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Does Sean From The Good Doctor Have Autism

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Best: Lea Hears Shaun Over The Radio After The Earthquake

Does Freddie Highmore ~ Shaun Murphy (Dr Murphy) in The Good Doctor Have Autism in Real Life?

Just as it seems like things between Shaun and Lea are irreparable, a natural disaster forces them to come to terms with their feelings for each other. While at a hospital fundraiser, Lea becomes trapped in a brewpub when an earthquake hits . A determined Shaun dons a hardhat and bravely crawls into the wreckage, risking his life in the process. While he doesn’t find Lea, he encounters Vera, another woman in need of saving. Lim orders him to keep the radio channel open so she can hear him as Shaun renders aid while waiting for rescuers to reach them.

Shaun pours his heart out to the woman, telling her he doesn’t want to move on because Lea makes him a better version of himself. “I don’t want to stop being the person I am with her. Lea makes me more,” he declares as a rescued Lea listens in from the back of an ambulance, moved by his words. Later, Lea counts down three minutes while Shaun tries to amputate the woman’s leg and free her from water rising in the compartment they’re trapped in. While traumatic and gripping, this scene is one of the most beautiful in Shaun and Lea’s relationship because it shows Lea coming to terms with her feelings. For the first time, Lea is forced to realize what losing Shaun would mean to her.

The Good Doctor On Abc Is About A Young Autistic Doctor Shaun Murphy Who Leaves His Rural Life To Join A Big Hospital In San Jose

Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. Shaun murphy is charming, sweet, tender and all alone in the world for reasons thatll become clear by the. The good doctor himself, dr shaun murphy, is a surgical trainee with excellent memory recall and attention to detail who faces stigma but often saves absolute numbers of autistic doctors practising in the profession are unknown. This is something which has an impact on the way he relates to his environment. Dr shaun murphy has both autism and savant syndrome in the good doctor. This allows the show to constantly juxtapose. Main characters a young autistic doctor who joins the residency program at san jose main characters. Shaun is on the autism spectrum which means he has a disorder which affects his brain development. Murphys relationship with his mentor dr. This tv show is definitely one of the kind as. To start off with some of the positives, freddie highmore already looks like a great choice to play dr. The good doctor is an autistic savant, thats why he is so smart and comes across as medical genius. Glassman that less than excellent means that someone else dies. our call:

Present: Bates Motel Screenwriting Debut And The Good Doctor

In 2013, Highmore voiced the title character in the animated adventure film Justin and the Knights of Valour. From 2013 to 2017, he portrayed the iconic role of Norman Bates in the A& E drama-thriller series Bates Motel, a prequel to the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho that restarts the storyline in the present day. He won a Peoples Choice Award in 2016 for his performance, and has received nominations for the Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television , the Satellite Award for Best Actor Television Series Drama , and the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series . Highmore ventured into writing and directing during his time working on the series, writing the fourth season episode Unfaithful and the fifth season episode Inseparable, and directing the fifth-season episode The Body.

In August 2014, it was reported that NBC had purchased a comedy pilot script written and executive produced by Highmore and Bates Motel showrunner Kerry Ehrin. In 2015, he appeared in the Libertines music video for Youre My Waterloo. In 2016, Highmore starred in Stephen Poliakoffs BBC Two seven-part miniseries Close to the Enemy and Nick Hamms political comedy-drama film The Journey. The following year, he began the lead role of Dr. Shaun Murphy in the ABC drama series The Good Doctor, on which he also serves as a producer and director. In 2017, he received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his performance.

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    Lea Could Have Been His Girlfriend

    The good doctor Shaun really liked Lea and it was quite apparent that both of them had a sort of chemistry when they met for the first time. Lea had knocked on the door of his mundane apartment and semi lonely life to ask for three batteries. The actress was supposed to star in just two episodes, but, she lingered. She was also the first woman Shaun ever liked. This all went out the window though when she went for that trip without telling Shaun about it. She could have been his girlfriend if she didnt.

    Freddie Highmore Net Worth Explored

    Small Screen: Star of The Good Doctor researched autism ...

    Starting his acting career at a very early age, Freddie Highmore landed a movie, Women Talking Dirty, when he was just 7 years old. After this, the young actor appeared in several projects, such as The Mists of Avalon, Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story, Two Brothers, and Five Children and It.

    In 2004, he rose to fame with the release of Finding Neverland and then, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His performances brought him to the limelight and he received a ‘Best Young Performer’ award as well as several other nominations.

    Over the years, the actor acted in multiple shows and movies, including the critically acclaimed 2013 series Bates Motel. In 2017, he was roped in to play the lead in The Good Doctor.

    Looking at his career graph, Freddie Highmore is an experienced actor and is currently 29 years old with an estimated net worth of $8 million. Clearly, he has many more years ahead to boost his net worth even further.

