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Does Tim Burton Have Autism

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Final Thoughts On Inspiring People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Famous People with Autism (Tim Burton)

ASD hasnt held these successful people back from living up to their potential. In fact, its the nature of the disorder that could have played a part in their achievements. And thats pretty amazing considering that what characterizes this disordera weakness in communicating on par with social normsis also what has helped inspire these famous people to bring people together through their creativity.

These iconic people we have talked about today are role models for those in the autistic community and other people who may be doubting their ability to succeed. Hopefully their stories have inspired you to go after what you want in life.

Tim Burton Autism Claims

Tim Burton may be autistic – according to his long-term partner Helena Bonham Carter. The ‘Charlie and the Chocolate’ director has some of the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism – because he is highly intelligent but lacks in social skills, according to the actress. Helena, who has acted in four of her partner’s films, recently starred in a TV movie in which she plays the mother of four autistic children. During her research, the star recognised character traits Tim shares with kids with Asperger’s Syndrome, telling Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper: “Tim will kill me, but while making this drama I realised he actually has a bit off Asperger’s in him. You start recognising the signs”We were watching a documentary about autism and he said that’s how he felt as a child. Autistic people have application and dedication. You can say something to Tim when he’s working and he doesn’t hear you”But that quality also makes him a fantastic father, he has an amazing sense of humour and imagination. He sees things other people don’t see”

Does Tim Burton Have Autism

Some people are just eccentric. Take the old lady, Miss Havisham, in Dickens novel Great Expectations. She waited in the same wedding dress, letting the cake get old and moldy for her untrue groom until the tattered remain of the dress one day caught fire and took her with it. Tim Burton seems to be the same type. He has made some very interesting movies in the past and he does appear to be an off kilter genius. But, there has been no speculation that he is autistic. Some people are just weird.

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More Famous People With Autism

  • Leonardo da Vinci – Artist
  • John Denver – Singer-Songwriter & Record Producer
  • Charles Darwin – Naturalist & Geologist


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July 14, 2021

Is Edward Scissorhands Sad

Celebrities Who Have Autism  Instanthub

The title character of Burtons magnificent 1990 fantasy Edward Scissorhands is one of the directors most tragic creations unlike his other cinematic outsiders, who experience loneliness in the midst of family, friends or peers, Edward spends his life literally alone, a crushing symbol of the alienation most of us

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Famous People With High

At VBA we believe that, with the right help, anyone can lead a meaningful life. And while we recognize that not everyone will become famous or wealthy, we find it comforting to know that being on the spectrum neednt be the factor that holds you or a loved one back from being a productive member of society.

With that in mind, we share with you some background about Director Tim Burton . While never formally diagnosed with Autism, Burton identifies with the condition. After researching the topic, then-wife Helena Bonham-Carter came to believe he may have a mild to moderate case of Aspergers Syndrome.

Burton spent most of his childhood as a recluse, enjoying painting, drawing, and watching films. He struggled during college with real life drawings, but instead chose to embracehis own unique style.

Tim is highly intelligent, dedicated and incredibly focused on whatever hes working on, as well as having an amazing sense of humor and imagination. However, Ms. Carter noted both his lack of social skills and an ability to see things other people dont see a statement sure to be agreed to by anyone who hasexperienced any of his films.

Many people believe that the combination of Tim Burtons imagination and his focus are what allow him to have such a positive impact on the world around him. Some other things to consider about him movies that you might find interesting:

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Were always told to put positive thoughts out into the universe. But we also always associate those words with nonconformist, carefree, flower power people. But heres tried-and-tested proof of the theory.

A popular study done some 30 years ago, which still constantly comes up even in todays research, is that of Michael F. Scheier and Charles S. Carver titled Optimism, Coping and Health: Assessment and Implications of Generalized Outcome Expectancies. The study looked at 79 male and 62 female undergraduates and asked them to complete 3 questionnaires 4 weeks before the end of their semester and again on the last day of class. In the questionnaire they were asked to measure their optimism, their private self-consciousness, and to look at a 39-item physical symptom checklist.

The study concluded that those who initially considered themselves optimistic were also less likely to be bothered by the physical ailments they might have been experiencing than those who reported they were less optimistic.

In the following video, My 10 Favourite Things About Having ADHD, Jessica from How to ADHD explains, “ADHD is not a failed version of normal. Our brains just work differently. And with those differences come a lot of strengths.”

