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Best Apps For Autism

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Nick Jr Draw And Play

AUTISM Apps | The BEST Autism App (For ASD and ADHD)

Kids create their own artwork by choosing different backgrounds to decorate with coloring tools , special effects , and animated stickers. Kids also have the option of drawing and coloring on a blank background. The HD iPad version includes coloring pages and eCards. All creations can be saved and printed out.

Development Skills: Creativity, Fine Motor, Imagination, Writing,

Autism Game Apps For Kids

These android, iPhone and iPad games for autistic children are designed for children with special needs in mind. Most of them offer sensory experiences children on the spectrum will not find overwhelming. Many incorporate characters and games children already know and love. Some of these autism games also offer free downloads.

Ease Personal Listening Therapy

EASe Personal Listening Therapy For Kids with Sensory Issues


Focus Areas: Sensory Skills, Functional Skills

Many children with Autism suffer from Sensory Integration Disorder which may lead them to react adversely to loud or sudden noise . EASe Personal Listening Therapy is a must have for such children! It uses music to deliver short and intense bursts of sound, thereby producing a sensory palette of sonic experiences to help an autistic child learn to deal with fluctuations in environmental conditions. EASe Personal Listening Therapy comes in 3 versions: Lite, Personal and Pro. Based on our analysis, we believe that the Pro version is the most effective value for money.

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Look In My Eyes: Steam Train

Look in My Eyes: Steam Train is an educational app disguised as a game.

Many autistic children struggle with eye contact. To help the child become more comfortable with eye contact, the app presents a picture of a child. Next, numbers will momentarily flash in the childs eyes. Then, the app asks what the number was, requiring the autistic child to maintain eye contact long enough to identify the number.

Answering correctly results in winning money, which is spent on steam train rides.

The app also allows the children to explore the virtual train, control the whistle and bell, adjust the steam pressure, and shoo cows off the tracks.

Because the app offers rewards and incentives, it easily keeps childrens interest and helps them practice eye contact.

  • Available for: iPhone and iPad

Proloquo2go Teaches Core Words To Help Kids With Autism Communicate

Autism Apps for Communication and Education for Children with Autism

Prologuo2Go is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app that facilitates daily communication for children and young people with autism who struggle to talk. Developed in cooperation with specialists, the apps innovative features aid kids on their communication journey, even if they begin as non-verbal users. The research carried out by the app developers suggests that people need only 200-400 words to communicate, so youll start with learning the core words using symbols. After learning these words, your child will be able to discover full sentences and expand their vocabulary to up to 10,000 words!

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Autism Apps: Sensory Or Social Skills Deficits

  • proloquo2Go- this must-have app provides you with alternative and augmentative communication features for children that have speech/language difficulties. The program contains text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, a default vocabulary, and much more. Speech/Language therapists, teachers, and parents recommend the program for children and adults not only with autism but also for cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, apraxia, ALS, developmental disabilities, and stroke or traumatic brain injury. Proloquo is considered by many to be the gold standard in communication apps and its a bit spendy. But, they have offered it at 50% off on World Autism Day, so check back.
  • Autism Expressfacial expression and emotions are some of the most difficult things for people with Autism to interpret. This program helps Autistic individuals recognize and express their emotions through fun and easy interface games. The application is also available for free!
  • Model Me Going Placesgreat program that models social skills to kids in various settings like the playground, mall, restaurant, doctor, grocery store, and getting a haircut. It plays through each setting with pictures, text, and audio as you flip-touch through each page and social story. Perfect for kids with ASD to help with social skill building and understanding social situations. Plus it is free!
  • Touch and Learn Emotions-helps reinforce learning emotions of others by what their body language and expression is.
  • Learn With Rufus: Emotions

    iOS App Store /

    For children with autism spectrum disorders that need help learning emotions and the facial expressions that come with it, Rufus is here to help! This is a great app for strengthening social skills. Kids will learn the facial expressions that go with simple emotions like happy, sad, and surprised. They will also tackle more nuanced feelings as well.

    Each lesson has three progressively more challenging levels, so kids start with easy tasks and progress to more challenging ones. It also includes motivational sequences and a record-keeping feature for parents and teachers.

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    Model Me Going Places

    Model Me Going Places is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slide show of children modeling appropriate behavior. 6 locations: Hairdresser, Mall, Doctor, Playground, Grocery Store, and

    Best 2021 Apps For Autistic Kids To Enhance Distance Learning

    5 Apps For AUTISM YOU Need (For EDUCATION!)

    by Michael Marcal

    Distance learning is a challenge for many autistic kids. Fortunately, there are many apps available to provide extra support. Options include math and language games, social skills practice, time management solutions, calming techniques, and more. Here are 25 apps for autistic kids to enhance distance learning and be a positive addition to instruction.