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    What Is Savant Syndrome

    While numerous important characters have been introduced over the past three seasons who are very much a key part to the show, The Good Doctor is essentially about Dr Shaun Murphy.In the very first episode of the medical drama, those at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital were assessing if they should give Shaun a job as a surgeon.While he was clearly talented and knew what he was doing on a practical level, there were some concerns raised due to his conditions.Thankfully, they gave him a chance and Shaun has been at the hospital ever since, with little chance of him leaving any time soon.

    Shaun is on the autism spectrum which means he has a disorder which affects his brain development.This is something which has an impact on the way he relates to his environment.Often this means he struggles with social skills, communicating and repetitive behaviours.All of this has been explored throughout The Good Doctor and most recently shows how Shaun has dealt with romantic relationships which are more complicated for him.But not only does Shaun have autism, but he also has Savant Syndrome which is a major reason why he makes an excellent doctor.


    Doctor Shaun Murphy Does Not Only Have Autism But He Also Has An Extremely Rare Condition Called The Savant Syndrome

    Thats what we superficially, it would appear to be a show about dr. Doctor shaun murphy does not only have autism, but he also has an extremely rare condition called the savant syndrome. I think it was important, in building out sean as a character, to focus on his very real struggle in having autism and being thrown into this new environment and bringing out his hopeful sidewhat makes him laugh, tick, etc. Viewers of the good doctor could be forgiven for wondering whether actor freddie highmore has an autism spectrum disorder in real life. Freddie highmore plays a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome on the good doctor. but does the actor live with autism in real life?

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    We Are Close To Having A Complicated Character We Are In The Apology/role Model Phase But We Arent There Yet

    Its the role model thing, right? said Michael McCreary. We are placing a character with cultural baggage based on a diagnosis in a well-intentioned way. We are on the cusp of something potentially good. Michael liked how the character of Dr. Murphy was played as a flawed human, rather than as a stereotyped precious child. He added, I feel we are close on the autism front. We are close to being characters who are screw-ups up for any human reason, not DSM-5 reasons. We are close to having a complicated character we are in the apology/role model phase, but we arent there yet.

    I think, said Nicole, the message is that autistic people are versatile that they are empathetic, complex.” Although, she says, there are not a lot of PhDs or savants, The Good Doctor remains a positive depiction of an autistic person who does meaningful work, lives on their own and has a committed relationship. It doesnt infantilize autism as other media have.

    Matthew agrees with Michael McCreary and Nicole. Overall, this is more positive depiction. I am happy we have it. I agree with Mike that we are on the cusp of where we need to go.

    Its a start. Theres a long way to go, said Anthony. COVID isnt making this easy, but I am very hopeful. Maybe we just need to advertise ourselves for consult in the industry.

    Incorporating Those Who Know

    The Good Doctor 1×07 Shaun “He’s Not Psychotic, He’s Autistic ”

    When creating a television program about a specific group of people, it is usually important to have members of that group to contribute in the project. ‘The Good Doctor’ does so by incorporating Exceptional Minds, which is both a non-profit digital arts school and computer animation studio for young adults who have autism spectrum disorder. By incorporating Exceptional Minds, the show is given a unique point of view, and is constantly checked for accuracy and inclusivity.

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    My Review Of ‘the Good Doctor’ As An Adult With Autism

    This blog is by Kerry Magro, an award-winning international motivational speaker and best-selling author whos on the autism spectrum. A version of this blog originally appeared on

    Full disclosure: After only watching one episode, I have no idea what the future is for The Good Doctor . What I can tell you: this show has all the makings of an ABC smash hit.

    Lets begin with the cast. Freddie Highmore stars as Dr. Shaun Murphy, an up-and-coming surgeon who also happens to have autism and savant syndrome. This is a very difficult role for anyone to play given how broad the autism spectrum truly is. Some criticism has occurred as many TV productions and films try to address autism issues. There is no one size fits all in attempting to define characters on the spectrum. This list in recent years includes characters such as Walter Hill in Joyful Noise, Billy in the new Power Rangers Movie, Jane in Jane Wants a Boyfriend, and most recently in Sam Gardener, a high-functioning teen with autism in Netflixs Atypical.

    As for the script there are several plot lines that will intrigue audiences and the direction couldnt be crisper from Seth Gordon along with the writing done by David Shore .

    This show has staying power and I can only hope the creators of the show along with Sony and ABC will continue to include voices of those on the spectrum as the show continues.

    Worst: Lea Tells Shaun They Can’t Be An Item

    As with any serious breakup, Shaun has a tough time finding his bearings after things end with Carly, at one point solemnly asking Park , “How do you move on?” After coming to terms with everything Carly said, Shaun concludes that while he loves both Lea and Carly, he loves Lea more . Taking Carly’s advice, he declares his feelings to Lea, who replies with an absolutely crushing response. In one of the most heartbreaking and controversial scenes of “The Good Doctor,” Lea tells Shaun that although she also loves him, they can’t be together. He calls her out on it, pressing, “You don’t want to be my girlfriend because I have autism?” A stunned Lea can’t even respond, instead walking away and leaving both of them in tears.

