have Aspergers Syndrome. According to Today:

The actor went through nine hours of cognitive tests and was eventually diagnosed with NVLD, which makes it difficult for him to understand nonverbal signals.

We did include Rock in our blog, Famous People with Disabilities since has was diagnosed with LVLD, a learning disorder.

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How Is Greta Thunberg Affected By Autism

What do the famous Albert Einstein, James Joyce, Thomas Jefferson, Emily Dickinson, and Michelangelo all have in common? Although there was no such diagnosis at the time nor any definitive way to prove it, they are all thought to have been on the autism spectrum to some degree, according to modern professionals who have studied the typical ASD characteristics that distinguish them from others; each of these historical figures is also all known to us for their creative genius as well as pioneering ideas and actions during their time on earth.;

Is Keir Gilchrist Autistic

17 Famous People Who Proved That Autism Is Much More Than ...

Keir Gilchrist plays teenager Sam Gardner in Netflixs Atypical.;Sam is autistic in the show, causing many fans to ask is Keir Gilchrist autistic?

The answer is no:

Despite playing an autistic character, Gilchrist is not autistic. The actor did a great deal of research to get to the point where he could play an autistic person, including reading works by writer and speaker David Finch.

source: Newsweek, Atypical on Netflix: Is Sam Actor Keir Gilchrist Actually Autistic?, July 12, 2021

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