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Worksheets For Autistic Kindergarteners

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What Is An Autism Spectrum Disorder

Small Wonders, Big Gains: The Preschool Autism Classroom

Autism refers to a disorder which is a condition related to brain development that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others, and this may cause problems in social interaction and communication.

This disorder may also show repetitive behaviors.

Teachers and ABA therapists sometimes use a behavioral analysis to determine the level.

Autistic individuals mat lack the proper social skills to handle stimulus that other children may be accustomed to. Temper tantrums are common in reaction to loud noises. Sometimes, anxiety disorders can begin.

Problem behaviors can begin simply with anger rumination.

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More Autism Learning Resources

Emotions: Paper Emoticon Cutouts

Using colored construction paper, markers or crayons, and glue you can craft several different emoticons just like the ones you use on your cell phone. Draw and cut out various eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows. Arrange the features to display the emotions: happy, sad, jealous, bored, frustrated, sleepy, and whatever other emotions that you are teaching your child. Write the word for the emotion on the back of each face that you and your child construct and use them to talk about different moods and feelings as they arise.

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Best Worksheets On Anger Management For Autistic Children

This post outlines 5 of the BEST printables on anger management for autistic children and ways you could help kids manage their emotions.

Sometimes, children show angry outbursts throughout social interactions. Whether in the classroom or at home, showing aggressive behaviors is often something we must tackle.

How Can Hidden Talents Aba Help

Free Life Skills Printable  Little Puddins Free Printables

Hidden Talents ABA provides treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder from birth to age 12. We focus on enhancing your childs ability to understand how their behavior affects those around them and improving their social skills.

Currently the most effective form of autism treatment, applied behavior analysis is an evidence-based approach that focuses on changing unwanted behaviors in autistic children while reinforcing desirable ones.

ABA therapy can help your child to build and strengthen social skills, for example:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase attention, focus, and memory
  • Follow directions and instructions
  • Understand facial expressions and body language
  • Initiate conversations

Lindsay Campbell

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Apples And Actions Game

This object lesson starts with showing your student an apple. Pass the apple around the class and, as you do, have each child insult it and drop it on their desk or the ground. After every child has dropped it and said a mean thing to it, cut the apple in half and show your students all the bruises inside.

Explain to them that our words have consequences and that everything we say can make an impact on someone else. Just like how insulting and dropping the apple can bruise it, being mean to a classmate can have big effects on them. That way, your students will always remember to be kind.

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    Life Skills & Feature Function Cards

    These cards are a useful activity for kids with autism. In particular, older children can benefit from learning associations between things as they are exposed to more experiences in their daily lives. For example, from an array of animal images on a card, you can ask a child which one barks . From an array of kitchen appliances, you can ask your child which object cooks food . Do this with any relevant associations that you are trying to teach your child and this can make learning fun.

    Add Brain Breaks Or Yoga And Movement Activities

    Autistic Kids | 7 Fun Sensory Activities for Autistic Kids

    These can be incorporated throughout your childs day. Its critical to ensure your child is taking a break at school and preparing mentally for difficult assignments and tests.

    Deep breathing and calming strategies should be practiced when things are calm and not stressful so that they can be easily accessed when a child is stressed.

    Many breathing exercises and brain breaks can be found on the internet and here, at the Pocket Occupational Therapist website.

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    Activities Teaching Strategies And Resources For Teaching Children With Autism

    Because approximately 1 in 59 students are diagnosed with autism, learning how to help students with this disorder in the classroom is so important. Teaching young students with autism communication skills and learning strategies makes it all the more likely that theyll reach their academic potential later on. And the more you learn about autism spectrum disorder, the better youll be able to prepare these students for lifelong success.

    Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that causes hypersensitivity to sights, sounds, and other sensory information. Symptoms of autism generally fall into three categories:

    • Communication issues
    • Social impairment
    • Repetitive behaviors

    Here are 15 fun activities to help children with autism feel welcome in your class while addressing their symptoms and individual learning styles. Whether you play them one-on-one or as group activities, these are excellent ways to keep students with autism engaged and ready to learn.