    One of the most divisive scenes in the series, this brutal moment of truth for Shaun and Lea opened the doorway for some frank and nuanced discussions of a reality that many autistic individuals face when dating. Some fans found Lea’s behavior despicable, lamented the pressure to put the pairing together, or worried that Shaun wasn’t given time to process the loss of his relationship with Carly. On the other hand, many praised the “realistic portrayal” and Lea’s honest expression of her fears with someone she cares about so deeply. But no matter which side you fall on, the episode was undeniably emotional.

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    Why Did Jasika Nicole Leave The Good Doctor

    If we had to guess, Jasikas exit was in part due to her character Carlys storyline toward the end of season 3. Her storyline developed when Shaun got the courage to ask her out, eventually leading to a relationship. Whats more, Jasika is DIYing her own recording booth to do voiceover work from home.

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    The Rationalization Is Exactly The Same

    Reactions to ABCs popular The Good Doctor vary in local ...

    We flash back to Sean taking his rabbit to the doctor with his brother. His rabbit is, unsurprisingly, dead. The doctor is the same doctor who is now the president of the San Jose Hospital where Dr. Murphy was hired. Seans brother decides that they will run away from home together.

    We flash forward to the board of directors where Bad Board Member pulls out the canard about autistic people lacking empathy. Hospital President were supposed to like then makes a direct comparison to prejudice against an autistic doctor and prejudice against a black doctor or a female doctor. This is made even more awkward by the fact that the hospital president is a white man. What should have been a speech about tolerance came off as a white man lecturing a black man about his own experiences. I understand that the writers meant well here, but they really need to be more aware of racial dynamics. They also need to be aware of the fact that black autistic people and autistic women exist. There are even people who are black, autistic, and women!

    In surgery, the little boy takes a turn for the worse. The surgeons decide to go find the weird guy who initially saved the boys life. What follows is a formula many people will recognize from House. The medical mystery is seemingly solved. Then it isnt.

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    Researching For The Role:

    Freddie said he knew about autism from people in his personal life with the condition. However, to properly play someone with autism, Freddie and The Good Doctor showrunner, David Shore, researched before filming the first episode. In fact, they hired autism consultant Melissa Reiner to help perfect the character.

    David Shore, our wonderful main writer and showrunner, and I sat down before the pilot and also between the pilot and making the show with the consultant that we still have on-board, Freddie said on ABC podcast Popcorn With Peter Travers. And also just traded back and forth books and pieces of literature and documentaries that we thought were useful or gave us some sort of insight into building this one, very particular character.

    Freddie continues to research the role. Several seasons into the season, he says he is constantly learning. He told Digital Spy in March 2019, Aside from continual research, or working with the consultant that we have Im also talking to people who feel that they have a personal connection to the show through autism, and are pleased or thankful that the show is seeking to raise awareness in that way.

    Is Actor Freddie Highmore Autistic In Real Life

    Despite his realistic portrayal of someone with autism, actor Highmore does not have the condition himself, or any other developmental disability.

    Highmore had just finished five series of Bates, where he played a young Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcocks film Psycho.

    Just days later he was offered the role in The Good Doctor and after initially turning it down due to just finishing a series, Highmore changed his mind and started researching Shauns condition.


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    The Show Has Been Praised For Its Portrayal Of Both Autism And Savant Syndrome

    Autism is difficult to act out because every person with autism is a bit different. There is no one size fits all for the disorder. But Highmores portrayal of the character has been praised for its gentleness and accuracy. He took home a Golden Globe for the role, and those on the spectrum have also suggested he did a good job with his character. A blogger named Kerry Magro once with Autism Speaks and said Highmore does well in his debut, showing several characteristics that can accompany an autism diagnosis. The Good Doctor is currently in its second season. There is no word yet on whether or not the show will have third season, but ABC appears to have seen major success from the show.

    On Shauns Evolution As A Character:

    Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor’) on autistic surgeon with wonderful heart, hopeful outlook

    spoke mostly about Shaun and the development of his character over time,Freddie told the LA Times. People who arent aware of autism in a personal way or havent watched the show sometimes say, How will Shaun change? Hell always have autism. Whats his arc going to be? So one of the things we discussed early on is, Yes, hell always have autism. But hes going to change continuously as an individual as he adapts to this new world that he finds himself in. That was exciting to me: This individual, regardless of whether or not hes on the spectrum, is going on a journey as a character.

    Just because Shaun has autism, that doesnt mean hes not going to grow and change as a person.

    Specifically, as Freddie said on Popcorn With Peter Travers, hes enjoyed watching Shaun evolve from the naive young man he was when he first arrived in the big city for his residency after growing up in the countryside: Just because Shaun has autism, that doesnt mean hes not going to grow and change as a person,he said.

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