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    Grace Picture Exchange For Non

    A simple picture exchange system developed By and For non-verbal people allowing the user to communicate their needs by building sentences from relevant images. It can be customized by the individual using their picture and photo vocabulary with the user taking and saving pictures independently to the

    Kinder Tangram: Build A House

    Tangrams have had a special place in early classrooms for decades. This app brings those tools to your phone. Using tangrams teaches children spatial skills, critical thinking, and geometry. The colors are bright and the difficulty levels are progressive. This makes the app engaging and customizable.

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    Game Apps For Autistic Kids:

    1. Otsimo

    This is an educational game app that focuses on core skills such as emotions, numbers, letters, and colors. It also creates detailed report cards to show progress and performance.

    Using this app, children can learn letters in a fun and simple way. It features interactive games and features to teach both lowercase and uppercase letters.

    First Then Visual Schedule

    Best Apps For Preschoolers With Autism  Teaching Treasure

    Android rating: 4.1Categories: Behavioral Intervention, Health Manager

    First Then Visual Schedule is an app for individuals with communication needs. This app allows the user to add images, record voice and organize a schedule. Additionally, can also backup your created schedule via iCloud. This app can help your child increase his/her independence and reduce anxiety through the use of visual schedules.

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    Top 5 Iphone And Android Apps For Autistic Children

    Gone are the days of bulky augmentative alternative communication devices.

    Enter iPhone and Android apps designed specifically to help autistic children. These apps help with a range of communication needs and can be conveniently accessed from a smartphone.

    Weve chosen to list five top-rated apps that meet a range of needssome function as classic augmentative alternative communication methods, while others work to strengthen social cues and eye contact

    In todays high-tech age, these apps arent only used by parents and caregivers, but also by special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, and of course, applied behavior analysts.

    In 2013, a Canadian study determined that smartphone apps designed for autistic children helped the children express themselves and engage with others. The study showed that the apps also boosted the childrens ability to interact socially. .

    Since 2013, smartphone tech for autistic children has picked up speed, and many new intuitive apps have been developed for handheld devices.

    Here are five highly-rated apps for smart phones that are extremely useful for parents, caregivers, teachers, and ABAs who work with autistic children:

    Apps For Tracking Goals And Outcomes

    Parents of children on the autism spectrum are often overwhelmed by their childs behavioral issues, therapies, and physical or emotional challenges. Children on the spectrum may be in speech, behavioral, and occupational therapies in school, feeding therapy at a clinic, and social therapy in a private setting. They may have problems with sleep, frequent meltdowns, and multiple medications.

    Its tough enough keeping tabs on what your child is actually doing, but tracking the outcomes of different therapies can be almost impossible without a system that can be shared between parents, teachers, and therapists.

    Tracking is one of the most important keys to ensuring that your childs therapies and medications are effective.

    And, of course, its also an important way to gather information when you go into your IEP meetings or progress meetings with therapists.

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    Sosh: Improving Social Skills With Children And Adolescents

    SoshTM is an approach to social skills based on a decade of work with children, adolescents, and young adults who struggle with social difficulties. The Sosh framework divides social functioning into five areas essential to social skills development and success: Relate , Relax , Regulate , Reason and Recognize . These 5Rs serve as a road map for individuals who want to be social, but may have faced obstacles in the past, and also serve as a guide for parents, teachers, and therapists hoping to encourage and assist individuals with their social

    What An App Cant Do

    Top 14 Apps for Autism (Apps for iOS 2021)

    The autism spectrum includes various abilities, characteristics, and challenges. Most of all, social skills and communication are difficult for many children. That’s why coping with this change requires support. That’s why apps for kids can provide visual cues to reduce anxiety and create a consistent structure in daily schedules.

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    However, a thing an app can’t do is replace the learning opportunities through everyday activities or play. While using the app, your child could miss out on everyday learning opportunities that can help your little one interact socially with other children. Applications can also not be very effective at helping your kid apply the skills they’ve learned to everyday life.

    Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder need to find a behavior therapista first step in the child’s development. An applied behavior analysis therapist works with your child to provide support in learning new skills, socializing with others, and managing other autism symptoms. Other tools that support your child’s skill-building process outside of regular therapy can be used but will never replace real therapy.

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    Starfall Abc/learn To Read

    Starfall ABCs teaches the alphabet by helping kids sound out the letters. Gen Holder, an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist, even uses it as a teaching and positive reinforcement tool in her therapy sessions with young children. “It’s like interactive alphabet flash cards,” she says. Once children have mastered letters and sounds, the Starfall Learn to Read app helps emerging readers by introducing 15 simple sentence stories and fun songs with friendly characters such as Zac the Rat and Peg the Hen. Every word in the story is sounded out phonetically to help children recognize various letter sounds.

    Development Skills: Language, Reading, Vocabulary

    Peppy Pals Sammy Helps Out

    Though this social-emotional skill builder is designed for young kids, older kids who struggle with social situations and empathy also might find it helpful. Best used with a parent or teacher, this app provides built-in discussion questions to help guide kids so that they can take their learning off-screen.

