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Did Steve Jobs Have Autism

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Autism Awareness with Phil and Steve

There is no way he shouldve thrown any kind of punch. But he wouldve have felt he had to, if Haddie hadnt gotten drunk in the first place. She knew he was picking her up, and she knew he was an alcoholic. After Haddies dad talks the party hosts parents into dropping charges, Alex breaks up with Haddie.

Asperger Syndrome Autism Citizen

Posted: Aspergers is often called the genius gene, and many, if not most Aspergians are in fact geniuses. Noteworthy people with AS include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others we consider geniuses in modern society.

Steve Jobs The Ipatient

Posted: Oct 27, 2011 · Dan Diamond, Managing Editor . Steve Jobs was a famously private patientand as detailed before, the Apple CEO’s insistence on medical confidentiality made it difficult to cover his high-profile illness.. But a new posthumous biography lays bare Jobs’ course of care, the cutting-edge treatment that nearly staved off his cancer and, ultimately, his public regrets

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Jakes Mice: Searching For Answers To The Puzzle Of Autism

Posted: It took until he was 5 to get a firm diagnosis of autism. Around that time, the Litvags heard that child psychiatrist Dr. John Constantino, an expert on the genetic underpinnings of autism, was giving a talk at the Saint Louis Science Center. They decided to go in the hopes of meeting him. They did, and he began seeing Jake as a patient.

Apple Formation And Success


By March 1, 1976, Wozniak completed the basic design of the Apple I computer.:56 He alone designed the hardware, circuit board designs, and operating system for the computer. Wozniak originally offered the design to HP while working there, but was denied by the company on five occasions. Jobs then advised Wozniak to start a business of their own to build and sell bare of the Apple I.:46:3538 Wozniak, at first skeptical, was later convinced by Jobs that even if they were not successful they could at least say to their grandchildren that they had had their own company. To raise the money they needed to build the first batch of the circuit boards, Wozniak sold his HP scientific calculator while Jobs sold his Volkswagen van.:46:3538

On April 1, 1976, Jobs and Wozniak formed the Apple Computer Company along with administrative supervisor Ronald Wayne, whose participation in the new venture was short-lived. The two decided on the name “Apple” shortly after Jobs returned from Oregon and told Wozniak about his time spent on an apple orchard there.

External image
Wozniak and Steve Jobs with an Apple I circuit board, c. 1976.

Wozniak also designed the Disk IIfloppy disk drive, released in 1978 specifically for use with the Apple II series to replace the slower cassette tape storage.

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Famous Athletes With Aspergers

Among other celebrities who have Aspergers are athletes. These famous Aspies are an inspiration to fans of their sport.

  • Jessica-Jane Applegate the first British athlete from the intellectually disabled classification to win gold at the 2012 Paralympics
  • Danny Chew Cyclist
  • Tommy Dis Brisay Runner

A blog article on athletes with Aspergers said:

At five years of age, his parents were told he would never develop the ability to speak. A string of medications and countless struggles led to being overweight as a teenager. But his parents were committed to their sons success, and they encouraged him to develop an interest. His father, Peter, an avid runner, encouraged Tommy to take to the trails. A jog with his father was all he needed to get hooked on running.

  • Nikolas DiDomenico Cyclist
  • Jim Eisenreich Major League Baseball Player

Eisenreich, a famous Aspergers athlete was diagnosed in 1984, causing him to leave MLB. But:

medication, combined with a deeper understanding of his challenges, allowed him to return to the game he loved in 1986.

  • Justin Hansen College Football Player

An article about athletes with Aspergers said:

Human interaction has always been difficult for him. If his dad hadnt dragged him out of the house and to the football field in grade school, Justin would be in his parents basement playing video games.

  • Clay Marzo Surfer

A post about athletes with Aspergers said:

  • Fernando Fernie Morlaes Jr. Track and Field Athlete

Did Steve Jobs Have Aspergers

According to Temple Grandin, Steve Jobs had Aspergers. Lots of evidence says he did. Whether the topic was computers, stock options or pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs liked to make his own rules. Making your own rules is certainly a trait. He could focus intensely and almost always insisted on being in control. Unaware of peoples feelings, Jobs frequently stomped on them. Brutally honest, he lacked the filter that restrains people from venting wounding thoughts. He saw things in black and white. Also traits of Aspergers. He obsessed over details, typical of Aspies. He always dressed in a black turtleneck and jeans, even weaaring the same brand. Wearing signature clothes is again a sign that Temples right. Aspergers tends to modify with time and life experience. Certainly true in Jobs life.

A genius, Steve Jobs will be remembered for creating the gadgets that have pervaded our lives, putting a thousand songs in our pockets, as well as a micro-computer and enabling the nonverbal to communicate. He founded a company at the intersection of art and technology, humanities and science, creativity and engineering. He possessed the greatest designer eye om the world.

