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How To Explain Autism To A Child Without Autism

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Who Should Know If A Kid Is Autistic

Autistic children explain autism in 60 seconds!

Ms Forbes says it’s the individual’s choice who they share their autistic identity with.

Dr Attwood believes that for young kids, we should share a diagnosis only with those who need to know, such as teachers and grandparents. He says other kids don’t need to know.

Instead of sharing the diagnosis widely, Dr Attwood suggests talking about autism “without mentioning the A-word”.

“The child may say, ‘I’m the sort of person who is not very good at reading signals that show you’re bored’,” Dr Attwood says.

“The teacher may say ‘Jacob is the sort of person who finds it hard to share’.

“The child decides who and when they tell people.”

Facing The Demands Of High School

Meanwhile, the demands on teens increase dramatically. By high school, students are expected to change classes hourly, keep track of books and assignments for each class, follow complex directions, complete multi-phase projects, and turn in homework on time.

Amy Keefer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, said schools and parents can help teens who struggle with planning, organization and other executive skills.

“Teens on the spectrum will require a greater level of external supports from family and the school,” Dr. Keefer said. Those supports may take the form of frequent parent-school communication, teachers checking assignment books to make sure they’re filled out correctly, and teachers helping students break down projects into smaller steps, with due dates for each step, she said.

Many elementary schools provide those types of organizational supports, plus help with social skills, she said. However, educators often reduce or eliminate such help in middle or high school, when students are expected to be more self-sufficient.

“In general, as you move up the grades, the amount of support and scaffolding you get from teachers drops off,” agreed Dr. Rosenthal.

That can cause problems. “For most kids on the spectrum, they need those supports throughout their school careers,” Dr. Keefer said.

Kristis Corner Explaining Autism To Children

Article written by: Kristi Hansen

Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a complex and multi-faceted condition that is hard to explain to adults much less children. However, those who have children with autism in their classrooms, on their sports teams, in their neighborhoods and in their own families undoubtedly do pick up on some differences. Why does he move his hands like that? Why is she covering her ears? Why wont he get off the computer?

Where to start?

First, it is important that adults and parents do address the topic. Unanswered questions or quieted curiosities may lead children to draw negative and/or inaccurate conclusions. My brother is crazy. That girl doesnt like me. Hes a mean boy may be a few thoughts that come to mind when misconception takes the place of understanding.

Explaining Autism

Simply put, Every day, our brains interpret the things we see, smell, hear, taste, touch, and experience. But when someones brain has trouble interpreting these things, it can make it hard to talk, listen, understand, play, and learn . So a friend with autism is just as smart as other kids, but he may have a harder time making friends, following directions, or dealing with change. He may be very sensitive to loud sounds, certain textures or foods, but may really enjoy the way it feels to flap his hands or spin around. Autism is not a disease and it is not contagious it just means that the brain operates a little differently.



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How To Explain Autism To A Child Now You Know

Now you know how to explain autism to a child. Whether youre the parent of an autistic child, a teacher working with autistic children or a parent in general, its helpful to know how to talk to your children about autism.

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Finding Ways For Autistic Children And Siblings To Spend Fun Time Together

Explaining Autism to an Autistic Child

Siblings of autistic children generally feel positive about their brothers or sisters, but sometimes their relationships arent as close as they could be. This might be because of the difficulties autistic children have with social communication.

One way to encourage closer relationships among your children is to look for ways that they can all play, have fun and interact together. For example, your children might all enjoy playing with trains or playing basketball.

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Show Them That You Value Them

Giving your child your full attention also shows them that you care and that they are valued. Everyone wants to feel valued. Our children should always feel that we value them.

Some ways that you can give your child attention and show that they are valued include the following:

  • Praise your child.
  • Give physical affections, such as hugs.
  • Show interest in their activities.
  • Get on their level when talking.
  • Make eye contact and smile while interacting.
  • Give positive feedback in your daily interactions.
  • Provide them with support in accomplishing daily activities .
  • Build up your child with positive messages.
  • Reassure your child when they are fearful.
  • Support your child when they are upset.
  • Make time to spend with your child one on one daily.
  • Respond to your child every time they talk to you .
  • Ask your child about their day with meaningful, open-ended questions.

According to the article, Positive Attention and Your Child,

From birth, children need experiences and relationships that show them theyre valued, capable human beings who bring pleasure to others. Positive attention, reactions and responses from key grown-ups help children build a picture of how valued they are.

