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Does The Good Doctor Actor Really Have Autism

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There Needs To Be More Care With Different Focuses And Areas Of Savant Syndrome

Does Freddie Highmore ~ Shaun Murphy (Dr Murphy) in The Good Doctor Have Autism in Real Life?

I think they captured his exceptionalities well,;said Anthony,;who has an educational background in cognitive science.;He;commented;on the depiction of the shows main character as an;autistic savant,;noting the risk of generalizing characters with autism in entertainment;media. Its dangerous to;over-dramatize this, he;said, citing;an episode of the;TV;series;Criminal Minds;that featured a child with;savant;syndrome.;Viewers and/or people who have little understanding or awareness;;assume that what they are seeing is the rule for everyone with savant syndrome, for;instance.;

Matthew acknowledged that the series makes interesting choices in portraying;Shaun Murphy as a;savant.;;In the pilot episode, he tries to figure out what is going on with a boy, and it visually shows the way his mind works. This is done well in the series. However,;Matthew;agrees with;other reviewers;that more care is needed;in the way that;savant;syndrome and;autism;are;represented;in film and television.;There needs to be more care with different focuses and areas of;savant;syndrome, he said.;

The discussion;turned;from the series in general to the episode;Parenting,;where;Dr. Murphy met his girlfriends parents for the first time;and complications;ensue.;It was an incredible episode that really showed that Shaun was able to prove his girlfriends parents wrong about being in a challenging relationship, was Courtneys summary of the episode.;;

On Shaun’s Evolution As A Character:

” spoke mostly about Shaun and the development of his character over time,” Freddie told the LA Times. “People who aren’t aware of autism in a personal way or haven’t watched the show sometimes say, ‘How will Shaun change? He’ll always have autism. What’s his arc going to be?’ So one of the things we discussed early on is, ‘Yes, he’ll always have autism. But he’s going to change continuously as an individual as he adapts to this new world that he finds himself in.’ That was exciting to me: This individual, regardless of whether or not he’s on the spectrum, is going on a journey as a character.”

Just because Shaun has autism, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to grow and change as a person.

Specifically, as Freddie said on Popcorn With Peter Travers, he’s enjoyed watching Shaun evolve from the naive young man he was when he first arrived in the “big city” for his residency after growing up in the countryside: “Just because Shaun has autism, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to grow and change as a person,” he said.

My Thoughts On ‘the Good Doctor’ As An Autistic Person

People sometimes ask me whether I like the show The Good Doctor. If you havent heard of it, it is a show about a young autistic man who becomes a surgical resident at a hospital. I have been watching it since the first episode came out last year.

Whenever there is a show or movie featuring an autistic character, everyone always debates whether the show portrays autism realistically or not. My answer to that is, it is impossible to say for sure, because autism is so different for everyone who experiences it.

Some people who are familiar with autism have criticized The Good Doctor because he is not only autistic but has savant skills. He can perfectly visualize the organs of the body and how they work together, and often comes up with unexpected solutions that save the day. Critics complain that it will make people assume all autistic people have savant skills, like how the original famous autistic character, Rain Man, made people assume all autistic people can instantly tell you how many toothpicks you spilled on the floor. On the other hand, when shows or movies portray autistic people as having severe disabilities, people get mad that it will cause viewers to assume that everyone with autism is nonverbal or needs full time assistance.

That being said, I do identify with a lot of the things Shaun Murphy goes through.

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Anatomy Of A Hit: How Abc’s ‘the Good Doctor’ Became The Season’s Breakout

Sociologist William Petersen coined the term model minority to describe positively stereotyped demographic groups that achieve success despite marginalization. For instance, Asian Americans transformed from the yellow peril and brown horde of the late 19th century to a respected and industrious group that closed the wage gap by the 1970s; not because of educational gains, economist Nathaniel;Hilger found, but because of less racist public perceptions. Contrast The Mask of Fu Manchu ;the infamous pre-Code film where Myrna Loy and Boris Karloff don yellowface for the roles of dragon lady and evil criminal genius to Bruce Lees martial arts films of the 70s in which Asian protagonists are idealized.

Idealizing traditional Asian values conveniently upheld the racist status quo. Asian Americans were elevated while other minorities, especially African Americans, were denigrated because they were not perceived to be as hard-working or self-sufficient. This undermined the call for systemic anti-racist changes demanded by the Civil Rights Movement.

For example, in The Good Doctor pilot, Dr. Murphy exists to enlighten his neurotypical peers. In an exchange with a skeptical hospital board, the president of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital justifies hiring the autistic surgeon because of Dr. Murphys genius-level skills and because it will feel goodWe hire Shaun and we make this hospital better for it. We hire Shaun, and we are better people for it.

What Happened In Season 4 Of The Good Doctor

Does âThe Good Doctorâ Actor Freddie Highmore Have Autism ...

Season 4 began with the hospital being hit by a cyberattack that threatens to shut down life-saving machines. Lea rises to the challenge by looking to outsmart the hackers. Meanwhile, the team treats an inspirational cancer survivor-turned-successful philanthropist who harbors a dark secret, in the premiere episode directed by Highmore.