This visionary transformed many lives with the idea that computers are something that belong in your life, not a science lab.They are not just for numbers, but also for music, movies magazines, creation, communication. You want to use them, play with then, touch them, carry them with you.

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Chris Rock Aspergers Comedian

Famous comedian Chris Rock started therapy after a friend suggested he may have Aspergers Syndrome. According to Today:

The actor went through nine hours of cognitive tests and was eventually diagnosed with NVLD, which makes it difficult for him to understand nonverbal signals.

We did include Rock in our blog, Famous People with Disabilities since has was diagnosed with LVLD, a learning disorder.

Strange Things You Probably Didnt Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Silberman: The forgotten history of autism

Posted: Oct 28, 2015 · The authors of Becoming Steve Jobs, Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, report that Jobs didnt even entertain the thought, immediately and angrily turning down the offer. He never went on to have a liver transplant. 2. He soaked his feet in toilet water as a stress-reliever. This is probably the strangest one on the list.

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Forensic Science Technician: $59k

A methodical focus on detail is important for forensic science technicians. These professionals collect, examine, and analyze crime scene evidence like blood, fingerprints, and bullet fragments. They also write up reports about their findings and give testimony in court. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or another natural science is typically required.

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders With Aspergers

Does Bill Gates have Aspergers? The Guardian reported Bill Gates:

has been described as having autistic-type traits: lack of eye contact, poor social skills, a monotonous voice, a prodigious memory and a tendency to rock backwards and forwards during business meetings.

How about the famous mind behind SpaceX? Does Elon Musk have Aspergers? This research on neurodiversity says its definitely possible. The article also discusses Steve Jobs Aspergers observations.

2021 UpdateElon Musk confirmed he has Aspergers while hosting a May 2021 episode of Saturday Night Live. Heres what Musk had to say about his Aspergers when he opened up the SNL show:

Im actually making history tonight as the first person with Aspergers to host SNL, or, at least the first to admit it, so I wont make a lot of eye contact with the cast tonight. But dont worry, Im pretty good at running human in emulation mode.

Heres the full list of famous Aspie entrepreneurs/biz leaders I found:

On September 23, 2020, Computer Weekly reported that the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange:

is on the autistic spectrum and has a history of depression that would put him at risk of suicide if he is extradited to a US prison

This information was part of court proceedings from psychiatrists who evaluated Assange before his trial. In September of 2011, Assange talked to the UK Independent about being autistic:

  • Adam Bradford Activist & Entrepreneur

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Stars Who Prove Autism Is Never A Barrier And Can Help Their Careers

As World Autism Awareness Week starts today, we look over some of the famous people who have the condition

Today marks the start of World Autism Awareness Week, to celebrate the lives of people living with autism.

Autism-friendly events and educational activities will be held throughout the week and thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world will be lit light blue tomorrow in recognition of people living with autism.

Blue Planet Live presenter Chris Packham, who has Asperger’s a form of autism has helped the National Autistic Society put together posters for workplaces outlining a few simple facts about the condition and some useful tips on how to support autistic colleagues.

But The Really Wild Show host isn’t the only famous face to prove that autism is never a barrier.

We look over a few other stars who have the condition…

Why Shades Of Aspergers Syndrome Are The Secret To Building A Great Tech Company

iHelp. iPad Aids the Autistic

The individuals who have founded some of the most success tech companies are decidedly weird. Examine the founder of a truly innovative company and youll find a rebel without the usual regard for social customs.

This begs the question, why? Why arent more normal people with refined social graces building tech companies that change the world? Why are only those on the periphery reaching great heights?

If you ask tech investor Peter Thiel, the problem is a social environment thats both powerful and destructive. Only individuals with traits reminiscent of Aspergers Syndrome, which frees them from an attachment to social conventions, have the strength to create innovative businesses amid a culture that discourages daring entrepreneurship.

Many of the more successful entrepreneurs seem to be suffering from a mild form of Aspergers where its like youre missing the imitation, socialization gene, Thiel said Tuesday at George Mason University. We need to ask what is it about our society where those of us who do not suffer from Aspergers are at some massive disadvantage because we will be talked out of our interesting, original, creative ideas before theyre even fully formed. Oh thats a little bit too weird, thats a little bit too strange and maybe Ill just go ahead and open the restaurant that Ive been talking about that everyone else can understand and agree with, or do something extremely safe and conventional.

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Is Julia Or Crosby The Youngest

Crosby is the youngest son and generally regarded as the black sheep of the family. His one-time fling, Jasmine Trussell, introduces them to their son Jabbar when the boy is five until then, he had no idea he was a father. Later, the two marry and have another child, daughter Aida. Julia is the baby of the family.