Does your child have ADHD? Is he or she on the spectrum? Do you think these conditions can be considered a gift? Tell us by emailing and we may publish your stories and letters on the site.

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How Is The Neighborhood Portrayed In Edward Scissorhands

To achieve this difference on a symbolic level, the suburban neighborhood was portrayed with vivid colors: the grass was a rich green, and the houses were bright pastels. Even the weather in this town seemed vivid. This symbolized the seemingly ideal and happy life supposedly found in this type of community.

Who Are Some Famous People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dan Burton Demands a Yes or No from FDA – Link to Autism

17 Famous People Who Proved That Autism Is Much More Than A Condition 1 Albert Einstein. The great mathematician had trouble concentrating in his school years 2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Composer, musician, brilliance impersonated and autistic. 3 Sir Isaac Newton. Words, to describe the brilliance of Sir Newton are less.

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Is The Neighborhood In Edward Scissorhands Real

Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp, was filmed in Lutz, Florida. No the houses arent really all painted in pink, yellow and green pastels. But Lutz, Florida, where the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands takes place, really is a typical American dream suburb as critiqued in the dystopian Tim Burton film.

Quick Answer: What Is The Main Message Of Edward Scissorhands

Themes. Burton acknowledged that the main themes of Edward Scissorhands deal with self-discovery and isolation. Edward is found living alone in the attic of a Gothic castle, a setting that is also used for main characters in Burtons Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Famous People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism can be challenging but there are many people on the spectrum who have achieved great heights.

Autism spectrum disorder is a diagnosis that is characterized by differences from the general population in the area of social skills, communication skills, as well as the presence of certain behaviors which may look atypical from other people. These behaviors are known as restrictive or repetitive behaviors.

Famous People Who May Have Been On The Autism Spectrum

Autistic People Who Got Famous

Have you ever been curious to know if anyone from the early years of history may have been on the autism spectrum? How about some of todays most famous people? Ive been honored as a professional speaker to be featured on many lists with autism advocates such as Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore for our work advocating for the autism community. All 3 of us among many self-advocates were diagnosed with autism at a very early age. Here are 10 famous people who have been rumored to be on the autism spectrum without ever getting an official diagnosis

Michelle Manno

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, two of the biggest tech mobiles in the world have shown to have high IQs but difficulties at times with social interaction. Dr. Temple Grandin told, I think Steve Jobs was probably on the spectrum Einstein definitely would be today. You can go online and look at the interviews of the heads of Silicon Valley companies. The major big companies. And you can see it.

Andy Warhol

The Guardian once wrote an article called Was autism the secret of Warhols art? that breaks down the possibility of him having an autism diagnosis. Judith Gould, director of Eliot House, told The Guardian, It is fascinating how many of the things he did are typical of autism. I would say, from the study I have seen, that Warhol almost certainly had Asperger syndrome.

Steven Spielberg

Kerry Magro

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Tim Burton May Be Autistic

may have a form of autism, according to his long-term partner .

Bonham Carter recently filmed a TV movie in which she plays the real life mother of four autistic children and during her research she recognized character traits the director shares with kids with Aspergers Syndromeof which the main symptom is an above average intelligence but less developed social and communication skills

She explains, Tim will kill me, but while making this drama I realized he actually has a bit off Aspergers in him. You start recognizing the signs.

We were watching a documentary about autism and he said thats how he felt as a child. They have application and dedication. You can say something to Tim when hes working and he doesnt hear you.

But that quality also makes him a fantastic father he has an amazing sense of humor and imagination. He sees things other people dont see. Billy is enchanted by him.

Inspiring Famous People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism spectrum disorder is a widely researched disorder that continues to have advancements in understanding and treatment. While it was once assumed to be rare, autism is now thought to affect 1 in every 59 people.

Symptoms of this complex neurobehavioral disorder usually start to show before the age of 3. Characteristics of someone who has autism include:

  • Difficulty in social interactions and communication
  • Impaired ability to experience emotions
  • Inability to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others
  • The presence of repetitive and restrictive patterns of behaviors, rituals, or interests
  • Struggle adapting to change

The severity and pattern of these impairments varies from person to person, which is why professionals refer to this disorder as one that exists on a spectrum. This disorder poses challenges for those who suffer from it, but there are many people who are on the spectrum who have become famous following their success and inspirational journeys.

Think about how the characteristic downfalls of autism can promote success:

  • Acute attention to detail
  • Nonjudgmental listening skills
  • Often above average intelligence

Lets get started.