    Instructions On How To Use Worksheet For Kids With Autism

    Use flashcards with your child, ask him to do the activities and tick marks on the box of each activity once done.

    You can download this worksheet here.

    On this page, we provided you with a worksheet for Kids with Autism, which hopefully helped you involve your child with autism in various fun activities.

    If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

    Amanda Knowled is an Applied Psychologist, with a deep interest in psychopathology and neuropsychology and how psychology impacts and permeates every aspect of our environment. She has worked in Clinical settings and has contributed at local Universities as a Faculty member from time to time. She has a graduate degree in English Literature and feels very connected to how literature and psychology interact. She feels accountable and passionate about making a “QUALITY” contribution to the overall global reform and well-being. She actively seeks out opportunities where she can spread awareness and make a positive difference across the globe for the welfare of our global society.

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    Teaching Challenges Presented By Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Children with autism present a variety of challenges in a teaching environment. They may have a learning disability and struggle with basic math or have adequate multiplication skills but have math anxiety.

    Claire M. Szymkowiak of the University of New York at Fredonia provided valuable insight into her masters project, in 2013.

    According to Szymkowiak, children with ASD are affected by a triad of impairments adversely impacting their ability to learn in a typical teaching environment, including:

  • Impairment in social interaction. This impairment is characterized by difficulty in social conversation, discomfort around other people, and a preference for working independently.
  • Diminished or impaired communication. This deficit can include language skills and an inability to maintain eye contact. These communication problems include conversational gestures, with autistic children rarely developing skills beyond nodding or shaking their heads.
  • A lack of flexibility. Many autistic children have difficulty adapting to change. For example, they often experience difficulty making the transition between unstructured time to structured lessons or from one teaching method to another.
  • It is vital for individuals teaching autistic students to create predictable teaching strategies. They may also approach the childs verbal communication deficiencies using charts or worksheets.

    Frustration And Anger In Autism

    Autism Life Skills Free Visual Schedule Printables

    Sometimes, a child may react to a small thing just like bright lights or have a reaction to a certain type of food texture, which is sensory overload.

    This is why teaching children coping strategies in effective ways would help them develop lifelong healthy and appropriate behaviors.

    When a child becomes frustrated, it usually means one of his needs arent met. For instance successful interventions for autistic meltdowns is to have a plan of action.

    Check out these calm down techniques here for emotional regulation.

    10 Calm Down Area in Classroom Ideas

    Young children often cannot express their emotions very clearly, which is why they have a meltdown. You can sometimes pick on social cues and facial expressions to understand when these might come up in the student or the child.

    A childs behavior can something show how they are feeling about a certain activity or daily schedule. Keeping up with a good routine is one of the best ways to manage the anger outbursts and problematic behavior.

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    Activity Workbooks To Challenge The Young Minds

    We have hundreds of worksheets and workbooks designed especially for kids with autism.

    • Sort By Objects

    “Quite Impressive”

    The app developed by AutiSpark for children with ASD is quite impressive in terms of concept, colour, content and graphics. The children with whom I am working, find the app very useful and they were interested to repeat the activities shown in the app. The parents of children with ASD expressed their happiness with regard to the app, they said that children are finding it interesting to learn the activities demonstrated in the app, children are imitating some actions too.


    He is an award-winning Rehabilitation Officer who is a M. Ed in Special Education. He is currently working for the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities , Chennai, India and specializes in teaching kids with Autism and other disabilities.

    Calming Activities To Prevent Autism Meltdowns In Class

    When students with autism are feeling overwhelmed, the intense response that they feel may cause them to lose control of their emotions. This is called an autism meltdown and is different from when students without autism act out in class. While the best strategy for autism meltdowns is to seek help from a school specialist, these calm down activities can help to de-escalate stressful situations.

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    How Would It Feel To Be : : : :

    Next time you read a book to your class, try asking your students how it would feel to be the main character in the story. If youre reading a picture book about Cinderella, for example, you could ask how they would feel if they had two evil stepsisters who were mean to them. Or if youre reading Peter Pan as a class, you could ask them what happy memories they would think about to fly with magic pixie dust.