Plane Crash And Temporary Leave From Apple

On February 7, 1981, the Beechcraft Bonanza A36TC which Wozniak was piloting crashed soon after takeoff from the Sky Park Airport in Scotts Valley, California. The airplane stalled while climbing, then bounced down the runway, broke through two fences, and crashed into an embankment. Wozniak and his three passengersthen-fiancée Candice Clark, her brother Jack Clark, and Jack’s girlfriend, Janet Valleauwere injured. Wozniak sustained severe face and head injuries, including losing a tooth, and also suffered for the following five weeks from anterograde amnesia, the inability to create new memories. He had no memory of the crash, and did not remember his name while in the hospital or the things he did for a time after he was released. He would later state that Apple II computer games were what helped him regain his memory. The National Transportation Safety Board investigation report cited premature liftoff and pilot inexperience as probable causes of the crash.:2830

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Understanding The Nasty Edge Of His Personality

Posted November 5, 2011

The publication of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs stimulated a flurry of comments. Many rhapsodized about the brilliant devices Jobs introduced. But others were mainly concerned with his personality.

Some commentators emphasized Jobs’ positive side: exceptional creativity, relentless pursuit of excellence, and his ability to inspire extremely talented people. But others focused on his flaws, many of which Isaacson chronicled. One was his callous treatment of his earliest colleagues, including Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple whom Jobs befriended in high school, and Daniel Kottke, his college roommate and an early Apple employee. Another was his abandonment of his pregnant and needy girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan and his initial denial of the paternity of their daughter, Lisa, even in the face of DNA evidence. To Maureen Dowd what stood out in the biography was that Jobs “was capable of frightening coldness even with his oldest collaborators and his family.”

Jobs’ capacity to trash people wasn’t restricted to those he knew. When addressing a group he would sometimes respond to a straightforward question from a stranger with a merciless harangue. To, Andy Hertzfeld, an early Apple engineer who stayed friends with Jobs, this didn’t make sense. As he told Walter Isaacson “The one question I’d love Steve to answer is: Why are you sometimes so mean?'”

Are Max And Ruby Orphans

People with autism recruited for skilled jobs

Bunny siblings Max and Ruby live in the forest and up until now, weve been led to believe they were either orphans or home alone for incredibly inappropriate periods of time, because we never saw their parents. Could be a case of serious bunny neglect, which is possible considering how many kids rabbits have.

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Information Security Analyst: $100k

Keeping networks and data systems safe from viruses and hackers requires careful analysis and keen attention to detail, which may be strengths of yours. Information security analysts are responsible for identifying weaknesses that could result in security breaches and developing standards and policies to protect an organization’s data. Security-specific certifications can boost your employment potential.

Parenthood: An Authentic Look Into Aspergers

What is Aspergers? Aspergers is a form of high functioning Autism. Autism is a broad-spectrum disorder that affects development. There are many distinctive symptoms that are different for every individual with Aspergers. A few of the symptoms seen the most are challenges with communication and social interaction. As well as repetitive behaviors and obsessive interests .

The Autism Speaks logo, a blue puzzle piece with the words Autism speaks Its time to listen in gray letters.

The Braverman Family Tree with pictures of the family members in frames on the background of a large tree, grass, and a partially cloudy blue sky.

Adam and Kristina, Maxs parents meet with Dr. Pelikan to discuss Maxs Aspergers diagnosis. Kristina and Adam sit across from Dr. Pelikan facing him. Dr. Pelkian is mid-sentence with his hands crossing in front of him.

Max in awe has he climbs up a bright green car to touch the extra large plastic ant that rests on top the car.

Max wandering alone after trying to go the museum by himself. Max is wearing a gray shirt, blue jacket, and jeans. He walks past crowds of people.

Kristina talking to Max while he stands outside their gray car at school.

Max and Hank laughing over photographs while sitting behind a cluttered desk.

Max and Jabbar, his cousin, dressed fancy taking pictures at Hank and Sarahs wedding. Hank stands behind them watching.

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Video Game Designer: $65k1

Want to create awesome virtual worlds and interactive experiences? Video game designers use their artistic talents and technical skills to come up with detailed concepts for storylines, layouts, characters, gameplay, and more. In this field, experience is very important completing an internship as part of your training can enhance your job prospects.

Turings Case Highlights The Subjective Nature Of Autism Diagnosis


First published in Cracking the Enigma, June 2012

Its no exaggeration to say that Alan Turing was one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. Regarded as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, he also made ground-breaking contributions to the fields of mathematics, chemistry, and biology. Most famously, during World War II, he played a crucial role in cracking the Nazis Enigma code. He was also, its argued, a person with Asperger syndrome.

Theres something of a cottage industry in outing historical figures with autism or Asperger syndrome. Candidates include Mozart, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Thomas Jefferson, Andy Warhol. In many cases, it seems, being brilliant at something and having a reputation for social awkwardness is all that it takes for a diagnosis.

In Turings case, there is at least some more concrete evidence to go on. In a 2003 paper, Henry OConnell and Michael Fitzgerald trawled through Turings biography, looking for anecdotes and descriptions of Turing that would support a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

The authors used the Gillberg criteria for Asperger syndrome a set of six symptoms that must all be present for a diagnosis to be conferred. Turing, they concluded, met all six criteria:

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