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Strong Interests Support Success

One example of a trait of autism is called restricted interests. This is a type of restrictive behavior. Restricted interests have to do with how the person with ASD has an intense passion for a certain topic. Whereas people without autism often have a range of interests and can easily switch focus from one topic or activity to another and may not commit to excelling at one particular thing, people with autism may have a limited and narrow range of interests.

This characteristic may contribute to the success that many people with ASD experience in life. By being able to focus and maintain one core interest for years or even for most of ones life, the person with ASD can use this interest to accomplish great things.

Was Teslas Genius The Other Side Of The Autism Coin

Tim Burton Exclusive INTERVIEW for “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (

The genetic links between autism and genius are poorly understood but very real. Studies have shown that families in which there is a higher than average likelihood of producing children with ASD also have a higher probability of producing children with genius level IQ or streaks of savantism. Interestingly, Teslas mother showed traces of possible eidetic memory, with an ability to memorize long poems and showing creativity in developing unique tools for solving problems around the home Nikola himself credited her for some of his own skills.

Temple Grandin, another brilliant scientist with autism, has identified Tesla as another likely historical figure to have had ASD.

The record is less than completely clear about Teslas supposedly autistic qualities, however. If he showed the early-childhood social and communications difficulties that are part of the modern diagnostic criteria for ASD, they were not well-documented.

Despite some quirks in his behavior and an adherence to specific schedules, Tesla didnt show any particular social skills deficits as an adult. In fact, he was well-known for his showmanship and charm. Although he was something of a recluse in daily life, secluding himself in his laboratory for long periods of time to work, he was also marked for his bearing, refinement, and generosity in his interpersonal dealings. A long-time secretary described him as having a gentlemanly bearing.

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Some Eccentric Quirks Might Hint At The Possibility Of Autism

Tesla garnered headlines for other reasons that fascinated the public, as well:

  • A carefully regimented daily schedule with work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and dinner at the same restaurant at precisely 8:10 p.m., to be served only by the headwaiter.
  • Physical tics such as repeatedly curling his toes 100 times each night.
  • His eidetic memory that allowed him to instantly memorize books and possess perfect recall, allowing him to learn 8 languages easily.
  • He demonstrated an early ability to perform complex integral calculus computations in his head.
  • In his youth, Tesla experienced periods of sickness during which he would have visions. These were often the genesis of inventions or solutions to technical problems.
  • He became obsessed with electricity at an early age.

Because of his inventions and the era in which he lived, many of Teslas quirks were seen simply as the eccentricities of a geniusthe archetype of the mad inventor.

But looking back, its easy to see many of those some quirks as evidence of typical symptoms of an individual with high-functioning autism.

Tim Burton And Autism

One of my co-workers recently informed me that one of my favorite directors of all time, Tim Burton, allegedly has Autism. I got to thinking about it and, to me, it all makes sense. Take my favorite movie of all time, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

In the movie NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the hero, Jack Skellington, is kind of dejected, fed up, and just bored with his world, Halloweentown, and his place in the world. That is, until he discovers Christmastown. It goes from one extreme to the other. Meaning Halloweentown in very dark, dreary, and if you wanna go this routemundane and boring. Very uneventful. Christmastown is very colorful, bright, and cheery. Everyone is happy and in a good mood. Jack sees things in a different light and wants to try something newChristmas in Halloweentown. Of course, it all goes awry. Jack eventually sees what he has done and how what he tried to do, almost literally, went to Hell. Jack comes to terms with who he is and realizes he likes himself as he was before all this happened.

To me, this is a hallmark trait of Autism. I also question everything and am constantly trying to figure out where I fit in the real world. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but maybejust maybeTim Burton is channeling himself through Jack in this movie. Maybe thats why I like it so muchbecause I can relate.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!

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Incredibly Successful People On The Autism Spectrum

Though autism is said to affect one in every 59 people in the United States, for those who have been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers syndrome, or another developmental disorder on the autism spectrum, the world can sometimes feel like a lonely place. While autism remains relatively misunderstood, one thing is for certain those with autism are just as capable as anyone else of achieving incredible success. The proof? These famous people with autism: 30 incredibly successful people on the spectrum. The first 20 are modern-day people on the autism spectrum the last 10 are people who lived before autism was formally diagnosed, but who are thought to have had autism based on their habits, social life, and other characteristics. Other than that, these famous people with autism are listed in no particular order.

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