    This can help students with autism learn empathy as well as how to see situations in their lives from another perspective. It can also teach them how to recognize emotional cues by encouraging them to put themselves in the perspective of another person.

    Free Number Tracing Worksheets For Kids With Autism

    Autism Fitness Activities for Children with Autism to do in the Classroom

    Use these free number tracing worksheets to teach your child or students the numbers one to nine and build your little learners handwriting skills. There is one large number per worksheet that is easy to trace. Also, included in this post, are tips on how to use these with autistic learners.

    If you love this activity, you will also love my free printable love bug printable activity! For the best autism activities for parents, teachers and therapists, get my autism activities workbook bundle.

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    Offer Accommodations For Students With Limited Motor Skills

    Some students with autism may have more trouble with activities that require fine motor skills than others. In an article with the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, renowned scientist and advocate Dr. Temple Grandin suggests offering accommodationslike typing on a computer instead of writingto mitigate these challenges.

    When it comes to specific accommodations, it may depend on the individual. Its always a good idea to reach out to a students family to determine the best resources for their child.

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    Playground And Outdoor Activities

    Ask questions about why he doesnt prefer the equipment or only walks in circles around the playground vs. using the equipment as designed. Offer fun alternatives such as alphabetic scavenger hunts and finding items beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

    These types of activities help children to use so many senses together. Encourage kids to play outside and in bare feet whenever possible. If your child is not fond of playground equipment, he may be letting you know that he needs additional therapy in order to overcome a fear or motor weakness.

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    Freebie Adapting Worksheets For Students With Autism: Setting Up Classrooms Series

    I have talked about clothespins and popsicle sticks, task cards and file folders. Yesterday I was working with a student who was doing a worksheet from the general ed. curriculum. He was getting frustrated from working on the worksheet and when he gets frustrated he sometimes tends to be aggressive and have a melt down. Even though he was doing the worksheet, he also was requiring a lot of prompting from the aide working with him. So, to help him be more independent and prevent a potential meltdown, I adapted the worksheet.

    For many students on the spectrum they get overwhelmed by when they see a whole worksheet of work. For some students we can highlight elements we want them to do, but for others they get overwhelmed by just seeing the whole thing in front of them and cant focus on the pieces you want them to complete. So I wanted to share some ideas on how to adapt worksheets to help students be more independent and prevent meltdowns.

    Another way to adapt the sheet is to draw lines on it and write Finished next to a box the can check off. That way when the student completes a section, he checks off the finished box and moves to the next one. Then at the end you write what he can earn for finishing the work. In this example, I also drew a line around the store items so that the student cuts them out first.

    So, click on the . I have drawn dotted lines to adapt them for the freebie. I made the dotted lines purple so they stand out from other lines on the page.

    Speech Therapy Free Printable Autism Worksheets

    Free Printables for Autistic Children and their Families or Caregivers ...

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    Sorting With Snacks Activity

    This tactile activity for children with autism can be a fun way to engage students during math time. Give everyone in your class a food that is easy to sort, like chewy snacks or small crackers. Multicolored snacks are ideal, but you can also use food that comes in different shapes, textures, or sizes.

    First, ask them to sort the food by color, shape, or another characteristic. Then, use the snacks to teach students basic math skills like counting, adding, or subtraction. Once theyve grasped the concept you want to teach, reward your students by letting them eat the snack.

    Worksheets For Emotional Health

    Learning to recognize and manage feelings is an important part of social development in children. Nevertheless, children with autism often find mastering this skill very challenging. Worksheets for emotional health will help your child become more aware of their own and others emotions and allow them to communicate more effectively.

    This emotional health worksheet is specifically designed to help children with autism understand body language. Your child needs to determine what emotion various facial expressions represent and what gestures and tone of voice should accompany them.

    This worksheet allows autistic children to learn how to communicate their emotions through facial expressions and gestures, without using their voice.

    This empathy skill building package consists of three different worksheets. Your child is asked to choose among several options, such as worried, angry, confused, and left out, to describe how the character in the picture is feeling. The worksheets are suitable for grades 1-4.

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