Former rivals, Dr. Morgan Reznick and Dr. Alex Park began to bond in season 4, especially after they become roommates when he decides his marriage is finally over. While originally concerned about becoming romantic, the season 4 finale set the stage for the two to seriously date. Another storyline that could be picked up in the new season is the PTSD being suffered by Dr. Lim , after months of watching her patients die from maladies compounded by the pandemic.

Much of season 4 focused on Shaun and his relationship with girlfriend, Lea, her pregnancy, miscarriage and its implications on their relationship. The season ended with a team from St. Bonaventure traveling on a medical mission to Guatemala.

While in Guatemala, Dr. Lim makes a significant connection with a man at the hospital, Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma , leaving the door open for a possible romance.

The shows fans are very excited to see where things go with Lim, Osma, and other characters, and especially if there is a wedding in store for Lea and Dr. Shaun. Stay tuned for this and more

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Is Actor Freddie Highmore Autistic In

Shaun murphy is not an abrasive misanthrope like dr. Doctor shaun murphy does not only have autism, but he also has an extremely rare condition called the savant syndrome. It follows the life of shaun murphy , a young surgeon who lives with autism and savant syndrome. That being said, i do identify with a lot of the things shaun murphy goes through. As a resident at st. The good doctor shaun really autistic. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. Actor freddie highmore, who plays autistic surgeon shaun murphy in the hit abc series the good doctor addressed a common myth about individuals with autism. The protagonist, shaun murphy, is a young doctor who happens to be diagnosed with autism. I’m also on the autistic spectrum, so the suggestion that shaun shouldn’t be allowed to perform surgery. Abc)is actor freddie highmore autistic in real life? Shaun’s autism serves as a sort of screen that. Shaun murphy , a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates.

The good doctor is the hottest show on television right now. Shaun murphy is the main titular protagonist of the good. ‘the good doctor’ actor speaks up about a common autism myth during interview shaun’s autism serves as. I’m also on the autistic spectrum, so the suggestion that shaun shouldn’t be allowed to perform surgery. Bonaventure, he must learn the ropes of hospital work, while facing unique challenges and embracing his strengths due to his diagnoses of autism and savant syndrome.

The Good Doctor: Teaser Season Three Episode ‘incomplete’

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The Good Doctor is currently approaching the mid-season finale of its third outing as Dr Shaun Murphy attempts to help a number of new patients. Some viewers of the show are interested to know more about Shauns condition on the show, and what the actor has revealed about playing him.

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Tv Representation Of Autism

Highmore says it was important that Shaun was not just someone with autism but a complete multi-dimensional person, just like any other character on television.

I appreciate the way in which Shaun is a fully formed character,;Freddie told;USA Today. Often, people with autism on screen have been represented as somewhat emotionless or singularly focused on one thing, and that isnt true. We get to see Shaun in moments of joy, what makes him excited, alongside the very real struggle hes facing.

In an interview with, Highmore talks about the challenges of playing Doctor Shaun Murphy, a genius surgeon who is an autistic savant, on The Good Doctor.

Highmore explains the playing a character that is both autistic and a genius took a lot of work. He reveals it took a lot of preparation to understand the role and how to portray Dr. Murphy on film.

Shaun Murphys role required more preparation than any other role I did on TV, he said. In terms of autism, it was important for all of us that the portrayal of the condition was authentic. Again, we had a consultant here too. David and I watched documentaries and read relevant books to help ourselves construct the character. But we were aware that Shaun is representing an individuals story and not everyone in the autism spectrum. The key was to portray his journey as an individual and not someones who just autistic.

How to stay grounded in Hollywood

About Freddie Highmore:


Christina Chang As Dr Audrey Lim

Actor Freddie Highmore Dishes on What It’s Like to Play an Autistic Character

Chang takes on the role of Dr Audrey Lim, an attending trauma surgeon in charge of the ER and surgical residents, later becoming the Chief of Surgery, and when the series decides to introduce COVID-19 as a storyline, her character developed post-traumatic stress disorder from her experiences.;

Born and raised in Taiwan, the actress originally set out to become a ballerina, and at the age of 17 moved to the U.S. to study acting in Kansas and Washington. Chang is best known for her work in;24,;Dragnet,;CSI: Miami,;Numb3rs,;Private Practice,;Desperate Housewives, and;Nashville.;

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The Good Doctor Actor Is He Really Autistic

The Good Doctor Actor Is He Really Autistic. Is actor freddie highmore autistic in real life? I would say that he does a very good dramatic representation.

In the new york post, he said he knows someone with autism but he also did research and watched. It follows the life of shaun murphy , a young surgeon who lives with autism and savant. 17 2020, updated 4:50 p.m. That said, freddie did a lot of research and worked with an autistic consultant to help with his tv series role. He is special and brilliantbut his challenges are extraordinary.

Autism And Savant Syndrome Often Go Hand

Savant syndrome is a rare developmental disorder that makes someone uncharacteristically talented or brilliant in some way. It enables a person to have an incredible memory and become extremely good at either a specific skill, such as art, or the ability to solve problems by creating solutions that nobody else would ever come up with. On the show, Highmore uses his abilities to figure out what is wrong with patients; he often draws conclusions based on a trigger, such as something someone else says that then allows him to put two and two together in ways nobody else can.