Children must be told and shown that they are valued. What we say and how we act toward our children should be done in a way that makes them consistently feel valued. This will help build a relationship where listening and respect go both ways.

Research Into Positive Traits

Possible positive traits of ADHD are a new avenue of research, and therefore limited. Studies are being done on whether ADHD symptoms could potentially be beneficial.

A 2020 review found that creativity may be associated with ADHD symptoms, particularly and quantity of creative achievements, but not with the disorder of ADHD itself â i.e. it has not been found in patients diagnosed with the disorder, only in patients with subclinical symptoms or those that possess traits associated with the disorder. Divergent thinking is the ability to produce creative solutions which differ significantly from each other and consider the issue from multiple perspectives. Those with ADHD symptoms could be advantaged in this form of creativity as they tend to have diffuse attention, allowing rapid switching between aspects of the task under consideration flexible , allowing them to remember and use more distantly-related ideas which is associated with creativity and impulsivity, which causes people with ADHD symptoms to consider ideas which others may not have. However, people with ADHD may struggle with , which is a process of creativity that requires sustained effort and consistent use of executive functions to weed out solutions which arent creative from a single area of inquiry. People with the actual disorder often struggle with executive functioning.

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Be Grateful For The Strong Connection You And Your Child Will Forge

In reflecting over the last 24 years of our journey, I will say this: My son gives me 100 kisses and hugs every day, he is always happy to see me and he will always be with me. He doesnt lie and he doesnt judge. He is welcoming to anyone that wants to enter his world. On the other hand, my father sees me about twice a year since we live 1,000 miles apart. So which dad is better off? Its not better or worse, its just different. Once you understand that, your road will be smoother.

Scott Sanes, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

You Cant Always See Autism

Amazing Kids – Autistic Spectrum Condition

There is still a shocking amount of ignorance among the general population when it comes to the Autism Spectrum. Many people assume that children with autism have certain identifiable facial features or particular habits. But as it has already has been mentioned, every single person with autism is different and mild cases of autism are common. These stereotypes and lack of understanding often make things difficult for parents. Its especially hard in the case of schools, coaches, or other organizations who deny a diagnosis because it is not easily seen.

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Explaining Autism In General

  • 1Don’t fear using the word. If you try to hide a child’s autism or discuss it in whispers, they’ll learn that it’s something shameful or bad. You can mention the word “autism” in their presence even before they are old enough to understand. Many parents worry a child’s self-esteem will be harmed by being told their diagnosis. However, children will notice that they’re different, and withholding the truth doesn’t help them.
  • Some children will begin asking questions earlier on than others. In general, when your child stars to ask questions, this may be a good opportunity to begin the explanation.
  • Usually, once an autistic child is surrounded by peers at school, they will realize that they act differently and are treated differently. They need to know why, or they might think something is wrong with them.
  • 2Learn the basics of autism. It’s difficult to explain something if you don’t even understand it. Do some research, so that you know the general facts and can answer simple questions. There are many great books written on autism that can help you explain the diagnosis to your child.XResearch source
  • Ask the Autistic community for reading recommendations. Search for books and essays written by autistic people as a primary source. Consider books written by non-autistic family members as a secondary source.
  • What Should Julie Do

    Four-year-old John flings himself on the floor, screaming and flailing his arms, as his 5-year-old brother Tim stands watching. Worried hes going to be blamed again he is about to bolt out of the living room as his mother, Julie, catches him by the arm on her way in.

    I didnt do anything! Tim exclaims before his mom even asks, stamping his foot. Hes near tears himself. This always happens when I play with John, he thinks. Hes such a baby! Im never playing with him again!

    Julie sighs. Thats what Tim always says. I know John is over-sensitive but why cant Tim just leave him alone? What am I supposed to do? I cant watch them all the time. You know John likes to play by himself. Why do you keep bothering him?

    John has autism, and while Julie wants her kids to get along she would do anything to stop the tantrums. When she and her husband Dave decided to have a second child they had no idea what challenges they would face. Each day is a constant struggle to manage Johns needs, and Tim just wont listen.

    After making sure John isnt going to hurt himself, Julie crouches down in front of Tim. She notes his tears and realizes her anger with her son has as much to do with her frazzled nerves as his lack of understanding.

    You always yell at me when he cries, her son sobs.

    She hugs the little boy. Hes right, she thinks. I do get mad at Tim. I know I do. Why dont we think about what we can both do differently?

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    Challenges Of Secondary Settings

    Educators and other key stakeholders in the students life must understand how characteristics of HFA may be manifested in inclusive classroom settings, in order to design and implement instruction to maximize student success.