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    Magic Fluids Lets Your Child Relax With Colorful On

    Though its not specifically designed for children on the spectrum, Magic Fluids helps kids unwind with an interactive liquid-like simulator. Choose from colorful smoke, slime, or water, and let your child watch the visuals change depending on how they manipulate the screen. I was fully immersed in the creative process, alternating between fast and slow swipes that helped me create beautiful displays. As it doesnt require specific skills or extensive thinking, your child will be able to relax while discovering basic movement physics. Magic Fluids also makes a great addition to bedtime as it facilitates slow meditation that helps kids fall asleep.

    Download Magic Fluids on iOS or Android

    Great Apps For Kids With Autism

    Best Speech Therapy Apps For Autism : They are designed to help ...

    1. Speech Bulbs


    2. TinyTap: Kids’ Learning Games


    3. Miogym


    4. LAMP Words for Life


    5. Proloquo2Go AAC


    6. Articulation station


    7. Kids Autism Games – AutiSpark


    8. Wonster Words Learning Games


    9. Leeloo AAC


    10. Keiki Learning games for Kids


    11. Avaz AAC


    12. Autism ABC


    13. Otsimo | Special Education AAC


    14. Card Talk


    15. Social Emotional Learning Apps

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    Doodle Buddy Paint Draw App

    Price: Free with in-app purchases

    Theres so much to love and get creative with throughout Doodle Buddy. Which is its purpose, allowing kids to stretch them imagination and get outside their comfort zone with play. Kids can draw on any of the included backgrounds or on any picture you wish to load from your phones files. There are over 1400 stamps, smudge capabilities and other features that let anyone get creative.

    The app is free to download, and offers in-app purchases. You can buy various amounts of the in-app currency for prices between $1.99 to $11.99 and use it to get enhanced features. There is also an option to remove advertisements for $7.99.

    What Is The Process Of Diagnosing Autism

    It can be difficult to obtain a definitive diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Your doctorâs attention will be drawn to your childâs behavior and development.

    In most cases, two steps are required for a childâs diagnosis.

    During a developmental screening, your doctor will be able to determine whether or not your child is on track with fundamental skills such as learning, speaking, behaving, and moving.

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, experts recommend that children be screened for these developmental delays during their routine checkups at 9 months, 18 months, 24, or 30 months of age.

    Every 18-month and 24-month checkup, children are evaluated for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays.

    If your child exhibits any signs of a problem during these screenings, they will require a more in-depth examination and evaluation. This could include tests for hearing and vision and genetic testing.

    Your doctor may decide to refer you to someone who specializes in autism disorders, such as a developmental pediatrician or a child psychologist, to evaluate your condition further. The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule is another test that some psychologists can administer .

    If you were not diagnosed with autism as a child but are now exhibiting signs or symptoms, you should consult with your doctor immediately.

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    Apps For Parents Of Children With Autism

    Raising a child with autism can be a challenge, but many smartphone apps have come to the rescue to offer support and help in common areas of difficulty for autistic children. If youve never entertained the idea of utilizing an app to help you deal with the challenges of teaching and raising a child with autism, you are probably in for a big surprise. There is an ever-increasing number of smartphone and tablet apps that provide a convenient solution for any family with children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder .

    The top ten apps designed to improve the lives of family members of autistic children all have one thing in common. They focus on the challenges experienced by autistic children to help them learn how to listen, communicate, and socialize in their own way. And in recent years, more apps have been developed that target a specific diagnosis. These apps are often the perfect resource for a person with particular disabilities.

    Most of the apps on this list focus on improving very specific skills, an important reminder that is choosing an app for someone on the autism spectrum should be done with great care. Priority should be given to what skill or problem you are addressing over age, diagnosis, or developmental level. Although there is no one-size-fits-all app for everyone, we are confident that within this list of vetted apps, you will find at least one or two that find you asking yourself why you didnt already know about them!

    Aba Therapy At Aba Centers Of America

    7 AUTISM Apps (YOU Need!)

    With early intervention, you can equip your child with the skills they need in real-life situations. At ABA Centers of America, we specialize in helping families create the brightest future possible. We have experience with all forms of autism across the spectrum and with people of all ages. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our autism treatment professionals. We can help.

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    Best Apps For Kids With Autism In 2022

    About 1 in 54 children worldwide has Autism Spectrum Disorder , so its not surprising app stores are filled with products marketed specifically for them. However, I found many autism apps are difficult to use, overstimulating, or even riddled with loud and inappropriate ads. Using them could be extremely frustrating to your kids rather than provide the developmental support youre looking for.

    Since autism usually causes difficulties with speaking, socializing, processing emotions, coping with stimuli, and more, you need an app that takes into account all challenges. Thats why I compiled a list of 20 autism apps that arent just an educational resource theyre also gentle and engaging for sensitive users! As these apps were created with young autistic users in mind, your kids wont experience sensory overload when using them, no matter how old they are. That being said, its always a good idea to speak to your childs doctor or qualified professional if you need a more serious intervention. Dont forget to bookmark this page so you can come back and review my latest additions to this page in the future.

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