Savant syndrome often goes hand-in-hand with autism, and Highmore lives with autism on the show. About half of all people living with savant syndrome are also on the autism spectrum. Savant syndrome is much rarer than autism; only about 1% of those with developmental disabilities have savant skills.

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The Good Doctor Is Really Just A Typical Medical Drama With A Twist:

Shaun murphy from the good doctor. The good doctor shaun really autistic. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. Does this mean fans will now see shaun and leah as a couple in season four?freddie highmore, the actor behind dr shaun murphy in the good doctor, isn’t really autistic., a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates. In real life, freddie does not have autism. Freddie highmore, who plays shaun in the good doctor, is not autistic; Just days later he was offered the role in the good doctor and after initially turning it down due to just finishing a series, highmore changed his mind and started researching shaun’s condition. Freddie highmore, the actor behind dr shaun murphy in the good doctor, isn’t really autistic. Freddie highmore stars as dr.

Freddie highmore, who plays shaun in the good doctor, is not autistic; It follows the life of shaun murphy , a young surgeon who lives with autism and savant syndrome. Speaking to los angeles times about preparing to play someone with autism, highmore said: Shaun murphy, in this case, is an autistic savant, with a huge knowledge bank, and a passion to become a successful surgeon. Shaun murphy, who is living with autism.

Lea Could Have Been His Girlfriend

good doctors freddie highmore on autism simplemost

The good doctor Shaun really liked Lea and it was quite apparent that both of them had a sort of chemistry when they met for the first time. Lea had knocked on the door of his mundane apartment and semi lonely life to ask for three batteries. The actress was supposed to star in just two episodes, but, she lingered. She was also the first woman Shaun ever liked. This all went out the window though when she went for that trip without telling Shaun about it. She could have been his girlfriend if she didnt.

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Small Screen: Star Of The Good Doctor Researched Autism For Role

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Is the actor who plays Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor autistic? Or is he just pretending?

A: Freddie Highmore, who plays Shaun in The Good Doctor, is not autistic; he is a very good actor. In the New York Post, he said he knows someone with autism but he also did research and watched documentaries and we have a full-time consultant on board, he says. You learn as much as you can, and I try to see whats right for Shaun.

Highmores convincing performance is just the latest in challenging roles for the actor. His previous work includes Bates Motel, where he played a pre-Psycho Norman Bates. And you may be surprised to know hes not American-born, either; he hails from England.

Q: What happened to Tim Allens show, Last Man Standing? It was such a good show with a great cast of young actors.

A: You are not the only one missing that comedy, which ABC cancelled at the end of last season. Another reader said, It was my favourite show, and my husband and I looked forward to it every Friday night. I am so annoyed. Why was it dropped? I am so tired of the murder and mayhem that dominates network television.

Reruns continue to be available, including through syndication to individual stations , and on Freeform, CMT and streaming service Hulu.

Besides, youre not the only one missing a show …

Portrayal Of Autism On The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor;has the opportunity to showcase multiple with autism at different places on the spectrum to show the true diversity. One such possibility would be showing the hospital becoming a;Project SEARCH;site, which also would be a great way to hire actual actors with autism.

Project SEARCH is a one-year, school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace. This innovative, business-led model features total workplace immersion, which facilitates a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration and work site-based training and support. Unlike other many other transition programs, Project SEARCH boasts a 70 percent success employment rate following the program.

I am confident that;The Good Doctor;will continue do much more than merely entertain although it is highly entertaining, Hall said. I believe it could change the way the world perceives disability.

Indeed, there are successful surgeons with autism and other disabilities in the real world and ABC has highlighted this in a;20/20;presentation, including;Dr. Tyler Sexton, a pediatrician with cerebral palsy. ABC used the short segment on Sexton, and profiles on other doctors with disabilities, as companion pieces to the show.

It also is important to note that several of the visual effects artists hired for the show are on the autism spectrum.

The series airs on Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Coby Bird Actor With Autism Paving The Way For Actors With Disabilities

For the past four years, Bird has trained with;Los Angeles theater company The Miracle Project, an award-winning theater program for children and teens on the autism spectrum.

Kudos to the show for hiring a person with autism to portray a person with autism,;said Elaine Hall, executive director of The Miracle Project.

Just five percent of characters with disabilities in primetime television are portrayed by actors with disabilities; the rest are played by;an actor pretending to have a disability.

There is an enormous untapped potential of individuals with disabilities who are talented actors to play their own roles as people with disabilities, Hall said. We hope that showrunners will continue to collaborate and develop this talent pool through these opportunities.

Last year, Bird also guest starred on an episode of;Speechless;as a character with autism.

Bird is represented by Gail Ford Williamson of the Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin;Diversity Department. Williamson represents more than 300 performers with disabilities.

Coby is a wonderful young actor on the spectrum who has won the hearts of casting directors and producers, Williamson said. He often auditions for roles that casting is looking for adults to play, but once they see Cobys skills, they have no problem hiring a minor and accepting the extra expense and limited work day.

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