    An additional consideration is the reduced special education support available to students with HFA because of the need to take classes associated with graduation requirements and preparing for high-stakes testing. In most cases, secondary settings do not have enough special education teachers available to support students in all classes . Knowledge of the evidence-based practices recommended for students with HFA can help Individualized Education Program teams make informed decisions about instruction, behavior management and support needed for students with HFA.8

    Model Behavior You Want

    How To Explain Autism To A Child. Things are a bit tricky ...

    If you espouse the importance of treating people with compassion, try your best to practice what you preach.

    Take advantage of everyday situations to model these behaviors. For example, if you and your child are at the bank and your bank teller has cerebral palsy, which can cause them to talk more slowly, be patient even if you’re frustrated.

    Later, discuss the interaction with your child. Say something like, “I found that really frustrating. But I realize it must also be difficult for the bank teller, who might deal with rude customers who say mean things about them. They can’t help how their voice sounds and they’re doing the best they can. I need to try to be more patient,” Brown suggests.

    Or if you’re at a grocery store and your child notices someone flapping their arms and mutters how weird it is, suggest why the person might act that way. Tell your kid it may feel good for them and this behavior is normal for some people, even if it isn’t how your child acts, says Brown.

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    Things Parents Of Children On The Autism Spectrum Want You To Know

    It is estimated that one in 68 children are now diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder, and yet, this diagnosis remains as misunderstood as ever. We simply do not live in a society that is accommodating or even accepting of those who are not neurotypical. Fortunately, parents of autistic children are wonderful at communicating who their children are and why. Below are 30 things those parents of children on the Autism Spectrum want you to know.

    Invest In A Good Weighted Blanket

    Weighted blankets can be very effective for children who have frequent meltdowns. These blankets apply mild pressure to the body, helping an anxious child calm down. In addition, the weights in the blankets help improve a childs body awareness which can reduce the severity of the meltdown. Alternatively, weighted vests give similar calming sensory feedback, and are a great option for summer and travel.

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    Take Kids To Local Autism Events

    There are more events taking place as people work to bring more awareness and taking kids to these events is a great learning experience. Many times, these events will have booths that will help children get a better understanding of autism and how they can relate to children and adults that have autism.

    Read Books & Watch Movies With Autistic Characters

    Explaining Autism (animation)

    Children love books and movies and reading books or watching movies can make it easier to drive a point home. When children see characters portrayed in books and movies, these characters make it easier to see that autism isnt something to be afraid of but is something to understand.

    There are many resources these days that are available for you to go through with your child, your classroom or even to help yourself understand autism better. You can look online or at your local library to easily access these resources.

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    Why People Need To Learn About Autism

    Everyone should learn about autism. When people dont understand something, they are afraid of it. Autism awareness leads to autism acceptance which makes everyones lives easier.

    While most people have heard of autism before, most people dont understand what it is or how to explain it. Not understanding or being able to explain autism makes it difficult for us to pass down knowledge to children.

    Getting a fuller understanding of autism yourself will allow you to educate others on this important subject.

    This Is A Great Time To Parent A Child With Autism

    “I am grateful that we live in the times that we do. So much new information has been discovered about autism. We live in the age of the internet and I can connect with another autism mom who lives several states or even countries over and talk about our shared experiences. I am grateful to have things like iPads that not only help my son communicate but also gives us a chance to share a moment while watching one of his favorite YouTube clips. A tip of my cap to the families that went before us. They really helped pave the way for the benefits my son has now. I hope I can do the same for the ones coming behind us.”

    Eileen Shaklee, Wall, New Jersey

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    How Does Autism Affect Adults

    Families who have autistic loved ones may worry about what life with ASD looks like for an adult.

    Some autistic adults go on to live or work independently. Others may require continued aid or support throughout their lives. Each autistic person is different.

    Introducing therapies and other remedies early in life can help lead to more independence and better quality of life.

    Sometimes autistic people dont receive a diagnosis until much later in life. This is due, in part, to a previous lack of awareness among medical practitioners.

    Why Do We Need Calming Strategies For Kids With Autism

    Autistic children explain autism in 60 seconds!

    Calm down techniques are essential for instilling peace, harmony and joy in your home or classroom. Using calming activities for kids in the classroom is crucial for providing a calm, structured and relaxing environment for your students. Using calm down strategies at home, will make for a happier and more peaceful day for your child and the whole family.

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